HNThumper XLI: Scale

Whilst out over the weekend, Belle let me take a bath in my unsecured condition. She gave me a look when I asked if I could that told me all I needed to know. Be good. No coming.

Of course not! Wouldn’t think of it (well, I would think of it, but that’s all). In fact, I was going to take the opportunity to put the device back on as she had instructed me. Beforehand, though, I accidentally found myself all engorged and in the wrong condition for locking. I took the opportunity to record something I don’t recall ever showing you before: A comparison of the Steelheart Short’s tube and the full erection that attempts to form within it.

I apologize for the somewhat blurry nature of these. The hot water was steaming up the lens on my phone.

Note that the A-ring was already in place which made the penis appear a bit bigger than usual, especially the head. It’s not normally quite so pronounced.

Here’s another that also demonstrates the differences in size. It was stuffed in there as far as I could get it.

As you can see, less than half the erect shaft fits inside the tube. The rest either doesn’t engorge with blood or backs up into my body behind the A-ring. Thus is the function of the modern male chastity device.

It eventually went back down and the tube was secured in place. It was actually something of a relief. Belle’s got the key again, as she should.

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7 thoughts on “HNThumper XLI: Scale

  1. Thanks for the picture. Amazing what the tube will hold. Looks great and must feel even better when you are locked. Keep up the great posts and continued happiness with Belle.

  2. I understand everything you have to say. My goddess has recently made a dynamic shift, and gone from keyholding as an appeasment, to a condition of our 24/7 power exchange. Life has left me giddy.

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