Sweet homecoming

The boy and I got back around 1:00 and I unloaded the vehicle and made sure the tents and sleeping backs were nice and dry before packing them away. It’s bloody hot here today and the effort worked up quite the sweat. My shirt was soaked and I could feel the perspiration running down my back and into my ass crack. The penis and balls were similarly lubed up and sliding around each other easily and in a most madding way. After, when I was cleaning up, I went to put the device on to reduce my extreme distraction (and temptation) but it was all locked together and its key was not present. Belle had it. So I had to wait.

As I said yesterday, I feel as though a switch had been thrown inside me the closer I got to home. I had a very hard time getting to sleep last night (double entendre intended) and had all sorts of thoughts running though my mind as I drove the last 300 miles home today. I had uncontrollable erections that lasted 30, 40, even 50 miles. With no way to control the urges of the penis (except for breaking out the old CB6K which I did strongly consider), I did my best to distract myself from it.

Belle got home around the usual time and, with the kids downstairs playing a video game together (which is weird all by itself), I was able to lay her down on the bed and kiss her face all over. I wrapped my legs around hers and pressed her into me and totally revelled in the smell and taste and feel of her. With my face buried in her neck, I said, “You complete me,” or something similar. In retrospect, it’s a bit of a cheesy thing to say, but that’s how it felt. Like for nearly two weeks there was a big empty hole in me and laying there next to her I felt something big and warm and comforting snap into it. That’s her. She makes me so happy.

After further consideration (because that’s what I do, consider furtherly), I realized that I really am completed by her. In giving her the penis and my orgasm and by changing how I get to feel a sense of sexual satisfaction (that is, though her satisfaction), I really can never be whole without her. A part of me and a part of what makes me feel good and right and healthy is only available when she’s near. Is that why the penis and I didn’t have much to say to one another while I was five states away? I dunno. But the sense of coming home not only to her but also my sense of well-being and certainly my libido is palpable.

Tonight, after the kids were dealt with, we just laid in bed and talked. Talked and talked. About all kinds of things. I love that. I love being married to my best friend. I love that we can talk about anything and that I have little to nothing to hide from her anymore.

As satisfying as the talking was, I was still very aware of the free penis in my pants. I asked what we were going to do about that.

“We’ll lock it up,” she said. Then, after a pregnant pause, “…tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” God, I wanted it now. I wanted her to lock me up now.

“Tomorrow.” I think I whimpered a little. “You’re not complaining, are you?”

“No, of course not.” But I was. Maybe. A little.

“That’s so cute,” she said. “You’re just like a little dog who wants back in his crate. You’re so well trained, aren’t you Thumper?”


“But no, it’ll happen tomorrow. I think you want it too badly right now. I like making you wait for the things you want.”

Surge! The penis got very stiff.

“Turn off the light, take off your cloths, and come under the covers.”

Done. I was in her arms again, stiff little member between us.

“It’s so hard,” I said.


Kiss, kiss, lick, suck.

“Do you ever miss it? Having it inside you?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” she said, “But you’ve become so good at all the other ways.”

Again, the penis twitched and flexed. Simultaneously aching to be useful and hardening to its fullness at the thought of not being so.

“It’s not even August yet,” she said. “What’s it been now…?”

“Four weeks. But that’s not what I want. That wouldn’t be right. This is what I want. How I feel right now.”

Kiss, slurp. Suck.

“God, I want to touch it,” I volunteered.


Kiss, suck, nuzzle.

“I don’t know about that,” she said, “but you can give me an orgasm. Then it’s time for bed.”

She pulled up her shirt and I latched onto her nipples like a suckling pig. Jesus fuck, I missed that. Mouth and tongue on one, fingers flitting over the other, I switched back and forth and felt her hips gyrating against the air. When I finally placed a hand over her mound, not even under her pajama bottoms yet, she made the most wonderful little sound. I grazed the tips of my fingers over the outlined of her lips and felt how very close she was. Heat and humidity radiated though the thin fabric. The penis was fully hard and inches away, but it went without saying that it had no role to play.

I put my hand in her pants and she said the softest little Oh! I could have eaten her up right there. I had barely slid my fingers into her hot wetness when she turned her whole body toward me and thrust her hips at me. She grabbed my hand and pushed it home while the orgasm rolled though her. As it subsided, I could feel her pussy twitching.

“Well,” she said after several moments of breathing hard, “I guess I missed you, too.”

2 thoughts on “Sweet homecoming

  1. Awwww. That’s so cute. Wonderful. I’m teary-eyed over here.

    Had a similar experience myself getting back from the woods, except Wonderboy wouldn’t collar me for the duration of the trip even though I asked, so I was free to do what I wanted. Maybe next time…

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