Workin’ it

This post is supposed to be an update on the fitness program, but I find myself out of lock-up prior to our trip and I’m having a hard time keeping my mind on anything specific for too long. The free, unlocked, unplugged penis is very needy and distracting. My last orgasm was about the 5th or 6th of July, after all. I am at or very near uncharted denial endurance territory. Even just putting some jewelry into the PA this morning with the penis all flippy and floppy and squishy was an ordeal. It wanted to chub out while the PA hole had shrunk from disuse making the 4 gauge circular barbell a tight fit. Then, not to waste a perfectly good stiffy, I again “tested” the Fleshlight with exactly the same results as before. What a thing, man.

Aaaanyway, fitness. Yes, still going to the trainer three days a week. I’m stronger now that at any point in my life, I’m sure. I can bench, lift, and curl weights I’d never even try in the past and can push through dozens of sit-ups. When I started, I couldn’t do a damned thing (my plank was about 30 seconds). It’s hard to believe how out of shape I was. The results are evident all over, though I have had a hard time losing any more weight. I’m stubbornly stuck. The muscles under there are nice to have. I can feel a marked difference in core strength and, for example, when on the back extension machine, my ass is as hard as stone. But still the bit about the middle. Frustrating.

Belle’s also seeing my trainer now. She goes before me on the same three days I do. Even she’s getting some muscles and is happily past the every-muscle-in-my-body-hurts-oh-I’m-going-to-die phase. I’m really glad she’s joined me in the routine. We’re even taking our stuff on our vacation so we can work out together at the hotel.

With regard to working out and the various chastity devices I wear, there remain no issues other than an occasional odd bulge nobody’s ever brought up with me. The Looker 02 still has the tendency to give me a penis fuck when I’m squatting or doing other similar movements. I haven’t been jogging for quite a while thanks to peroneal tendonitis in my left foot. It’s been a few months of wearing a brace and going to physical therapy, but I’m almost back to being able to run again. I’ve been doing it in smaller increments on the treadmill and the L02 is quite evident when jogging. As in most other things, it’s not painful or even uncomfortable, but very there. The first time I ran for ten minutes with it on, an image of the impaled penis stuck on a long rigid tube flashed in my head every time I closed my eyes. The sensation was so clear it forced the impression into my mind. That said, I’m actually looking forward to finding out what it’s like to run with it on for an hour or so.

The thing about all this physical exertion, and the thing I want to get across more than anything else, is that starting is massively difficult. Inertia is a hard thing to push past. But, once you get going, the nice thing is that your body starts to crave the workout. Whatever chemicals get blasted into your brain are addictive so that the fitness routine because self-perpetuating. I’m going to miss two sessions with the trainer and it bugs the crap out of me. Not beging able to run, hard and for long distances, actually made me depressed.

I don’t want to get preachy, but all you have to do is give yourself a taste. Get started and your body will take over from there.

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