Tids and bits

A couple of things I neglected to mention while describing my ass pounding:

  • The Stryker dildo is of the vac-u-lock variety and I purchased along with it something called an EZ Rider inflatable ball. My thinking was it would allow better penetration while not putting so much strain on my knees (which are not as springy as they were 20 years ago when I got my first suction cup Stryker dildo). Nice idea, but the ball sucks. The dildo moves around too much on the ball’s vac-u-lock plug making it more difficult to line it up and keep it in place. Plus, the little plastic doodad that supposed to keep the air in the ball kept popping out in situ. Had I to do it over again, I would have gone with the suction cup version instead and saved the extra $25. I could have put it towards the price of a fucking machine. Don’t suppose those are covered by Medicare, do you?
  • Nipple clamps! I totally forgot to mention I used nipple clamps at various points during the event. At different times, I was using three separate types, from mildly pinchy to wickedly so. I had the most vicious things available dangling from the tender pink flesh while I was cleaning up and they bit harder as I moved about, chain swaying and chest flexing. I was so horned up by that point that it seemed my capacity for pain was limitless. Those little fuckers hurt like hell, but the twin lasers of intensity were converted into pure sexual pleasure by whatever twisted little circuit in my brian makes me a masochist. Same idea behind the later ball-busting which was some of the most intense I’ve experienced. Getting trapped in a fucking bear trap probably would have made me shoot right there in my tube.
  • Speaking of the tube, it and I are very much in the zone right now. We’re in that phase where we’re one one and it seems more an extension and natural part of my body than a sex toy. I read on some blog recently advice that chastity play should only be practiced from time to time and not constantly for fear that it become boring. The flip side to that for some is that it’s not a situational sex game. It’s a lifestyle. Even though it’s causing me a great deal of frustration, there’s honestly nothing more than I’d want right now than it locked onto me. Its absence would be like losing an appendage.
  • In all the discussion about the size of the Stryker dildo, I forgot to mention that I wish they would have made one that was his actual size. His cock is so fantastic and working up to being able to experience the bulk of that dildo takes so long that, it seems to me, a 7.5″ version would probably result in more actual pleasure than the freakishly large member they produced. It’s not that I don’t absolutely adore that dildo, but just imagine being able to work yourself over with the real deal first before supersizing. Bliss.
  • Finally, it’s got nothing to do with the ass pounding, but I also forgot to mention that I slipped one of the Pinks into Belle’s open suitcase just as she finished packing Friday night. She got to her hotel room in China and found it nestled in with her underwear and bras. I knew she had forgotten about it because she packed somewhat in a hurry. I didn’t think she should have been without her favorite vibrator for two whole weeks. Hopefully, she’ll partake in its pleasure and tell me about each and every time she does.

5 thoughts on “Tids and bits

  1. I knew she had forgotten about it because she packed somewhat in a hurry.

    That’s real love, baby.

    I forgot to mention that I wish they would have made one that was his actual size.

    Yeah, I thought about that! The maxi dildo is so impractical, that you have to have the whole day to do yourself.

    By the way, I forgot to ask: is pain for you one of the excitements in anal sex or do you manage to stay at intensity rather than actual pain? Pinching pain and tearing can be avoided with lubrication and being careful, but I wonder… Do you feel the other kind? And the terror that comes with it, and the sub mind explosion that follows. For me anyway.

    1. That’s a good point. Only some pain is good pain. It’s hard to define, but things that hurt because they’re being done wrong or are out of anyone’s control (like rushing a giant dildo up my ass or the occasional pinching erection in the device), are Bad. There were moments of pain from the dildo and I didn’t like those. What I do like about anal (and the somewhat more extreme version the Stryker dildo represents) is the intensity of the sensations. Being forced wide open and totally filled from asshole to colon, then to feel the entire length of the thing charge in and out like a locomotive…that is fucking hot. Having my ass ripped open because I rushed it, not so much.

      The colliery to that is that yesterday (and even today) my asshole was tender and hurt. Even stung a little. Also, my leg muscles were achy. That pain I like because it’s residual of the experience. I like that kind of loose, well-fucked feeling that lasts a few days even if it does hurt a little. Similarly, I will sometimes get testicular pain from very intense erections in the device. I used to really dislike that but have grown to appreciate it. I’m not going to say I find it enjoyable, but it’s become a familiar sensation that, like the sore asshole, is a direct result of another enjoyable act.

      Masochism is complicated, man. The difference between good pain and bad is razor thin sometimes.

    1. I think that would be awesome, but she’s never shown much interest in this particular facet of my sexuality. I suspect she’s more than a little squicked out by it.

      It’s been so long now since I experienced any kind of anal sex with another person, I’m not sure I’d remember how! It’s been more than 20 years…

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