She calls him Joe

Belle has been keeping me locked up more lately. Used to be, she’d let the contents out once a week or so so she could enjoy a hard penis but then that started to go to every other week. And now recently it’s been weeks, maybe once a month. Longer, even.

Last weekend, she let it out for her enjoyment. Of course, I lasted barely any time at all. I tried so hard but I have next to no ability to resist at this point. Not so much premature ejaculation as much as near instantaneous. And then, after the feeling passes, the penis loses all firmness. It’s been beaten down and just gives up. Which makes me feel bad. Not only do I think she’s leaving me in longer than her pleasure would dictate (that is, she may want to get fucked but she’s not letting me out because it’s what I want rather than what she wants), but then when she does let it out, it barely works. She can’t get a good fuck and I get a majority of the pleasurable feelings from the brief encounter (because it feels amazing), even without orgasm.

I’m just not wired to think that’s OK. I want her to have maximal pleasure. I want her to have everything she wants from sex. Always and every time. And I know, because we’ve been having sex for a long time now, that she really, really likes getting fucked. I mean, I totally get that. So obviously, being unable to give her that is a challenge for my sub nature.

In the past, we had experimented with strap-ons. She wasn’t happy with how the dildos felt since they didn’t feel real. Also, she generally likes our sex to be as low effort as possible and waiting for me to get the harness on and such wasn’t of interest to her. But it was apparent to me that she was not getting what she wanted with the current arrangement so I suggested we try again. To my surprise, she was open to the idea.

So that sent me shopping for a new dildo. The very first one we tried back in the day was picked out because it was as close to my natural size as possible. But then the truth came out that she preferred larger than me. Considering that I’m below average, that makes sense. But the one that came after was honestly too big. It was still in the range of reasonably possible but was outside her preferred zone. Also, even though they were both high quality Vixskin dongs, they still felt to her like what they were. Dildos.

Turns out, though, Vixskin has a new line of dildos called Vixskin X. “Hand poured TRIPLE CORE!!” they said. “As close to flesh as you can get,” they promised. “We created a new way to provide realistic sensations and natural movements,” they crowed. Sounded good to me! Worth a shot. To avoid…the shot. So to speak.

They have three X-style dildos. I tried to remember this wasn’t for me, it was for Belle, and chose to get one that was noticeably bigger than me but also not some kind of porn star-type cock. They call it Ranger. Six and 1/8 inches long (15.75 cm) and 5.5″ (14 cm) in circumference (though they use width — 1.75″/44.5 mm — in their product description, I prefer to measure insertables in circumference).

Using the Visualizer, I mocked up a comparison of what the Ranger is like versus the Steelheart contents when hard. No need to guess which is which.

The price of the Ranger was pretty steep. With shipping, it was $280. My hope was we could dollar-cost average that price down with use. And if it was as lifelike as they claimed, it would be worth it.

The first time Belle saw it, she said it looked perfect. The Goldilocks cock. Not too big but big. Not my size. And, I should point out (mostly because I think she’s still not 100% convinced I’m perfectly OK saying things like that) that I am in no way injured by the fact that she wants more cock than I can give her. Both in quantity and quality. It’s just not possible for me to be hurt that way. I have nearly nothing invested in the penis when it comes to self-esteem and since my submissive nature is to want to always and maximally give her pleasure, having the right sized tool for the job gives me a great deal of happiness. I want to hear that this bigger cock is perfect. I want to hear how much more she likes it than me. In fact, I crave that kind of feedback.

So anyway, yeah, she liked it. Its heft and shape. The first time it came into bed with us, she held it and turned it over in her hands and squeezed it. The triple core construction leaves a super soft and pliable outer surface that gets more firm as it goes down. She commented on how it felt like a real hard-on. As much as a fake one can, anyway. Later on, after its christening, I asked if she wanted to give it a name. “Joe,” she said. Which I think is the name of a guy who has sexted her pictures of his big dick that she likes. Joe it is, then.

Me and Joe

“I don’t know what to do with it,” she said.

“Oh, I do,” I replied.

I put the dild— er, Joe and my harness and some non-silicone lube in a handy spot the day before so getting the harness on was as quick as possible. Then I put Joe through the o-ring and made sure he was positioned right over where the root of the encased penis protrudes from my body when it’s free and hard. I turned to her to get her warmed up and felt she was wet as soon as my finger touched her clit. She was anticipating Joe.

She grabbed Joe and began to stroke him. I could only feel the pressure of the up and down movement through the base of the dildo as it pushed against the Steelheart. It occurred to me that grabbing a hard cock and stroking it like that might be an instinctive move. A way for her to prepare herself mentally and physically for it, not me. Previously, I assumed that pre-fucking stroking was for my pleasure, but here she was jacking off an unfeeling shaft. All I could feel was how it was making her more and more turned on. And that, in turn, caused the contents of the Steelheart to swell and tighten.

When it seemed like she was ready, I asked if she wanted to be on top. She said no and that meant what she wanted was to be fucked. Belle can come easily when on top but rarely comes when I’m on top. Since I know her so well, I knew what she really wanted. I put a bit of lube on Joe and jacked it enough to evenly distribute its slickness. Then I climbed between her legs and she guided Joe’s head against the lips of her pussy. Then I pushed him in.

I went slow at first. Wasn’t sure how it would feel being so much bigger than what she was used to. Joe’s head is far bigger around than the penis’ and I desperately wanted her first introduction to be a good one but the sounds she made and the way her face looked told me all was well. Very well.

Fucking with a strap-on is…weird. All the motions are there. The hips thrusting and my arms wrapped around her the same way. Her reciprocal hip movements and her little sounds and the way she breathes. The way our bodies touch. Except instead of the intense feeling of penetration, all I feel is the tight squeeze of chastity. I have to imagine the sensation of being inside her while instead of me is this larger, more satisfying thing she calls Joe. Joe who can’t feel anything. But she doesn’t have to imagine anything. She can feel it move in and out. She can feel the pleasure of it filling and stretching her.

After going relatively slow for a bit, I picked up the pace. I wrapped my arm around her neck and bucked my hips as though it was me filling her up. I tried to change my usual stroke to allow for the longer shaft so she would experience the most from it. Faster and harder, my breathing was becoming ragged and I realized I was getting more worked up than the amount of effort I was expending explained. Somehow, though it wasn’t me inside her and I couldn’t feel anything but the intense pressure of chastity, my body was tricked into acting like it was all me. I could start to feel a slight tingle in my balls as though an orgasm was building, though it was far away. Eventually, had she let me, I think I would have come from that.

But I didn’t get close. After a nice long fuck, she had had her fill. I slowed down. Made Joe’s penetration more sensual. Easy. She purred. We kissed. And then I found I actually was starting to be able to feel what I was doing. I could pick up through the base of the dildo pressed against me how it felt as it pushed into her. As her pussy resisted the invasion. I could sense the inches as they buried inside her. Feel them withdraw. Like being in a pitch black room long enough to start to make out the shapes of the objects in it just barely.

And it was then that I felt so happy. She was sated. She had the fuck she was craving. I was sweaty with effort and kissing her and brushing my nose against hers and could feel the satisfaction radiating from her. I had done that. Finally. With Joe’s help, she got what she wanted from me.

I pushed Joe in as far as he’d go. One slow thrust. And I held him there. The kind of move I’d make when the penis was hard and free and inside her. Then I flexed my pelvic muscles as if he was me. And I squirted inside the tube. Not a ton. Not anything like an orgasm. But enough that later it leaked out and ran down my leg.

Of course, I had one more job to do. She still hadn’t come. So I rolled of and took her nipple in my mouth and put my fingers back in her super wet snatch, so soft and open and willing after Joe had his way with her. It didn’t take long before she was coming hard and, my finger pushed up against her clit, I felt the fast spasms of her pleasure.

Belle loves Joe. She says we’ll be using him again. Says he feels just like a real cock inside her. Totally worth the $280. And while the penis never came out to feel her fucked open pussy and had to sit in its tube and stew in its leakage, I was so, so happy. This was the best of all scenarios. Her, fucked and happy and me locked and happy. Happy about her pleasure. The most important thing. The only thing that matters.

Thanks, Joe.

14 thoughts on “She calls him Joe

  1. “Somehow, though it wasn’t me inside her and I couldn’t feel anything but the intense pressure of chastity, my body was tricked into acting like it was all me. I could start to feel a slight tingle in my balls as though an orgasm was building, though it was far away. “

    And now you can understand how I eventually came to be okay with the idea of being permanently locked and denied. There’s just something about bringing such pleasure to your partner, and learning that you can derive one’s own pleasurable feelings from the act.

  2. This was very well-written and hot. Mostly though I love how you don’t let your pride or self-esteem play a role when it comes to wanting her to be completely pleased. That is rare with some people. Some people get so caught up with self-esteem and pride they forget their submission altogether.

  3. We are dealing with exact the same situation as you describe: my partner wants to get fucked, keeps me locked for my pleasure, doesn’t like the fiddling around to get the cage off when she wants to be fucked, and doesn’t like the feeling of the dildo’s / strap-ons we’ve tried.
    €280,- is a lot of money though… I think I will have a chat with my partner…

    1. For what it’s worth, we started with the original version, which was very good, and then went on to the newer version (which is now their standard Vixskin line), and Mrs Edge still thinks it feels wonderful. It’s not as costly as the new Vixskin X models, but they are still worth consideration.

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