Just under the wire

OK, so maybe I will squeeze in one more post before I’m out of here…

Regarding the Jail Bird, it’s not going to happen. Aware that I’ve never been able to stay in that device for more than a few days without developing significant discomfort and suspecting that it’s likely a fit and spacing issue, I decided to try something I read about on Chastity Forums. Not sure who it was that did it, but they were able to create a little extra space between the bottom of the cage and the A-ring by slightly bending the post upward. I tried this yesterday afternoon and the post promptly snapped off. I don’t know much about metal work (whereby “not much” I mean “pretty much nothing”), but I thought welding would create a stronger bond between two pieces of metal. So now, if I ever want to wear the JB again, I’ll need a new A-ring. Which I probably needed anyway.

And, as I’ve been harping on, this now means I’ll be unsecured for the duration of the trip. Belle does not want me in the Steelheart and I guess I understand. Regardless of understanding, it’s her decision. It doesn’t help that I’m in that golden sweet spot where the device and I feel fused and there’s little to no discomfort and I’m even sleeping through the early morning tightness and find it creates a comforting sense of security rather than being something I need to endure. I don’t know if when this happens that anything physical has changed or if it’s all in my head, but I’ve even found myself, when waking with a fantastically full and tight tube, flexing the penis in order to feel more tightness and constriction. As with so many other things, my level of tolerance increases over time.

It’s not like I’ll have ample opportunity to take advantage of my temporary freedom, but I really don’t trust my hand and the penis together unattended even for short periods. There will be little moments (and the chance for several hot, soapy showers in hotels on the way there and back) and, of course, every morning it’ll be all perky and proud and asking for attention. Thing is, when you’re a man in my condition, you end up thinking about what’s in your crotch an awful lot regardless of its state. However, it’s an entirely different flavor of obsession when a healthy ribbon of opportunity is swirled though it. I will try to be strong. Upon return, I will no doubt be anxious for Belle to put me back in.

Belle and I chatted a bit last night about some of the recent blog posts. She’s mad at me (or trying to be) for taking the device off without her knowledge (though I strongly disagree I did it out of spite, as she suggests). While I took it off, I also put it back on, so I feel like I should get some points for that. Also, we talked about my reaction to being belittled, humiliated, made fun of, etc. She says she can’t really see herself humiliating me, but is OK with belittling me. I don’t see much of a difference, but if she can find it in her heart to make fun of me every once in a while, I’ll be happy.

In a related development, I’ve decided to update Thumper’s Rules of Usage and Style regarding how I refer to the sex organ attached my body. It’s clearly established that I never refer to it possessively (it’s not “mine”). I either refer to it as a separate object (i.e., the sex organ) or as hers (though I tend to favor the former style because the latter can be confusing to new readers – “Wait a sec. She had a cock?”). I have typically called it a cock but have just decided to no longer use that word. To me, “cock” implies something unrelated to me or it. A “cock” is an aggressive, action-oriented thing meant for fucking. An in-your-face kind of tool that’s been designed for erect penetration. My little piece of meat doesn’t do any of that. It’s very seldom any longer than the 2.75″ allowed by the Steelheart. From the outside, it never seems to change at all, regardless of how I’m feeling or how much pleasure Belle’s letting me give her. It certainly has practically nothing to do with Belle’s pleasure like a cock would. The only time it gets to be inside her is when she’s giving me one of my infrequent orgasms. Last two times it happened, I’m not even sure she had her top off. It may give her emotional pleasure to let me orgasm, but the act itself doesn’t provide much sexual pleasure for her. The thing’s roll has been demoted to little more than an instrument of prostate maintenance. There’s no aggression down there and certainly little action. It’s not a cock at all. It’s just a penis. And that’s what I’ll be calling it from now on.

I can almost hear eyeballs rolling in some sockets from here, but it’s my blog and I can call it whatever I want. So there. At the end of the day, for me, words have significant value and power. Thinking of it as just a penis strongly resonates with my submissive core. Thinking of it as a little penis just about makes me swoon.

So, finally, this is the last post I’ll make until I’m out of the woods sometime after the 17th or so. As I said yesterday, there’s an HNThumper loaded up for next Thursday, but that’ll be all. I might be able to reply to comments depending on access to cell reception. We’ll see.

Weekend nerdery

Reader OzCub left the following comment in reply to my last HNThumper. My reply started to get pretty long, so I decided to make a full post out of it.

Your blog has really sold me on the steelheart device. Problem is – I’ve never worn any device before. I’ve seen it recommended elsewhere that you should probably start with a more flexible/adaptable device like a CB6000 or a Birdlock. What are your thoughts on that?

Also I’m planning on getting a PA done because I think it would suit my cock. In your opinion, would it be better to sort that out before I even consider delving into chastity? Or can it come later (so to speak)?

Yes, I think it’s probably best for for someone new to enforced chastity to start with CB6K (I have no experience with a Birdlock, but based on what I’ve read of Tom’s and Aarkey’s experience [part 1 and 2], I wouldn’t recommend it). There are two reasons to start with a CB6K. First, with a relatively low investment, you can figure out if locking your cock into a hard tube is something that flips your trigger. Sure, reading about it can be hot, but there’s a lot of stuff that turns me on when I read it that I’d never want to do in real life. Chastity could be that way for you, too. A hundred and fifty bucks and a few weeks can answer the question for good.

The second reason the CB6K is a good way to start regards fit. Not so much the tube or cage portion because I’m now convinced that that needs to be approximately the same size as your normally flaccid penis (erring on the shorter side). It sounds totally unintuitive, but the less room it has to grow the more comfortable the device will be in the long run. Keeping that in mind, you might want to consider the CB6Ks. The other critical element in fitting a device is the cuff ring. I know from experience that the ring I could barely wear on day one would be ridiculously large on me now. The body adjusts over time and, eventually, you will probably find yourself in a ring that’s not a lot bigger around than the shaft of your erect cock. Unless you’re willing to get a custom steel device with multiple cuff rings or are willing to replace one with another later on (probably requiring you to send the whole device back for several weeks), the CB6K is a good way to get used to the constriction and let your nutsack stretch a bit. Once you settle in to a ring that works for you, the move to metal will probably mean dropping down to a slightly smaller one. At least, that’s how it worked in my experience.

Regarding rings and sizing, I know Mature Metal will send you some for fit, but I’ve never done that. I’m not sure how that’d work since a ring without a tube or cage is just a cock ring and I know that the smallest cock ring I can stand is actually bigger than the cuff ring I’ve got on at the moment. I think since the tube keeps the cock from getting fully erect that the ring can be smaller. Maybe someone who’s done that can leave a comment on how well it worked. In any event, a smaller ring means less weight, bulk, and, at least for me, greater comfort day in and day out and higher security. However, as I’ve already driven into the ground, I’m not super impressed with MM’s quality and design (though they have many fans in the community – I think I’m in the minority on that). You said you’re already settled on a Steelheart, so maybe that doesn’t really matter to you.

I seriously doubt you’ll regret getting the Prince Albert. I think they’re really hot. Plus, when you get the chance to jack off with them, the sensation can be fucking fantastic. Plus plus, of course, their utility with regard to chastity security is quite high. Were I to do it all over again, I’d probably have gotten the PA first. Waiting for it to be totally healed will make wearing it in a device a lot less of a hassle and you can always stretch up to larger gauges while it’s locked up. You’ll probably start at an 8 (or maybe a 10) and eventually work up to a 6 or a 4. From initial piercing to 4ga is at most a 3 month process. You’ll want to wait at least 30 days before you lock up a new PA. If you start chastity first and then get the piercing, it’ll just mean interrupting the chastity for a month. That’s what I did and it was a pain.

Good luck!

Hot spots

Imagine we’re facing each other and I’m naked. Yes, I know, it’d be an incredibly surprising situation for either of us to be in, but I’ve put us there to help illustrate something.

So, we’re facing each other and I’m naked. If you were to look at the cock (go ahead, look – Belle won’t mind), you might be able to see, in about the 10:00 position, a irritated line about an inch long curving around the top of the scrotum. Also, down below (where you can’t see, unless you ask me to lift my balls) is another little spot at about the 5:00 position. Both of these were caused by the Jail Bird’s tight ring. I switched back to the Steelheart but was only able to wear it for a day until those two hot spots forced me out. They hurt.

Interestingly, they appeared after I had been able to wear the JB for a week. I had started to get used to it’s insistent grip so that at night, when all the plumbing is at it’s highest pressure, the bad kind of pain was starting to wane. I had thought I’d be able to wear it until whenever I get the new tube for the Steelheart, but alas, it was not to be. I probably didn’t keep the ring lubricated well enough.

In any event, Belle’s let me out until I’m better or Thursday, whichever comes first. She goes to San Francisco to hang out with her best friend for the weekend. I won’t be left unlocked, of course. Until then, she said she’d check the hot spots every night and, if they looked better, put me back in. Regardless, I go in when she leaves. It’s a nice feeling, that kind of attention to my well-being.

I’m stuck at home today for mundane reasons and, before she left, Belle told me I could consider myself gifted with the Token. That is, I’m allowed to pleasure myself however I want (short of orgasm, naturally). Problem is, there are people in the house doing work at the moment so I’m unable to partake. Also, unlike every other time she’s let me have at myself, this time I have free meat. I’m not sure she’s thought that permission through all the way. I don’t want to come and wouldn’t plan on doing so, but accidents happen, especially in the heat of the moment.

Maybe the strangers hanging around is a good thing.

HNThumper XXVIII: Caged

One of the things I wanted to know before we got the Jail Bird is how it looked when its contents were stimulated. I had visions of the little side vent holes from the CB6K where flesh looked like extruded Play-Doh pushing though. Not so sexy. Also, more than a little painful at time.

Turns out, it doesn’t look at all like that at all. For those of you who don’t have a Jail Bird (a number that seems to be getting smaller every day), and thanks to the wonders of HNT technology (combined with my alarming lack modesty), you can see for yourself.

Continue reading “HNThumper XXVIII: Caged”

Mixed nuts

Over the weekend, Belle let me share a few of her orgasms. Both times I used Pink and both seemed to be really good for her. Pink, by the way, showed up again. We thought we lost her (and why we call a vibrator “her” is beyond me, but that’s what Belle calls her) and ordered a replacement Pink then the old one turned up in a bag of other toys. So now we have two. I’d like to use both at the same time on her, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

In any event, as I was saying, Belle came twice over the weekend. The first one was an unusual morning event on Saturday. I had been pretty worked up the night before and couldn’t sleep so I spent time consuming porn on the iPad. There are more and more iOS-friendly porn sites around now and I’ve found the iPad to be an almost perfect porn consumption device. So yeah, obviously, when you’re too horny to sleep the first thing you should do watch porn, especially when there’s nothing you can do to relieve yourself. But that’s what happens more often than not. A few hours later, after the sun came up, I was feeling Belle come and the cage straining. All that day I felt little burps of precum leak out, no doubt formed the night before and that morning. It’s a weird sensation to be sitting at a table doing something innocent and then feel a slug of clear fluid work its way past my perineum and down the cock.

After she came, I told her how much I wanted to fuck her. I say those things to her not in the hope that she’ll let me, but because I love to hear her tell me I can’t. If she ever did unlock me and let me have at her after I said something like that, I’d probably feel bad. But hearing her say I’m not going to, not for a long time, that I’m not allowed and am in exactly the place I should be, locked and horny and dripping and…and…


This is the game we play, right? The “oh god I want to so bad (but not really)” game. I mean, I really do do want to fuck her, but more than that, I want her to tell me I can’t. I want to feel the desire flame and burn in me. I want to feel that I have no control over my own sex. She knows it, I know it. We play the game. It’s pretty awesome, actually.

For whatever reason, I asked her if I could change into the Jail Bird. I wanted to see if I could wear it for the weekend and, when that went OK, I left it on. I’m trying to see if I can tolerate it for a week. So far, so good. Half the nights, it’s been so tight as to wake me up with moderate testicle pain, but the other half of the time, I’ve slept right though it. I think this has more to do with the relative intensity of my nocturnal erections more than anything else. Last night I got up because it was pretty painful only to find everything was so tightly packed I couldn’t even squeeze any piss out. It helps me in moments like those of pain or discomfort to recall her words. I am as she wants me to be. I am how I’m supposed to be. She thinks it’s good for me. And I’m not getting out.

In Steelheart news, I sent my original, larger cuff ring back to Dietmar in the Fatherland in order to fit a smaller tube to it. Both my rings are identical, so what fits the big one will fit the small one, too. It’s totally counter intuitive, but smaller cages seem to make more comfortable chastity devices. The JB is difficult to wear, but the actual cage portion, while significantly smaller than the SH tube, feels really good. Also lighter and easier to carry around in my pants all day. The bitey ring and odd spacing aren’t fun, but the cage is great. I’m really looking forward to getting the smaller SH tube, even though it’ll set us back another $300. We have quite the collection now.

I received the following via the feedback page:

Thanks so much for your really informative website. I am using a CB6000 (started a week ago,) and I really devoured your “tips and tricks”

It has been my biggest fantasy for about 18 years (I’m 36) and I’m so grateful that my wife is happy to give it a try. I am in London, England.

I know you are very busy with your work, your blogs and other things, I wanted to briefly share my first-time experiences and I had a couple of questions to ask you, though, if you had the time. If not, thanks anyway for the all the great blogposts.

I feel kinda bad since this came in during my recent quiet period. I’ve been meaning to get back to him…

Of course the first thing that hits you is the reality that this will require a lot of “getting used to” and working out the right sizes, how to clean, lubricate, etc. On the whole, though, I’m surprised how comfortable it has been.

After fiddling for a few hours, I got it on the first time, with the largest ring. No great discomfort, put it on in the evening, went through the night without any terrible pain. I started with the largest ring and longest spacer. Took it off in the morning.

Went back on the next evening, and stayed on for 72 hours straight, this time went down one ring size. The first night I only slept for a couple of hours (I work v late once a week), but the next 2 nights have been agony, exactly as you described. About 3 times of waking up, really bad pain in all the places you said. I don’t have any problem with my chastity entailing pain & discomfort, but I can’t make it stop whatever position I change in bed.

As soon as I get up and even sit on the toilet (without even urinating) my body kinda “gets the message” and the nocturnal erection dies down. I read what you wrote about the body eventually getting to this etc.

Very familiar. I don’t know how it is for everyone, but I find, even in the Steelheart which is, overall, a very comfortable device and one my body’s grown accustomed to, that I still experience moderate discomfort from time to time. It was much worse with the CB6K and the JB can be quite painful, but there never exists a time when I’m totally comfortable. That’s just how it is.

The question is, how much is too much for you? I found over time that either my body adjusted so what was painful stopped being that way or I just developed a tolerance for it and didn’t feel it as much. Once that happened, I’d push on to smaller rings or spacers. Personally, I like how a tight, close-fitting device feels over a loose one than drops down.

1. My question is, do you think I should go back to the largest ring for the night? I intend to move another size down, to the third largest ring, for daily wear soon – should i persevere through the night with the same ring size as day?

I persevered. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun, but I just pushed on through. It did get better. Make sure you’re reasonably lubed up at night. That’ll help reduce the burn. You could use a larger ring at night, but the swapping back and forth would, I think, get tiresome after a while.

2. Have you ever come across people having a stomach pain with this? When i get an erection in the CB6000, i feel a strong ache in my stomach, near the waist, at the front. It feels like i have pulled a muscle, or have some kind of cramp, not deep inside, like from digestion, but a muscular thing. As soon as the erection is gone, that pain is gone, too. Is that something you’ve felt / heard of?

Yes, I’ve experienced that early on. Not anymore, that I can recall. Can’t remember when it seemed to go away. Or maybe it’s just one of those things I don’t feel anymore. It seems likely that the pain is caused by the fact that what’s normally sticking about six inches outside your body is now being forced to stay inside. It may be that things rearrange themselves eventually or certain bits stretch out, but at least for me, it got better.

BTW if this works out, quite high on the “to-do-list” is to fill the ventholes with something, and to see if i can buy a CB6000S cage.

As I said above, I think smaller cages are better. I’d definitely think about that. I never filled in the vent holes, though I know some who have.

Thanks so much for your time

No problem!

Tight like a tiger

Back in the Jail Bird and I find myself constantly reminded of this…

This Jail Bird is tight like a tiger, too. Or is that toight like a tiger? Whichever.

The things I like about the JB remain the same. It seems really clear to me now that sizing a device to fit one’s flaccid state is the way to go. It sounds very counterintuitive, but it’s also really comfortable. It’s not that my SH tube is uncomfortable, but I think I prefer the smaller cage and how that feels. Also, cleaning is a snap due to the open design. I don’t find it to be a ton more hygienic (I am peeing through it, after all), but getting it clean is a simpler task.

The parts I don’t like, though, also remain and are becoming a deal-breaker for me. I’ve already talked about the offset cage. At the time, I said the jury was still out with regard to how the Jail Bird performed long-term, but now I believe this design makes the Jail Bird much less comfortable than it should be.

The primary issue I have with it is the very narrow space that’s left between the cage and the cuff ring. As you can see in the image above, the Steelheart has perhaps a 50% larger gap which allows the scrotum and the spermatic cords a bit more freedom of movement. The JB’s is significantly narrower. I’ve experienced some internal twinges of pain in the JB that I’ve never had in the SH. Also, in the morning after the customary intense and prolonged nocturnal erections, I’ve actually experienced a bit of numbness on the surface of the scrotum. I can still feel it, but there’s definitely a decrease in sensation. The bit and pieces are maybe getting a little too squished in there.

I’ve spent some time thinking about how this could be corrected. Currently, the JB is configured such that the post is on the cuff ring, attached to the front surface, and it slides into a collar attached to the top of the cage’s penis ring. I’d be curious to know if that could be switched so that the post was on the cage, mounted to the front, not the top, of the penis ring, and the collar was on the cuff, also mounted to the front of the ring. That would align the tops of both pieces and create a better gap down below where it’s needed. Also, I think it would probably keep the entire device from rotating while being worn. The rotation doesn’t necessarily effect how the device works, but it’s annoying.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the JB at this point. Belle’s currently travelling so I’ll keep wearing it until she gets back tomorrow, but then I’ll ask to be put back into the SH, even though I like the cage on the JB better. I’m not sure I like it so much better, though, that I’ll try to get the device altered by Mature Metal. There is a limit to the amount of resources I’m willing to expend on chastity devices, after all. I’d rather get a new and shorter tube for the Steelheart (and maybe even a cage they offer that’s somewhat similar to the Jail Bird).

Obviously, there are a number of people who wear the Jail Bird and like it. Everyone’s made differently, of course, as are (to a certain extent) the hand-crafted Jail Birds. My experiences might be unique or awareness of the issues I’ve mentioned might be higher for me due to my time in the Steelheart. I don’t think I’d go so far as to advise people against trying the Jail Bird. If you’re in the market for a steel device and are on a budget, it’s not a bad choice. Since it’s a custom device, you could try to address some the issues I’ve had with the manufacturer when you order. Then again, if you’ve got a little more money to spend, I can recommend the Steelheart without reservation.

Weekend R&R

Belle’s told me that I might get out this weekend for a little R&R. I’ve been locked into either the Jail Bird or the Steelheart since November 6. After switching into the SH about a week later, I’ve not had the device off for any reason. Hard time, indeed.

While I may get out (she hasn’t said definitively that it’ll happen so I don’t get all expectational and start acting like it’s something I deserve), she’s made it clear that I will not come. I think she wants to fuck me, so there’s always a risk that either I’ll screw up or she’ll get carried away with her own pleasure, but regardless, I’ll not have permission. She’s still sticking to the last week of March, as far as I know.

I’ve decided to ask to be put back into the Jail Bird once she decides it’s time to go back in. I haven’t returned it to Mature Metal yet and I’d like to get more time with it before I do so. At this point, I’m thinking of having MM make me a double cuff ring to help with the biting and also to move the post to the top of the ring to make the cage and the ring align better. Also, I suspect I’ll need the ring to be a bit bigger as the JB compresses attempted erections in a more pronounced way which, in turn, seems to put more pressure against the ring. In any event, like I said, I want to experience what I have for a little while before coming to any decisions.

If she lets me out this weekend, it’ll come at the right time. I feel myself coming down from the surge of sexual frustration I’ve had for the past week. Like I said before, I know it’s all cyclical and it’s not reasonable to expect my buzz to remain high all the time, but the extra stimulation from being out and maybe even getting fucked will surely help lift the hormone levels.

I’ve been remiss in noting the creation of another resource for chastity and orgasm denial enthusiasts. Keyheld is a curated collection of blogs and other sites all dealing with various flavors of chastity. It’s the brainchild of Dev (not that Dev, this one) and was set up with the help of Tom (yes, that one). It aims to be the one-stop shop to help those interested in such things stay on top of happenings within a certain subset of chastity bloggers. I think it’s a very handy and welcome partner site to Chastity Forums as it embraces and extends the growing community of those who practice male chastity in the real world.

In particular, I want to point out two new blogs you’ll find on Keyheld. The first is Elwood in Chastity, written by a fellow Steelheart wearer who’s been playing with chastity for more than a decade but only has only recently begun blogging. The second is Celtic Queen’s Blog, interesting because it’s actually two blogs in one. The first is by the eponymous Celtic Queen, the second is by her sub husband. It’s nice to see both sides of the story, so to speak. CQ had apparently been blogging over on Chastity Mansion but it seems that functionality has been removed (along with her blog?). I have to say, in the short time I’ve been aware of CQ through her participation in Chastity Forums, I’ve found her to have terrific insight into the mind of a man in chastity.

Finally, I have to share this image I found and recently added to the Portfolio. It is, of course, perfectly true!

EDIT – Almost forgot! There’s yet another new blog by yet another new Steelheart wearer. Slouching Towards Chastity is written by a guy named Shane who I have a sneaking suspicion is my age. In any event, you should check him out, too. I like his stuff.

Jail Bird nerdery

The Jail Bird will be sent back to Mature Metal for some adjustments. The cage is off-center and the inside of the cuff ring needs a little more buffing, as I’ve mentioned before. In the mean time, I have some observations regarding its general design.

The thing to remember in this before I start is that I’m not coming to the Jail Bird from a CB-X000. I’ve already been wearing a custom stainless device for a year now. I think much of the exuberance over the Jail Bird can be attributed to the fact that for most, it appears to be either replacing a plastic device or it’s the wearer’s first device. That’s not to say the JB is not a good device. I think it is. It’s not a bad choice for many based on its relative affordability and Mature Metal’s prompt and courteous customer service. However, there are at least two things in the way it’s designed that I think could be improved.

Click to enlarge

First is the cuff ring (AKA, A-ring or, as it’s referred to by Mature Metal, base ring). As you can see in picture on the right, the Steelworxx Steelheart’s cuff ring is about 20% thicker than the Jail Bird’s. A thicker ring adds weight, but in my opinion, it also adds comfort. I find the JB’s thinner ring bites more severely than the SH’s. It’s hard to compare them head to head, but part of the reason I think the SH is more comfortable is because its thicker cuff ring distributes the pressure of the erection across a larger surface area. Mature Metal offers cock rings that have two 1/4″ rings welded together. I don’t know if that’s an option for the Jail Bird or, if it is, how much it adds to the cost, but I’d advise those interested in an MM device to inquire.

Another aspect that may contribute to comfort is the fact that the Steelheart’s ring is perfectly circular while the Jail Bird’s it somewhat irregularly circular. It may be the case that the more consistant circle of the SH also helps distribute pressure, but I’m not at all sure. Mature Metal offers an oval ring as well as a circular one which, I assume, is for comfort but I’ve not worn that one so I don’t know for sure. It looks as though Steelworxx uses machine-made rings while MM uses hand-made rings. That would make the SW rings more “perfect” but with fewer sizing options (6) while the MM rings are less “perfect” but have many more sizing options (19). Again, this is mostly speculation on my part, but it seems correct to me. If MM’s rings are hand-made, then that may preclude them from using steel as thick as that used by Steelworxx.

The second area of Jail Bird design I’ll comment on is the placement of the post on the cuff ring relative to its mate on the cage. As the image below shows, the top of the cage on the Jail Bird sits offset from the ring.

The Steelheart, by comparison, benefits from its unique integrate lock so that the top of the tube aligns to the top of the ring. I prefer this for two reasons, one being purely aesthetic. With the cage lower on the device, extra space is created at the top which allows the scrotum to migrate up during wear. The cage ends up looking like it’s nestled in a pink meat pillow. On the Steelheart, the scrotum hangs more naturally. Second, the Jail Bird has a tendency to turn while worn so that the top of the device will end up down along the side somewhere (think 15-20 minutes before or after the hour on a clock an you get the idea).

I don’t know if the different cage location effects the performance of the device. I did find myself having to adjust my scrotum more often in the Jail Bird, but that could be due to the non-smooth interior of the cuff ring or the fact that the smaller cage size relative to the Steelheart’s tube caused everything to get pushed back more. I don’t know.

One benefit of the lower tube could be increased security. As you can see in the image on the left, the lower-set cage causes the penis to be pushed down by at least a 1/4″ before it goes into the cage. In effect, this seems to mimic the function of a KSD-type device. The down-side is it’s not ergonomically correct and could contribute to discomfort (and the tendency to rotate).

I’m not sure how this could be addressed. The post could be mounted on the top of the cuff ring, but then extra care would need to be taken to ensure the back of the post didn’t dig into the body uncomfortably. The approach I think I’d prefer would be to see the receiving hole moved down into the cage more so that it was lined up with the first penis ring, but doing that would necessitate a change in the locking mechanism. The security screw on my device could be mounted on top of the device, but I’m not sure how one would secure it with a padlock.

None of what I’ve written here should be seen as an indictment against the Jail Bird. As I said above, it’s a fine device and, in my opinion, likely to be better than a plastic device for most people. You have to remember that I’m a giant nerd and this kind of thinking is part of the complete Thumper package.

As always, YMMV. I’m interested in hearing the thoughts of other Jail Bird owners in the comments.

Belle away

Belle’s on her way to Asia. She’ll be gone until next Friday. In the greater scheme of things, that’s not so bad (in the old days, she’d go over there for weeks and weeks) but things are more complicated now. Chastity has tied me to her in ways I wouldn’t have thought probable before and I resent greatly any time we have to spend apart. I will miss her terribly, but especially at bedtime when I like to spoon into her and feel her warmth next to me.


In other news, the Jail Bird is off and I will be contacting Mature Metal about the ring shortly. Belle’s trip made making up my mind kind of a pressing decision and I went with tried and true over new and slightly skewed. Also, she agreed to let me order a new, shorter tube from Steelworxx for the Steelheart. That’ll just add onto the already impressive amount of money we’ve dropped on this little endeavor (two years, five devices, three I don’t wear anymore, one of which I’ve already paid to get modified once, now twice, plus the Jail Bird). But, as I put it to her last night, if you averaged that out to a per-day cost, it’s one of the cheapest hobbies around.

She left me with permission to enjoy myself in whatever way possible absent a cock and I hope to have the opportunity to take advantage of that soon. The njoy pure has been calling my prostate lately. Gory details to follow, no doubt.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot to say. Well, actually, I have a lot to say about the Jail Bird and how it differs from the Steelheart, but I kinda want to wait until it comes back before I put together a big review. Knowing me, though, I’ll probably buckle and start dropping pieces of it early. I have a lot of opinions about it, some good and some not, and seeing as everyone in the free world seems to be ordering them now, I suppose sitting on my thoughts would be antisocial.

Plus, you know, I’ll have all this free time…