Mike’s tip

A note from a reader:

i saw your steelheart blog and decided to get one. Got it last week and love it. But i have had it one for two days now and i seem to hur just a bit near head of penis and pa ring, did this happen too you. If so did it go away after a few days. i really want to keep it on and dont want my partner to take it off for a while so please let me know what you think. i found you on facebook and sent you a message there also. i just sent my email to follow your blogs. Enjoy reading them. Thanks, mike

Is it like a rubbed raw kind of thing? That can happen from time to time. The last time I had that problem it was because I was wearing the larger of the two A-rings we have which caused the tube to sit a little lower and rub a part of the penis it usually didn’t.

You need to take to a new device slowly. I know how much you want to keep it on right now, but you also need to listen to your body and let it adjust. Ignoring those signals will cause you more pain and a longer time out to recuperate. My advice: Take it off for a day or two until the part that hurts stops hurting, then put it back on. Eventually, your dick will accept its fate.

5 thoughts on “Mike’s tip

  1. For what it’s worth, I had also had issues at the head after a day or two in my Steelheart. As Thumper just suggested, I took it off for a couple of days and also polished the inside of the tube where the head would (should!) be. I used some car polish. I rubbed it with that polish several times when I was out of the tube. I think that resolved my problem. Been good ever since and while I’m not locked as much as Thumper, I’m probably in about 6 days a week.

  2. I cant ad anything else, you have covered it. Steel does not adjust, flesh does, but not quickly.
    I just dont have these issues with mine, and i am on day 20 some of an unknown duration. But to somone like me my device is my wedding ring, and i wear it daily. It is my constant. The orgasms cum and go, and the denial can be long or short. But the device always goes back on, and if we went back to the free cock lifestyle, i would feel robbed.

  3. Hey, thanks to all of you for your comments, I will try the two day rest and then get it locked back on, the pain was kinda bad yesterday but made it through and today not as bad, actually eased off, but will still give it a rest then back on. M.

  4. I saw one of your other notes to me and noticed that it was the PA giving you issues. If I remember correctly, when the Steelheart Short came, I had to “gap” the fixing because it was too close to the inside of the tube. To do this, I put the fixing on the A-ring without the tube in place (updated below) and bent it upward ever so slightly. Just a little. That allowed it the fixing to float a little higher in the tube which, in turn, lets the PA ring slide easier. Also, a larger gauge ring will move less freely than a smaller gauge. When out, I wear a 4GA ring, but when in, I wear 10GA (or maybe 8GA – I forget).

    1. I misspoke there. That doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t put the fixing on the A-ring since there’s no way to do that. The posts are on the tube. What I did was put the fixing on the posts, but backward so that the fixing was outside the tube, not inside. Then I bent it slightly.

      Sorry. Must be the drugs talking.

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