Liv and let Liv

I got Belle a new vibrator. Buying new sex toys for her has not been without risk in the past. So far, this is the list of things I’ve brought into the bedroom that have stuck:

  • Pink – Her traditional go-to vibe (so good, we bought another when we thought we lost the first)
  • The Steelheart
  • Various pinchy nipple things

That’s it. All the other stuff I’ve bought, like the rabbit vibrator or any of the various hitting implements or bondage accessories, basically sit in the toy box (which itself is inside a hamper and buried by a bunch of other crap). But I thought this new vibrator, the Liv by Lelo, looked promising, so I took a chance. It was “pretty” (Belle likes her sex toys to be pretty) and was longer than Pink but not too fat. Turns out Belle doesn’t like to play with things that are too big (which may explain her fondness for the penis). It showed up yesterday (I found it on Amazon for only sixty bucks — in a lot of other places it was $100 or over). I plugged it in to charge its battery and waited for Belle to get home.

Later, once we were settled in for the night, Belle told me to give her the new vibe. She held it in her hand, felt the silky smooth surface, and generally fondled it while I watched (and my tube tightened). She told me to turn off the light and get naked (since I can’t sleep that way without permission from her) and I got kind of excited. I really wanted to get her off.

My excitement was premature. She didn’t want me to participate. Belle intended to christen the Liv all by herself so all I got to do was lay there and hear the thrum of the vibe’s motor do its business over her clit. Eventually, she told me to suck on her nipples, so it wasn’t a total loss. After she came, she passed the still-warm-from-her-pussy vibrator to me to deal with as she rolled over.

“It has potential,” she said.


4 thoughts on “Liv and let Liv

  1. Hi Thumper…I can’t believe I am sharing this but the only toy that has ever ‘done the trick’ for me is the ‘Hitachi Magic Wand by Hitachi’ which you can also get on Amazon. Other companies make them, in fact I just bought one that is pink from Adam & Eve because they had a sale and I wanted a backup!!! It hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t give you a comparison review. Most other vibes are just not strong enough and this one has two speeds, runs on electricity so it never gives out, and I can use it with one hand and play with other things at the same time! I have not yet met a woman who used one and was not hooked!!!

  2. Turns out Belle doesn’t like to play with things that are too big (which may explain her fondness for the penis)

    Haha. Love this. That’s just your hopeful cuckolding desiring bunny talking.

    Funny thing is, I don’t desire to stuff large implements in myself, when I play alone, either, although I like that sort of thing with Wonderboy (maybe because then it’s possible pain he causes me?) and I can certainly appreciate, when some other people do and describe it. 😉

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