Alignment issues

I had the Jail Bird off for a bit last night so I could take pictures of it (alone and compared to the Steelheart) when I noticed something I hadn’t before. The cage is not aligned with the ring.

Most of the irritation I’ve been feeling has been on the right side, but that wasn’t unusual for me. Because my right testicle hangs higher than my left, that’s usually the side where I’ll feel that kind of thing (it was especially evident in the CB6K). But now I see that my normal tendency has been exacerbated by there being less room on the right side. The alignment of the holes both on the A-ring post and the device give it a bias to the right side when the screw’s in place. I will definitely be sending it back to Mature Metal to try to have that addressed.

The problem is, other issues aside, I really like the smaller cage. A lot. So much so, that I will definitely be ordering a new tube for the Steelheart. Honestly, I don’t want to go back to wearing the larger device. I’m stuck between a tube that’s bigger than it needs to be (but that I’ve been wearing conformably for a year) and a device that feels much better sized but that’s way more uncomfortable in other ways.

In general, I’ve found the Jail Bird to be much more obviously a hand-crafted object. That’s not a bad thing, but you can really see its maker reflected in the device. The Steelheart, while also obviously being hand-made, seems more precise somehow. It’d be easy to say this is due to it being German, but it’s more than that. The look of the Jail Bird is more “crafty” while the Steelheart comes off as more machined. Neither condition is necessarily better than the other, but it seems that issues like the unfinished nature of the A-ring and the misalignment of the tube are what you might expect in a device like the Jail Bird. Were these issues not present, I’d say the Jail Bird has a certain warmth and charm that many might appreciate.

All that being as it may, I’m left deciding between putting the big tube back on and sending the JB back or leaving the JB on and sending the SH back (and spending about $300 on a new tube and PA fixing).

A conundrum…

72 hour check-in

I’ve been in the Jail Bird for about 72 hours and have a few more observations.

  • My custom PA fixing is a bust. The space between the bars on either side of the PA bar is too close and it ends up pinching my skin between the PA ring and the device. The device feels secure enough that I don’t really feel the need for the extra measure, but it’s hotter knowing I can’t get out. In any event, I’m going to keep thinking about it. Maybe a smaller ring…
  • Speaking of smaller rings, even though I ordered an A-ring the same size as what’s on my Steelheart, I find the JB’s to be much less comfortable. I think this is due to two things. One, the cage on JB is much smaller than the tube in the SH so the meat’s much more compressed, even when I’m not hard but only a little chubby. There is almost no extra room in the cage. The meat’s got to go somewhere, though, and it leads to extra pressure on the ring. This is especially evident in the morning. I probably should have ordered a size up. The second issue is that the inside of the ring is less finished than the outside (or the Steelheart’s). This makes the metal much more grippy. To me, it feels more like the CB6K did than a steel device. There have been several times during each day I’ve been wearing when the ring’s burned against my skin (like right now). That almost never happened with the Steelheart. I find I’m using a lot more lube.
  • Regarding hygiene, the Jail Bird is really easy to clean, but doesn’t stay as clean as you might think. I’ve found the bars get in the way of the urine stream making it splash around so that, by the end of the day, I need to clean just as much as I did with the Steelheart and its closed tube.
  • Having an erection in a cage not much bigger than the penis is when flaccid is entirely different than a tube with space to fill. I’m not saying it’s better, but it’s different. Hard to describe, but I really like how the smaller device feels in my pants all day long. I don’t think it’s been at all visible, even in jeans. I’m very close to ordering a new, small tube for my Steelheart.

That’s about it for the time being. More to come…

The Jail Bird has landed

The newest addition to our growing fleet of chastity devices arrived yesterday. The Mature Metal Jail Bird with custom PA fixing has been on me since yesterday afternoon. Too soon to give a full review, but I have a few initial thoughts.

  • Damn, it’s light. Of course, I’m used to the Steelheart with its full metal tube and heavier gauge A-ring. While I’ve never found the SH to be too heavy, the JB is noticeably lighter.
  • The PA fixing seems to be working and, due to the smaller sized cage, not pulling on my ring. I’ll need to wear it for a few more days to be sure, though.
  • The inside of the A-ring was not polished smooth like the rest of the device. It’s noticeably rougher than the SH’s A-ring. I can feel the difference, but so far it has’t proven to be an irritation. Again, time will tell.
  • Vertical urination will mostly likely not be possible in the JB. Lining everything up is hard enough will all those bars in the way, but the real issue is the PA itself. Normally, I can place a finger over the hole when peeing and that controls the stream and keeps most of it moving in the right direction, but the cage doesn’t allow that. Keeping things lined up and simultaneously blocking the PA stream is a feat of prestidigitation I have not yet successfully achieved.

I’ll put a few pictures after the jump. More coming when I write up the full review.

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Quinta dispositivo

Yesterday morning, I guess Belle woke up with a bee in her bonnet since I opened my eyes to find her wide awake and staring at me. She told me to close the door and get naked. Morning has always been the best time to fuck Belle, but what with kids and all, it’s a rarity nowadays.

In any event, I got naked as requested and got into bed and, sleepy or no, quickly found myself all worked up. My hands were everywhere and I fought a strong urge to chew on her and soon my fingers were deep in her soaking snatch. She came nice and hard and complimented my technique and I laid there and throbbed in my tube. Fucking hell, I wanted a piece of that. But, you know, it’s just been five weeks. I have at least seven to go.

Later, I was taking the device off for a good clean and shave (and also to put the PA fixing back in I took out Friday morning), and I found the tube full of clear, viscous precum. It was everywhere and all over the cock. I think it hadn’t dribbled out the tube because, with the PA fixing out, I tend to fill it entirely and therefore block the hole. As Belle was working her Kegels on my fingers, I was leaking what seemed like a tablespoon of useless natural lube.

By the time I took the tube off, though, I found the cock to be as flaccid as it seems to get so I took the opportunity to measure again for our new device, the Mature Metal Jail Bird. It seems to be the trendy device all the cool kids are getting these days, so what that heck. Belle said we could get one.

It’s not that I’m unhappy with the Steelheart. Far from it, though I have been thinking lately that I might be needing to get a smaller tube for it. No, it’s not that chastity’s making the cock smaller (contrary to a fairly common misconception), but over time I’ve found my body’s changed and the fit of the device now seems kinda big and clunky. I will probably still order a smaller tube from the Fatherland and, of course, having another device in the mix will make living without our main axe easier.

The proprietor of Mature Metal recommends as close a fit as possible to your penis’ flaccid size. I measured once on Friday and got a length of 2.25″. On Saturday, it was 2.5″. Over on Chastity Forums, a lot of guys seem to get 2″ or so, and as I said, MM advises smaller over longer for comfort (though, of course, that’s entirely nonintuitive). I ordered 2.25″ and then sent an email asking him to make it 2″.

A big reason why the length of the tube is so important is I’m asking MM to add an extra steel bar just under where the head of the cock will be in order to lock it on with my 4ga PA ring. That ring’s impossible to take off without tools, so it should provide really good security. Maybe not quite as good as the Steelheart’s (since that’s all internal and unreachable without the key), but way better than nothing. In any event, since the Jail Bird fits so closely to the size of the flaccid cock, I’m hoping there won’t be any movement relative to the piercing and I won’t end up with pulling on the ring.

Belle and I had a date last night and I asked what the longest period was she’d leave me locked. After a moment’s pause, she said six months.

“But that depends on how the new one works,” she added. “I’m not sure leaving him in the current device for months on end is a good idea. It’s like he’s a little Chilean miner in there. I want him to get out once in a while and breath. I imagine he needs sunglasses every time he sees sunlight.”

I reminded her that the Jail Bird is an open cage design.

“I know,” she said, “and if I like that one, I might just leave you in it indefinitely.”

So. According to Mature Metal, we’ll find out what Belle thinks of it in 2-3 weeks. Then…who knows?