Devil fruit and other news

I broke a rule the other day. I had just finished a book on my Kindle and I went and bought another. For $15. Except, I’m not allowed to spend any money without Belle’s approval, am I? I even need permission to spend two bucks on the App Store. This is supremely annoying, but I guess I shouldn’t like all the rules.

I admitted I did it, at least. Belle said I’d have to be punished and ruminated on that for a few days. In the end, she decided that I’d have to eat some banana. I loathe bananas. I don’t like how they smell, I especially don’t like their slimy texture. I don’t understand why anyone eats them. I offered to pay the $15 back (how, I don’t know, though my ATM withdrawals seem to be a bit of a loophole in the “don’t spend money” thing). But she didn’t want money. She wanted me to be punished.

It wasn’t a lot of banana. Just a few slices. She was about to leave the house yesterday morning when it went down. It was left-overs from my daughter’s breakfast and, having seen them in advance (I should have tossed them out, in retrospect), I feared this would happen. Belle didn’t specify how I had to eat them, just that they had to eaten, so I cut them into halves and swallowed them each whole with a swig of Diet Coke (my morning caffeine delivery beverage of choice). Gagged twice, once pretty seriously. She was there, all dressed in her work clothes, impatiently waiting for me to finish. Almost literally tapping her foot. It was awful. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me ill.

Belle was gleeful over the whole thing. Like, ridiculously pleased. Later in the day, in remembering the event, she actually giggled and clapped her hands like a little girl. She really got into her role as the punisher and was quite pleased with herself for devising something so unpleasant. She said to me it had to be bad so I wouldn’t break her rules again. It was pretty bad.

In other news, I’m feeling somewhat recovered from the unexpected orgasm Belle pulled out of me. We haven’t talked about what my expectations should be going forward. It’s been interesting having just one after such a long period without. I don’t think this has happened before. It’s usually at least two, but there’s zero sign another is forthcoming (so to speak). In any event, I still feel different than usual. More horny, more locked up, less happy about it all. Not that I’m unhappy, mind you. Not at all.

In other other news, I’m considering moving my blog from to DreamHost (their DreamPress product, specifically) because of this. Freaks me the fuck out. Frustration that we live in a time where a serious discussion of the kinds of topics I cover here (and the accompanying imagery) could be considered so outrageous and beyond that pale that a company like WordPress would make it all cease to exist without warning or reprieve in a blink of an eye maybe if they fucking feel like it (and they apparently don’t always and it’s hard to know if and when the whim will ever strike them). Terrified that it all could, as I said, cease to exist in the blink of an eye! This site is so personal to me. It is me. I think it’s the manifestation of what blogging is all about. I hate hate hate that I even have to dick around with the idea of moving.

I didn’t choose because it was free, I picked WordPress as a platform because it had all the features I wanted. I chose so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of taking care of my own install. Over the years, we’ve paid WordPress not an insubstantial amount to add video and remove ads and have a custom domain, etc. This isn’t a money issue, it’s a convenience and functionality one. But, I’m either left to, as Ferns said, “be prepared and wait” for the day where my site resolves to a page that says my blog has been deleted or take things into my own hands and get ahead of the issue. I’ve already signed up with DreamHost (with Belle’s permission, of course, since it required I spend money) but I’ve run into a problem. Because I’m picky and particular, I want to prepare the blog on DreamHost first then switch the DNS so that to you, the reader of my blog, it all looks rather seamless. But I can’t seem to do that. And it’s bugging the crap out of me.


DreamHost wants the blog’s URL to set it up under DreamPress but, as you can see, I’m kinda using the URL for something else right now. I thought about setting up a subdomain for the specific purpose of preparing the blog and then swapping it out for the proper domain when the time came, but GoDaddy (my registrar) won’t let me do that with a URL hosted elsewhere (and mine’s at WordPress — you’re soaking in it). WordPress doesn’t seem to offer this service, either, so I am stymied. I could always use a different URL altogether, I suppose, until it’s time to swap or I could change the domain to be registered with DreamHost (since GoDaddy is, I think, a horrible company anyway) but that’s kind of a pain. I’m not doing anything right now because the simplest path forward is blocked and, have I mentioned, I HATE HATE HATE that I have to dick around with this bullshit.

Any advice or other ideas would be welcomed in the comments.


Finally, I’ve been meaning to mention Steelwerks Extreme’s new site for a bit. I don’t know how long it’s been like it is now, but I became aware of it about three weeks ago, I guess. For those unaware (and I’m sure that’s not many of you considering where you are), Steelwerks makes some of the most amazingly beautiful chastity devices on the planet. Their construction techniques and materials are absolute top-notch and the fit and finish of the final product appears to be impeccably gorgeous. I’ve always admired their products, but never considered asking Belle to acquire one since it seemed like the only limit to what you could get was your imagination. I found that a little overwhelming. Now, they’ve done a great job “productizing” their devices so, for me anyway, it’s easier to shop and choose and then customize. More like how Mature Metal and Steelworxx merchandise their wares.

classic-pa-chastity-device03So while perusing their new site, I found a model they call The Classic PA. This is kinda of like a cross between the Steelheart and the Looker 02. Simple and lovely and shiny. Like the Steelheart, it’d be completely secure via my PA piercing and, like the Looker, it can have a PA insert. Unlike anything from Steelworxx or Mature Metal, the Steelwerks device is expensive (remember what I said about impeccable, top-notch, and gorgeous?). I asked for a quote for essentially what you see here and they promptly informed me it’d be $2,875 CDN (today, that’s just under $2,800 USD). I knew it would be a lot…but wow. Don’t get me wrong. I think these things are worth every bit of what they charge. But damn.

In any event, I showed the site and the device to Belle and told her how much it was. She was immediately drawn to the beauty of the device but didn’t seemed too intrigued until we watched the promotional video and she saw the key. Again, for the unaware, Steelwerks devices are “locked” with a proprietary screw with an S-shaped screwhead. It can only be opened or closed with a matching S-screwdriver. That screwdriver can be hidden in a wide variety of custom made objects, but Belle liked the lovely necklace option. It’s clean and sleek and totally appropriate for any woman to wear. Currently, Belle keeps the key to me in her purse since the Steelworxx keys are kind of ugly (as are most). Seeing it always on her and nestled between her breasts would be, simply put, awesome.

Short story long, I think it’s entirely possible she’ll be ordering one of these someday. Not right now as we’re in the middle of some other expensive projects around the house, but I know my Belle. This is on her radar. It’s just a matter of time.

Now excuse me while I back-up my blog…

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  1. About DNS: I don’t know how Dreamhost works, but a regular WordPress install doesn’t care if DNS points to the host you are installing WordPress on. All that matters is that your browser can get to it using the domain name you are installing as. I’ve been taking care of this by editing the hosts file on the machine running the browser (i.e. my workstation). As an added bonus, importing a blog will fetch the media from the (still running) old host, as the import process will use DNS to find it.

    1. In case you haven’t noticed: the export tool does not include the media files themselves (only pointers to them). You have many pictures here, so you’ll need to either still have this site up and available when running an import elsewhere, or figure out some additional tool to download all the images. (Website mirroring tools might be useful.)

      I hope to keep finding your blog at this same address for a long time.

      1. Yeah, I noticed. That’s one of the things I wanted to fix prior to switching. Also, I need to find out if I can host videos over there or need to find an alternate solution.

  2. Hi Thumper,
    Where ever you relocate, please take us your dear readers with you . I look fwd to my thumper emails.

  3. I liked your punishment SO MUCH because apparently I am mean like that *smile*. I also love Belle’s reaction after the fact (gleeful and childlike) – I can totally relate.

    The WordPress thing really sucks. I also feel like my blog is *me* and so very personal. I changed to self host when Blogger was arbitrarily suspending blogs they didn’t like (that was a few years ago now). The thought of it happening made me feel kind of sick (the reaction surprised me, but there it was. I was really anxious about it).

    I can’t say I understand your new host wanting to use your domain straight up. Probably doesn’t help you now that you’ve already chosen a host, but I’m on Hostgator (using the WordPress platform) – they will move your content over for free, and give you a temporary URL to access it for testing etc BEFORE you switch your domain name over. It doesn’t seem like a big ask for ANY host – in fact it seems perfectly logical.

    Either way, I am really glad you aren’t planning on disappearing. We need *more* bunnies in chastity, not fewer!


  4. Your blog is on it’s own domain and you use WordPress from .org and not .com, so you should be safe. Only people who have blogs like or have to worry. But always have a backup just in case 🙂

    1. Yeah, I am using .com. I paid extra to use my own domain. Going to resolves to Looks like a .org install from that perspective.

  5. The whole ‘punishment’ thing from Belle sort of surprises me. From reading your entire story here (book-worthy, if I may say so once again 🙂 ), I was of the impression that the punishment part of this type of relationship didn’t appeal to Belle. In fact, the ‘event’ that took place over the weekend surprises me also b/c, from your latest posts, she just seemed to be resigned to July, 2014 which I took to understand that would please you which would, in turn, please her. And I know this type of relationship isn’t designed to function this way, but Belle still came across as still wanting to make you happy while you did your subbie thing which in turned made her happy. And while the banana eating incident is mild, the fact that it was so loathing makes it appear tbat Belle has made some suble changes to make you uncomfortable and unsettled, especially when you also consider this past weekend too.

    I am a complete idiot when it comes to computer/internet lingo, so I hope I don’t miss your big move when and if that time comes. I really look forward to reading your installations, as if your trusty little graph doesn’t already tell and do not want to miss your ruminations on life as you know it 🙂

  6. I certainly hope you are backing up EVERYTHING, I love your blog! Please make sure we can find you if you move! Our society has become so disgustingly Victorian. Why can’t adults discuss adult topics without censure? ….Were you expecting a spanking rather than the punishment that you received?

    1. I’m now downloading a backup of all the posts and comments with each new post. The images and video content I have on my computer, but not organized in any way. I’ll need to address that.

      I don’t know what I was expecting, but forced banana choking wasn’t it!

      1. Thumper,
        at the end of February, I downloaded every single page from your blog, extracted and converted each post in order to turn this into an ebook to read on my kindle instead on the computer. Should you ever need any of it, please let me know.
        This whole WordPress story is really bad. For the same reason, I would never buy an Apple product – they are dangerously interfering with what content is allowed on their holy products.

      2. Sorry, should have been more specific: I really only downloaded the pages – none of the embedded pictures or videos.

      3. WP does make it really easy to export all the *words* from the site (including comments). One click and even more than four years’ worth of posts are downloaded in seconds. Those images will be a bit more problematic.

  7. You really must post an in-depth review of the PA Classic once you get it, and line it up against your other devices. my Wife detests the aesthetics of the key we have now, but i’m not sure that will be enough to push Her to make a 2,800 purchase (maybe more, seeing as you can get custom engravings and such).

    Were you pierced before you began chastity?

    1. Nope. I had it done after we started because I liked how they looked and also liked the idea of absolute security (which is only possible with a trapped-ball device if you’re pierced). I wrote about getting it done here.

  8. Lots of eye candy there and I’d like to see you in several of them. I understand that’s probably cost prohibitive but perhaps you could volunteer to model…

  9. Looking at the domain transfer instructions, it seems required to lose the private registration option, at least during the switch.

    I love my blog, but I really don’t want the way back machine permanently linking my full and rather unique name to it forever and ever and ever. I guess I don’t know how much of a risk it is, but it is unsettling for me.

    Any kinksters out there with ideas on how to dodge this?

      1. I guess I’d assumed everything had a chance of being crawled. Several places rebroadcast whois data…and there’s no guarantee they refresh instantly, even though they are not archived. It might not stay online forever, but it seems hard to guarantee that it wouldn’t be visible for a least a little while.

  10. I see that Peroxide is using Hostgator, and you’re thinking about Dreamhost, both of which have been recommended to me by other people. I’m less porny than many blogs, but I didn’t think Peroxide was especially lurid, so…

    My concern is being able to self-host anonymously. One of my other blogs doesn’t do that. And like you, I really hate the self-managing part. I don’t want to constantly be fiddling with updates and malware blockers. Plus, I’ve seen quite a few self-hosted blogs get taken down by malware, and the owners pretty much gave up in disgust because the hosting company was unresponsive.

    Could you duplicate this blog by importing it to another free WordPress blog, and then using the new Dreamhosted blog import that? That would seem to minimize any downtime.

    1. Dreamhost is a non-starter, unfortunately. There’s no way to “stage” the URL, it has to move. Boom, just like that. The perfectionist in me can’t do it that way. Agreed, my biggest concern is keeping the software up to date and the blog clean from spammy crap.

      Anonymity is a slight concern. The DNS is protected. How else could someone backtrack to the real me? I mean, other than those I have to share my billing contact with.

    1. Well, I don’t think they’ll get rid of the porn. I also don’t think the unlisting of it from search is that big a deal, but whatevs.

      IMO, this is an opportunity for someone to come in and service a market. We’ll see if that happens. I guess the track record on this isn’t great.

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