OMFG, there’s a metal bar through my dick

It’s been less than an hour since a needle was stuck through my dick.

As I said in the previous post, I went to Saint Sabrina’s in the Uptown area of Minneapolis to get my PA. My piercer’s name was Jesicka and she was amazing. While very professional, she was also able to put me at ease (and, while my outwardly steely demeanor may have suggested otherwise, I needed her to put as much ease on me as possible). She was just awesome. Can’t recommend her more highly.

Before going, I thought the following:

  • It would hurt like hell
  • I would bleed like a stuck pig
  • I’d be naked from the waist down
  • I’d be able to watch the procedure go down
  • My dick would have withdrawn completely into my body

While Mr. Winkie did look terrified, I’m happy to report it wasn’t outrageously small. A small modicum of my male ego was thusly preserved. The moment the needle went through did hurt, but not nearly as much as I thought it would. She inserted the receiving tube into the head of my dick, which was mildly uncomfortable, and then punched the needle through. I thought she was still working with the tube when the actual piercing took place and by the time I realized it was over, she already had the jewelry in. Turns out, I didn’t bleed at all. She said that most people don’t bleed when pierced using the method she developed. I couldn’t see what she did, though, since she had me laying flat on the table. Also, she only had my pants pulled down to my knees, so I wasn’t as naked as I thought I’d be (or as cold). There was a moment after she started touching my dick that I thought I might actually get somewhat aroused, what with being as horny as I am, but nothing untoward transpired.

So now I’m at home and I do feel a small amount of pain down there, but nothing major. I unwrapped the ghetto bandage she put on me (a surgical glove packed with gauze and secured with rubber bands) and found there’s still no blood. I chose to go with an eight gauge curved barbell with a larger ball in front an a smaller one in back. The rod of the barbell is a little long, but Jesicka said we need to see how it fits while erect before adjusting. If it turns out I need a shorter one, I’ll go back in about three weeks and she’ll fit it.

The first peeing event was also pretty uneventful. The ball in front did disrupt the stream, but maybe not enough to keep me from peeing standing up (my obsession). I expected urine to leak through the hole, but it didn’t. Maybe that’ll change after it heals. She told me I’d have to use a condom during intercourse for at least two months. So, if my math’s correct, I’ll only need a three-pack. 😉

All in all, I can report it was much less traumatic than I thought it would be. If the healing period is similarly uneventful, I’ll be very pleased indeed.

4 thoughts on “OMFG, there’s a metal bar through my dick

    1. Why would you want me to back out? I love my PA. When I’m locked up, it ensures I’ll never get out of the device, and when I’m not (admittedly, far less often), it looks georgeous.

      1. omg, b/c I was so scared FOR you!!! I’m sure you’ll talk about it as I get through your story… like I said, I’m glad you love it. I’m suuuuuuuure it’s beautiful. I’ve thought about a clit piercing for… almost a year? but I’m a TOTAL pain wimp. threshold below the floor. scared to death.

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