Panty problems

This whole panty thing got kind of out of control. After reading the post about it, Belle related to me that the idea didn’t do anything for her. That’s fine, if a little disappointing. Totally out of left field and, truth be told, it’s not like wearing something like that is a core part of my sexuality or anything. I’m just experimenting. But then she made a point of saying, “I’m not interested in ever seeing you wearing them.”

That made me feel weird and awkward and sat between us like a dead fish for several days. Suddenly, I was embarrassed and worried she’d even see them in my drawer. I was afraid of being judged and found to be somehow wrong. Then, after a negative comment from a follower to a quickly posted image on Twitter, I spiralled into a very foul mood and impulsively deleted the tweet. It’s one thing to hear something like that from your partner. It’s something quite a bit different to be pantie-shamed by a fellow anonymous perv on the internet.

In any event, Belle’s intention wasn’t to be harsh. I could tell by the tone of how she said what she said. It was an honest comment and I’m glad she made it, even though it pained me. My response was also honest, but I wasn’t mad at her for feeling how she feels and I’d rather she not take it back or try to gloss over it or anything. We’ve discussed it and, after, I’m in a better place if only because the issue is out there. It’s not resolved because I don’t know that it can be.

It was surprising to me how quickly my ego destabilized from this little adventure. I’ve been on pretty good ground for a while and haven’t felt the “freakish freaky freak” thing in a long time.  Then, BOOM, there it was. In any event, like I said, we’re past the worst of it and I’m feeling somewhat better now. I still don’t think I could let myself be seen by her in them, though she said incidental observation (like when I was changing for bed or something) wouldn’t bother her. It’s still a tender spot. At least I can bring myself to put them on without feeling self-loathing.

Practically speaking, I’ve worn two pairs now for a day each. I find I like the boy brief cut better than the thong cut (I also got these but haven’t worn them yet). I don’t have a general problem with thong-style underwear and have several pairs. They’re really good for achieving that commando feel while still providing a bit of support for the steel. I think what I like about the boy brief panties is that I could feel the lace on my ass under my jeans. I was often reminded that I was wearing them and that was satisfying. The other styles look good on, but are just like any other underwear once covered by pants. I also like the incredible lightness of lace. They’re there but just barely. A very appealing material for me. I’m wearing the briefs again today without a device because I’m going to an event tonight where there’ll be metal detectors. I was worried the lace would rub uncomfortably over the penis (which is often very sensitive to that kind of thing right after getting out following a long time locked-up), but there’s been no issues so far. I will be posting HNT this Thursday of what that looked like this morning, so beware all panty-hating types (and Belle).

I’m still trying to figure out the appeal in general of panties. I think it’s that I’ve always had a thing for sexy underwear most men wouldn’t wear (a fetish?) and these are just an extreme example of that. There’s no doubt when you see them that these are for men because they have ample pouches cut into them. I don’t feel like I’m wearing women’s underwear at all and still have no desire to do so. But I do like the lacy stuff and more feminine look of these. Weird.

In any event, I’ve picked up two more pairs. A pair of red (because that’s all they had) shorts and a pair of tanga briefs (a cut I’ve never heard of before). We’ll see how those go.

12 thoughts on “Panty problems

  1. There is an ass for every seat.

    As for *this* particular anonyperv: Bring on the photos, Thumpie. I’m not a panty-hater. 🙂 I just don’t care to wear any myself. Though… I have, on occasion, been known to wear my husband’s long boxer briefs. 😉

  2. I look forward to seeing ’em. 🙂 Also … how was it that she found out you’d bought them from the blog? Did you guys change the “she has to okay your discretionary spending” thing?

  3. Don’t let the internet pervs get you down. You have 100 fans for every nay sayer. I personally think it would be hot to see a hairy buck like you in a tight pair of panties.

  4. To start off I have to say that your blog has done a lot for me Thumper. I was able to better communicate my feelings and desires to my wife months ago after reading it, and as I type this I am now locked away in a Trainer with her holding the keys. Our life has become so much better, (because of communication, not from being locked away. Course it does help ;D)

    Anyway, about your post. In this I am actually in almost the exact same position, but sounds like for longer than you. I too think lace and panties are hot on men, as long as its made for men. After getting a lace thong and showing my wife her reaction was also accidentally hurtful. We worked through it and she doesn’t mind if I wear anything I want and show it off, so long as I understand it doesn’t turn her on, and can in fact turn her off. Ya it hurts and not what I want, but as you have said, fantasy rarely if ever becomes your exact reality. Got to live with what you can.

    Did not know about that site! Can’t stand any of the tops (just my opinion) but I’m very jealous of those panties you got yourself!

  5. I get your dilemma and I sort of share it. I’ve come to realize that a masculine man wearing panties like that or stockings are something feminine can just be VERY FUCKING HOT! But if it’s some effeminate little skinny boy it’s a huge turn off for me. He’s gotta be buff and butch like those male models. Something about the gender bending and naughtiness maybe. I’ve contemplated getting stuff like that as well. Once had a dom I was talking to say he would make me wear things like that, but we never met and it never happened. I’d love to see you in those and if I ever have my own butch sub I’ll probably get him a pair too.

  6. As a panty wearer (full-on female panties), it took me years to confess to my wife that I wanted to wear them. And even then, I actually made it look more like an evolution than a lifelong desire. I was lucky in that she was receptive to the idea.

    Although panties are of higher priority to my sexuality than they are to yours, I feel for your discovery and all of our discoveries of things that don’t quite match up 100% to our wives’ ideals. For me, those issues pass and they become less important over time because the things that turn on my wife seem much hotter anyway.

  7. It’s an odd world, that men are trained more or less to be sexually stimulated by lacy, frilly underwear. Women will “dress up” in sexy knickers for their guys. So why is anyone surprised if a man wants to wear underwear that’s lacy and frilly and *sexy*? I think it’s a separate issue from crossdressing, where someone is aroused by wearing the clothing of another gender. And maybe having to force yourself into underwear that’s not designed for your anatomy is a turn on as well. I think the Xdress site is fantastic for men to finally have arousing underwear that might actually fit. So you shouldn’t let a few bad experiences from other people (even Belle) turn you off the idea. If gay marriage can take hold in the 21st century, maybe one day images of men in sheer nothings will also be accepted.

  8. As I have mentioned many times before on here. I own man thongs by Joe Boxer. I have been wearing them for over 10 years and my wife has gotten very use to me wearing them. I have my women’s thongs as well in my drawer. She, like your ML is not keen to the idea of me wearing them. As long as she doesn’t see them on me she deals with it. From time to time I will get the eye when she does laundry. I try to make sure that they are a part of my loads just so she doesn’t deal with them at all, but she knows which ones are hers and which ones are mine. Other than some boxers, these are the only underwear I own.

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