HNThumper LXXIV: Waterlogged

I got a new app for my iPhone called Waterlogue (which apparently isn’t that new to everyone else) that makes pictures look like watercolored paintings. Typically I don’t go for apps that do gimmicky things to photos like that, but for some reason this one I like. Here are a few decidedly non-HNT examples…

Muir Woods
The neighbor’s oak tree in fall
Sailboat off the coast of St. John, USVI

These were all pretty enough pictures by themselves but their rendering as watercolors looks very realistic to my eye. Not every picture is a good candidate for this treatment, but what about HNT? Follow the jump to find out…

Here’s a watercolor version of one of my favorite HNThumper entries, Steel four ways:

Steel four ways

One from November of last year:

Rubbing day

From one time I was unlocked and after reading too much porn:

Painted in Waterlogue

One taken after buying a new camera:

Painted in Waterlogue
Through the aperture

And finally, a picture I took just today:

Sunny day in the Holy Trainer

Nifty! Probably won’t be switching all the HNThumper stuff to watercolor, though.

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