Sinful Sunday 1: After she’s gone

On weekend mornings, after she’s taken her pleasure from me and gone to start her day, I’m left to wish she was still on her side of the bed and that I was still inside her.


Sinful Sunday is just like HNT except on a Sunday. See more entries here.

23 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 1: After she’s gone

  1. I want to Freaky Friday switch with Belle for just one night … Maybe a Saturday night so this could be the Sunday morning.


  2. It’s not sinful Sunday when you are with Belle.

    Luckily you are never with Drew on a Sunday cause that would be another story.

      1. KC has commented on my blog several times and always in a joking, supportive way. If you go back and read that comment, I choose to take it as a “wait till the church folk call you heathens” kind of way versus the actual negative. Besides, when it actually is negative, they tend to say far more about gayness and never use my actual name. Apparently I’m like Voldemort to Belle in their eyes.

    1. Oh sorry, I totally missed that! I ran across a lot of sanctimonious comments yesterday and was feeling pissy about them when I read this last night. I apologize, KC.

      1. Don’t apologize! I love anyone who defends us 🙂 Besides, I could be wrong about her meaning. As Thumper says, 50/50

      2. Oh good! Mean people suck so I was worried I made y’all think I was being mean. I’m actually in awe of the two of you, actually all four of you. I’m inspired by the way you live and love. ❤

  3. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!!!! Lovely to have so many new people this week and it is especially lovely to have another male contributor to the meme as they tend to be under represented.

    As for this image, it is beautiful shot and sexy as hell. Makes me think of lazy bed afternoons with a sexy man


  4. Ooohhh…yes…you have a new follower. I am always amazed by those who manage to make alternative relationships work. I love to read about it to wrap my brain around it. And this shot is very cool – the blurred effect and the black and white make it appear very retro. All that’s missing is a cigar and the haze of smoke.

  5. This is an absolutely stunning photo! I love the depth of field highlighting every chest hair, then blurring into the distance.

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday! You’re photo took me into your blog, which is fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading more. (Also, your tmblrs!!!)

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