Addendum to previous post

Forgot to mention one other things Belle said last night. She was reading about the Holy Trainer v2 coming in and deciding whether or not she’d let me wear it (I really need to remember the order of operations on this stuff). Yes, she will, but she said the only way I’d ever see Drew was locked in the Steelheart. The Steelheart is, more than any other, her device. It’s her favorite. The one she’d leave me in all the time if she didn’t indulge me with some variety from time to time. I’ll never see him in the Looker or the Trainer or anything else. Just the Steelheart because it’s the most powerful symbol of who owns what’s inside.

Plus, you know, you can’t see the penis inside it. Drew doesn’t get to see that (in real life — I’ve left enough pictures of it all over the internet). The penis is 100% Belle’s and she will not share it, ever. Also, the Steelheart is the only truly and totally secure device she has. Not that she doesn’t trust me, but it’s not only the most powerful symbol of her control, it’s also the most literally controlling.

And…that’s fucking hot. All the way around. I love that she feel so possessive of it and me and that helps me appreciate what a great gift she’s given me in allowing me to see Drew.

And speaking of him, he feels terrible about he excessively possessive thing I mentioned. He suggested going back and editing that post, but I told him that was a bad idea. It’s already out there and, in my opinion, blogs like these only move forward. I’ve never gone back and substantively edited a post here. All my mistakes and foolishness from the early days are still there and, when I look back, I find plenty to be embarrassed about. Instead, I told him he should write a new post about it and move on.

6 thoughts on “Addendum to previous post

  1. Its all about Belle… and that is the way it is, if this new like direction is going to work. I don’t know Belle (of course) but I’m starting to fall in love with her!… and when I get married, someday, I want someone just like Belle. Thank you Belle for your wisdom and all you stand for!

  2. Hi. I’m reading your blog backwards from yesterday and reached here and wanted to stop to ask you if you are ever going to say that Belle is fake or that Drew is 900 pounds and ugly or a wonky queen? I think I’m just hoping because I’m jealous and have no reason to be because I am also in an open marriage with a girlfriend and life is fine, but, you have it all together my friend.

    Seriously, congrats to you and all involved. I’m fascinated with how you and Drew have moved forward from the point of this post. I see genuine caring and friendship that has evolved (from Twitter 2) and I think for two adult men that’s great, gay, straight, or bisexual. Men need more friends in life even if they do occasionally fuck. I’ve ben lucky to have some great ones too.

    From my perspective Belle is every man’s fantasy wife. Open and caring and loves you for all you are (as you do her) and let’s you be you too. That freedom makes her hot not even knowing what she looks like.

    Thank you for sharing your life.

    1. Actually, neither of them are real. This is all being done to research a science fiction book I’m writing. Same with most of the the comments. IT IS ALL A FARCE.


  3. I KNEW it! I’m going to win the dildo in my church’s “was Thumper right” contest.

    I was very serious in my comment though.

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