Slinky snake attack

Yet another thumb-pecked missive.

Today, I went scuba diving. Anyone who is even passingly familiar with that sport knows it is typically done while wearing a skin-tight wetsuit. Luckily, prior to my heading off to dive, Belle asked if I didn’t think taking the device off beforehand would be a good idea. While I wasn’t wearing it when I had the suit on, I can say the big old honking SH-1 would have been quite visible while the petite SH-S might not have been (maybe).

In any event, when Belle handed me the key, the morning wood had not fully subsided and, in fact, was well reinforced by her warm and beachy presence next to me in bed. Therefore, when I started to pull the tube off, I witnessed an interesting illusion. While the tube itself is only about 2.5″ long, a nearly six inch erection came out of it. I was reminded of one of those slinky snakes that come flying out of a fake can of nuts. It just kept coming.

Once free, I watched the cock’s erection stiffen and cure, pulsing to life. While I had not been given permission to do so, I admit to having my way with it for a while, especially as I showered. The sensation of my fingers running across the soapy flared head of the cock nearly made my knees buckle. Of course, I didn’t take it too far as my next orgasm is still almost five and a half months away.

In related news, I realized today that my body’s become quite accustomed to the SH-S. It hasn’t woken me up in days and, when I do stir and feel the meat’s intense compression, I just roll over and go back to sleep. It’s remarkable what we can get used to.

Once I was back from the dive, I put the device back on. That’s what Belle had told me she wanted before I left, so that’s what I did.

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