TOGgle switch: On

You remember TOG. No? He’s that British guy who’s been on-again, off-again sniffing around Belle for some time now. Search for “TOG” if you want the details. Long story short, it seemed like it was over but now it’s back on. For, like, the twelfth time or something.

Turns out, Belle’s been communicating with him quite a bit in the recent past without me knowing about it. At least, I wasn’t aware to what extent they’ve been talking. In a normal marriage, this would be a huge problem — a wife having an online assignation and planning a time and place for sex — but we don’t have a normal marriage in that I have no expectations that she needs to tell me some guy in Great Britain (or anywhere) is sending her pictures of his cock and telling her what he wants to do to her with it.

Regardless, once more, I find I have conflicted feelings. Again, not in the usual ways. I’m not jealous in the slightest. Zero percent jealously. Less than zero. In fact, Belle being fucked by another man (and one with a cock sized more to her preferences — TOG’s is claimed to be over 7″) is the single most potent fantasy I have. I get kind of weak in the everywheres thinking about it. Even just knowing she’s been having this virtual affair without telling me makes me sort of delirious.

Our text exchange from the other day…

B: Would you have any issue with me going to London in the Spring?
T: Besides being incredibly jealous? What’s in London? (See, I had no idea.)
B: You know.
T: (Zing!) Oh.
T: Of course I have no issue.
B: OK, I found a cheap ticket. I might end up regretting it but at the same time if I don’t try I think I would regret that too. And I’m prepared for that.
T: I understand.
B: I love you. Thanks, Thumpie.
T: I love you too.

So my initial take on this revelation was one of caution. I continue to be worried about what a flake this man has been over the time they’ve known one another and I’m worried he’ll flake out again once she’s there or before or he’ll meet her and chicken out or I don’t know what. Just something that will hurt her emotionally. That was and continues to be a real concern for me. I want to shield her from any pain.

But then, on my way home, I found I was incredibly horny. And at first, I had no idea why. The kind of horny where just shifting in my seat and causing the penis to move slightly in its confinement causes it to swell tightly. The kind of horny where a feeling of electric energy in my balls sparkles and buzzes and makes it hard to concentrate or follow conversations. Then, of course, it hit me. She might get fucked by this guy. Finally. The ultimate fantasy.

A lot of cuckold situations I read about online seem to have the cuck in a position of some control or participation. As in, he finds the men for his wife or is actively involved in the sex. To me, a purer form of cuckoldry is where the cuck has up to and including no role at all. In which the wife goes and has an entirely separate relationship that the cuck only hears about, and then only what his wife is willing to tell him. Of course, I want to hear everything. Of course, I want to see the dick pics he’s sent her. Of course, my imagination can come up with all kinds of fantastic, hot scenarios. But that’s all about me. I think cuckolding is for the one doing the cucking, not the cuck. So in that way, it’s a weirdly passive kind of sexual fantasy. And one that makes me, the wannabe cuck who sits at home locked in chastity and left only with his imagination, feeing even less in control than usual.

I’ve been so turned on by the prospect of TOG finally coming through that it’s been hard for me to keep my hands off Belle. I struggled to fall asleep the night she told me and was woken early the following morning by little else than sexual energy. When she started to stir, I was on her in a way that was supposed to show I was eager to pleasure her but not so eager that I wanted to annoy her. In any event, she let me get her off just as her alarm would have been waking her up.

That night, with fifteen minutes before I needed to leave to pick up our daughter at an evening class, I exposed her nipple and started sucking and licking it. Not so subtle this time. Then my hand was in her snatch and rubbing another orgasm out of her. Two in one day. That’s impressive for her. And I was still able to pick up the kid on time.

And here I sit, still finding thoughts of Belle and TOG floating through my mind unbidden. In meetings or while driving or anywhere really along with the commensurate tightness in the steel. Obviously, I can’t live like this for months and months. Or, maybe I can. Belle doesn’t really bring it up. I do. I keep it alive in conversation between us. Because I can’t stop obsessing over it. And that makes me feel somewhat guilty because, as I said, this is about her not me. A classic case of a denied male’s base, lizard brain in conflict with his higher, bunny one. You can imagine how pissed the lizard is since the idea of being turned on to distraction by the thought of another man fucking her isn’t even something that ever came into his reptile brain prior to the fucking bunny getting him this situation in the first place.

Breathe, rabbit. Breathe.

4 thoughts on “TOGgle switch: On

  1. I get kind of weak in the everywheres thinking about it.

    “in the everywheres” – LOVE this description. 🙂

    The flakiness factor… Ugh. I’ve been there. It’s frustrating.

    I get why she feels she has to try, regardless. And I get all the possible-consequence scenarios (positive, negative, kinky, only-slightly-bent, and everything in between) that drive both her decision and your protectiveness of her emotional well-being.

    It may be a bit roller coaster-y for one or both of you, but if you’re each prepared for that, it’ll work out all right. 🙂

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  2. I love this, your thrumming is a delight. I SO hope it works out for Belle (and by proxy for you :)).

    Being the boring patronising killjoy that I am, I can’t help but say this out loud (with Belle’s inexperience with dudes on the internet and your excitement, I just worry).

    Please make sure you have his verifiable real life details, both of you. All of them. Not ‘stuff he says’, but something that is backed up with unfakeable real world proof.

    The dude has proven more than once that he’s not going to follow through, so it’s likely Belle will turn up and he’s just… ghosted. If that’s the worst possible outcome, it’s a bummer, but no biggie.

    But men who behave like he has have ISH-SHOES, and men with issues can be unpredictable and unpredictable can be dangerous. The likelihood of anything bad happening is low, and scaremongering is stupid, but please do make sure that you know (and that HE knows that you know) how to find him if you need to.

    /safety policing

    I really hope it’s going to be ah-mazing for Belle and for you crossing everything.


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  3. As with my desire for chastity, you nailed how I feel about the thought of MrsL cuckolding me! It drives me absolutely wild at times. The other night as I was pleasuring her orally she began sucking on my fingers. All I could image in my mind’s eye was her devouring another man’s cock as I was licking her to an orgasm. Why is this such a powerful feeling?

    Hope things work out for you and Belle!


  4. All kinds of hot. I can’t find a follow up to this so I’m guessing it hasn’t happened yet/will happen. I any case my experience of guys who flake once, is that they will flake again and again and trip all the way to London screams to me of disappointment. I hope that’s not the case.


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