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Last month, reader Chris asked for some Steelheart buying advice. He’s back!

An update: I’ve been wearing the CB6000s for a few days now and it is a tighter fit for sure…

I bet! I never got a CB6Ks tube because I misunderstood why one would want it. I would ask if it was better or not, but then you said…

But my erections now seem to just push the entire device fwd so that the A ring slides up the shaft and pushes the balls forward. It’s uncomfortable to wear the device when the ring is not at the base of the cock but riding up it instead.

Is there a solution for this? Is it likely that the cock ring is too big? I’m using the middle sized ring and second to smallest spacer… I can fit into the next ring down but its rather tight and I can’t wear it for long… it can be painful at times and feels too tight

Do you have any secrets for keeping the ring in place and/or readjusting when it slides up?

Are you using lubricant at night? It doesn’t work miracles, but lubed is vastly better than not. How long have you been wearing a device? I don’t think you mentioned in your first note. Based on my experience, I’d say your scrotum hasn’t yet adjusted to being an anchor. As I’ve said in the past, my scrotum stretched over time. At the very beginning, the stress on my nuts was very painful (exacerbated, I think, by the sharp edge on the CB6K cuff). Now, they’re much more “relaxed” and the erection doesn’t pull on them any longer.

But does that mean your ring’s too big? Hard to say. If you can’t wear the next size down without discomfort even when flaccid, then you’re in the right one. You should be able to hook your pinky in there when soft. Remember that over time, the smallest ring  you can wear will change. It kinda sounds like your ring is a tad too big, but if the next one’s too tight, you have to wait until your body changes enough to allow you to wear it. This doesn’t go on forever, of course. There is an absolute smallest size you can wear and it’s probably not the smallest ring that came in the box.

Recently, I switched to the larger of my two Steelheart rings. My usual one is 40mm, the big one is 45. Since then, I’ve found that the device rides lower all the time, which would be expected, and is surprisingly more noisy (what with the PA ring clanking around inside), but I seldom wake up due to erections. In fact, the entire sensation of being hard in it is quite mild. Confined and nicely tight, but not uncomfortable. In the smaller ring, the erection is constricted more and the erectile tissue balloons out behind the device inside my body. The upshot of that is that it then tends not to pull on my balls as much. In the larger one, I get something much closer to a proper stiffy and find about 2/3″ of erection outside the device behind the ring. It still bulges a bit inside my body, but not as much. Long way to say, if your device has too big a ring, I might expect it to fit more like mine (and it sounds like it does), but I’d also expect it to be more comfortable. All bodies are different, especially when one’s been locked up for three years and one hasn’t, and the CB6K is not going to sit the same way the SH-S does.

I know this all makes fitting a device sound incredibly complicated, and I guess it is to a point. There’s only so far one man’s experience will get you before your own specifics get in the way. If only I had a lab full of men to test on.

Hmm. Now there’s a thought.

Thanks for everything… your blog is a great resource.

We aim to please.

My situation in many ways resembles yours. Except I have a wife AND a girlfriend that both serve as keyholder.

Whoa there, pardner. You have two women locking you up? You know what they say. Pictures or it never happened. Minimally, you need to provide more details about how that works.

One thought on “Fitting advice

  1. Ah, I keep asking for advice but not giving you enough information to work with. My bad.

    I’ve been wearing the CB6000 for maybe 6 months. I rarely wear it for more than 2 days at a time since I train martial arts and need it removed when at the academy. But it’s on pretty much all the time otherwise.

    I don’t lubricate under the scrotum. Never have had any chafing problems there or really anywhere else from the ring. It’s the tube that’ll get me sometimes. I use Astroglide lube on the underside of the shaft near the base though. The bottom opening edge of the tube roughs up the skin there. The lube remedies that issue well.

    So the issue isn’t discomfort in terms of pain or stress on my boys, It’s more that when the whole rig is pulled forward that the ring settles in place down the shaft, closer to the head and a few inches away from my body… does that make sense? Maybe that’s what you mean by your Steelheart riding lower with the bigger ring in place. The CB6000 is comfortable when the ring is snug to my belly and I prefer that it stays there instead of sliding fwd.

    I think I am def at the smallest ring/spacer setting available to me with the CB6000. Most of the time it fits very well. It’s usually after some kind of exercise that the device slides fwd. My body heat rises and leaves my junk more malleable than normal so the device has an easier time sliding out of place. I don’t know how much more my body will change from continued wear of the device… hopefully not much because I’d like to order the Steelheart soon.

    So far the answer has been to ask for the key so I can readjust, but I’m hoping you or one of the Thumperites can offer a tip or trick on readjusting things w.out removing the device.

    Heh, not likely to post a pic of my women… I would quickly have no women were I to do so.

    My wife and I are a Poly couple. I met a great girl who I introduced to the wife. We all like each other very much and get along great so it kinda developed into a threesome. I date both of them and they also date each other.

    The girlfriend has always been aware that we practice orgasm restriction (tease n denial) but it was more about the science behind orgasms (see: and and what they do to relationships than about the fun, kinky ‘enforced chastity’, FLR lifestyle we are coming into. We have slowly brought her into the whole chastity device concept, showed her that it is fun and has many benefits for all of us. So far it’s been amazing.

    I should start my own blog… but really, it’d just be a not-quite-as-well-written version of this blog.

    Thanks Thumper!

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