My little secret

Cricketed wrote a post that got me thinking. Go read it, though be warned: there are many NSFW images (as usual).

He said, about male chastity and the idea that someone he knew well would be aware of his…

[O]ne of the truths of being kept in the cricket for extended periods of time is that I’m led to a very personal place inside me, where being locked is not only sexy and beautiful and symbolic and necessary, but normal. The concepts and practices we’re discovering via male chastity interest me. Occasionally, they downright preoccupy me.

It’s not something strange or shameful to me at all. I’d like to be able to talk about it with some people. Obviously, our sex life is private, and I’m not proposing that we sit around a table in a restaurant and talk dirty with people. But many of the emanations that flow from being cricketed, as well as many of the principles involved, have little to do with the intimacies of our sex life.

I don’t think I could agree any more than I do. I could have written that.

For me, the idea that someone would “find out” about my chastity doesn’t really bother me that much. Like Cricketed, I’d welcome the opportunity to talk about it with some people. That’s not to say I’d want someone to stumble upon my blog, but even if that happened, the thing that keeps me from speaking about it now is the fact that nobody knows, not that I’d be ashamed or shy. I’m also much more worried about Belle’s privacy that mine. I write this blog and am very descriptive of her and our sex life together, but I never asked her permission to do so.

I’ve said before that if somehow someone I know in real life is aware of this blog, I’d rather they tell me than keep it a secret. I don’t like secrets and am frankly not very good at keeping them. I suppose it’s unreasonable to assume my “little secret” would remain that way forever. I don’t think awareness of their knowledge would change what I write and post (everything I’ve already done would be water under the bridge, after all), but I’d still like to know.

I wonder if I’ll ever have the chance to talk about chastity with anyone I didn’t meet though the fact that I’m chaste (i.e., this blog or FetLife or Chastity Forums). For that matter, I wonder if I’ll be able to talk to anyone IRL I did meet that way.

3 thoughts on “My little secret

  1. I’ve been following your love of Belle for years, and have always taken comfort from your words of wisdom (not to mention your taste in porn).

  2. I think it’s been really interesting to be part of a cliche in which everyone is anonymous and does make for some soul searching honesty but you are quite right – wouldnt it be great to be open? It happened to my hub, when we set up the blog – our IT guy is a kinkster (which hub knew) and as soon as he started to follow the blog, he told my hub that he was incredibly envious of our way of life and was looking for a KH and Domme. Hub’s relief in being able to sit down over a beer and talk CBs and submission was huge.
    The FLR side of life isnt that contentious I dont believe. How many couples do you know where it is obvious who wears the trousers? But chastity devices and orgasm denial? Hmmm, it’ll be a weird day in the universe when my mother finds out what I do to my hub 🙂

    1. Funny you should say that. I work with a guy who’s very obviously in a FLR, though not necessarily because he wanted to be. His wife is naturally on he dominent side and he’s naturally on the submissive side. She rules his ass. How this plays out in their bedroom I have no idea, but I’ve always thought it was interesting that he lived an outwardly D/s life and that’s perfectly normal and OK while my living a privately D/s life might be looked upon by many people as weird and perverted, and mostly because when I get to come isn’t my decision.

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