Over on FetLife, a member called tiger posted this in a thread about milking:

How do you feel different before and after you’ve been milked? How much is enough? What are the objectives exactly? I’m not even clear on that. Is it just to reduce the volume of stored fluid for the sake of prostatic health? It’s also a very dominant, very beautiful act of removing a man’s control over such a quintessentially male thing. I imagine it would make me feel more submissive. What more is it supposed to do?

I think his questions get to the heart of why this is something I want Belle to do to me. I have milked myself a few times now and understand the physiological impact, but it’s allure is more than that.

Physically, I do feel a lessening of pressure when the semen is released. It’s not a pressure I can even say I was cognizant of before it was gone. Maybe it’s more a feeling of the absence of something. In no way does milking make me less aroused. Quite the contrary. The last time I did it, I couldn’t get enough and was much hornier afterward. And that, even though Belle has never said I couldn’t milk myself, is why I feel I need to ask that it be something we share. I felt like I was receiving too much pleasure from it. No, I wasn’t having an orgasm, but the pleasure I received felt like a violation of the spirit of our arrangement.

Tiger absolutely hits on the psychological trigger for me. It’s the “act of removing a man’s control over such a quintessentially male thing”. To be denied even the fleeting satisfaction of a ruined orgasm. To reduce the passage of semen from my body to an almost clinical act that I have no control over after she’s denied me and teased me and stoked within me such a bonfire of desire. So unfair. So unsatisfying. Especially when you layer on how doing it increases my frustration. On the list of things she can do to me that embody the domination I wish for her to embrace, there are few more powerful.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Thumper. I love what you wrote. At least you get to experience it. I’m glad it does what I think it would do for me. The thing you mentioned last is something maybe we should post on FetLife – the Unfairness. That sometimes hurts me like a bone stuck in my throat. That’s the very word I use sometimes. I’m sure the ladies would all laugh at me, but desire hurts, yet I want it to hurt, even though part of me hates it. It has to hurt. What I most want is a loving witness to my pain.

  2. In a way, it’s a kind of psychic masochism. The unfairness does hurt, but I crave it just the same as I crave the physical pain she can inflict upon my body. Unfairness and the resulting pangs of regret are, for me at least, a foundational element to my orgasm denial and chastity kinks. As I said, just another flavor of masochism.

  3. This is one of the reasons I want to milk my Knight!! I want him to feel fiendishly submissive and yet I can’t figure it out! How do you go about milking yourself??

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