Canary in the chastity mine

A few of you might be interested to know the details of the orgasm Belle was going to make me have this morning. Yes, I did have it. But it’s kinda like a Fight Club thing. We all know the first rule of Fight Club. The first rule of this blog is there’s nothing that makes me want to talk about my sex life less than coming. So, yeah, I’ll get there. Just not today.

What I will talk about today is the relative popularity of male chastity as measured through the internet-using public’s interest in my CB-6000 Tips and Tricks page. I published this nearly four years ago now and, as you can see from the chart below of that page’s daily views, it’s never been more popular.

CB6K T&T Traffic

Over the years, it’s been linked to by a number of sites, but most of its traffic is through search engines (and almost all of that is Google). It’s become almost always the second-most visited page on my site (after the homepage) on any given day. The only pages that get close to beating it on a day-to-day basis are the HNThumper posts which require jump links to protect the vaguely SFW status of this site.

Anyway, the first little spike you see there from October 2009 was due to a link to the page from a UK BDSM forum topic on chastity. It was just blips like that, though, until July of 201o when Sarah Jameson had a link to this blog on every page of her site. That drove traffic in general up, but to that page specifically. I don’t know why traffic drops off in April of 2011. It could be because Sarah eventually removed the link to this site from hers or it could have been because I took the link out of this site’s main navigation. In any event, it spiked again in October 2011 when the Locked Men website added the page to their Link menu. After that…I don’t know for sure.

This could just be the power of the Google algorithm (trusted sites on certain topics linking to others) finally kicking in or, more interestingly, it could be a higher general interest in the practice of enforced male chastity. Personally, I think that’s the cause. There are a crap-ton of people doing Google searches on the CB-6000. One sure way of knowing would be to graph the sales of A.L. Enterprises (the maker of the CB-6000) against the page’s traffic, but since they’re a private company, we’re unlikely to know anything about that.

At the end of the day, if the still-growing popularity of the Tips and Tricks page is due to an increase in general usage of male chastity devices (and since nearly everyone seems to start with the CB6K nowadays), I would count that as a Good Thing. I’ll be curious to know if anyone else with similar types of content (like Aarkey’s FAQ, or Tom’s site) are seeing the same thing.

Edited to add this screen shot from Google. Don’t know why I didn’t bother to look at this before, but the Tips & Tricks page is in the fortunate third “organic” position (as opposed to paid) behind the CB-6000 website and Amazon. So, that explains a lot.

The Google


15 thoughts on “Canary in the chastity mine

  1. FWIW, Google is my number one referrer by a mile. Ten times more inbound clicks than the next most productive ( My number one search term is “denyingthumper” (or something similar), but right behind that is some variation of CB-6000 (cb6000, cb 6000, cb6000s, cb-6000s, etc.). There seem to be a lot of folks looking for CB6K info.

  2. Google searches drove 20% of my views last year, with Yahoo and Bing behind that – although the latter two are only a tenth of the Google hits. Keyheld refers a good number, but interestingly, Keyheld, itself has not changed much in page views over the last couple of years.

    I’ve tried to graph the search terms themselves, and I think I see an upward trend. This makes sense because I haven’t really written much about chastity itself in the last couple of years, so either my older stuff is getting more hits, or I’m just one of those sites that keeps coming up because I’ve been at it so long.

    1. Your site was indispensable for me when we first started at this. Not just from a gear-head perspective, but from a “how does this make any sense in my life” kinda thing. A lot of that content isn’t going to expire. You probably have a pretty good reputation in the Google when it comes to this stuff.

  3. I would be very interested in getting together a comprehensive study of how many couple use chastity as part of their marriages, and to what extent. Part of that would be looking at sales numbers.

    Personally, I’ve bought 3 CB-2000’s, a CB-3000, a CB-6000, Old style Curve, a CB-6000s, and don’t wear any of them anymore, as I’m fulltime (365.25 days a year!) in a Steelheart 2. I think sales numbers would automatically be misleading, as I’m sure that stores order them to have them in stock, people buy them, then either don’t use them, or only use them a few times, then lose interest, and the fragility of the AL Enterprises products, along with the low price, has lead me to buy 7 of their products since 1999. I’ve also made more than a dozen home-made belts, mostly AD/Tollboy styles out of plastic/composites.

    Another part of the equation is whether or not the Chastity Device plays a part in the dynamics of the marriage.

    1. It’s not unlike cell phone sales numbers. Apple has sold me several iPhones (and has replaced several of those for various reasons). I am only one iPhone user but am responsible for large number of sales. The other thing you’d want to control for is how many CBs get sold as gag gifts for bachelorette parties, etc.

      1. Honestly, I think A LOT less marriages would end in divorce if Women openly demanded that their hubby’s to be wear a chastity device pretty much all the time…

      2. My marriage was on the edge of collapse when i walked into the living room with a CB-3000, and open padlock and the keys. It’s gotten nothing but better since! And lack of chastity on my part (self-abuse, not cheating) was what destroyed my first marriage…

        YMMV, but to me, the Wife being fully aware and engaged in every release the husband ever has really isn’t a negative.

  4. It doesn’t matter which way you make your relationship work, once you start believing it’s a universal you’re going to get into trouble. It’s just as problematic when “normal” relationships are proscribed as being the only correct and proper way for people to behave.
    I could create a coherent case study wherein the only way the man found to cope with a massive disparity in sexual needs in his marriage was to sublimate his “natural” level of desire by taking his desire out of the equation. It also both forces the spouse to give some level of thought to their partner’s desire and allows the spouse to have the (relatively small) amount of sex they want without feeling guilty by making that level of sexual contact the default state of the relationship. It could be said that Thumper was so desperate to maintain his marriage that he disassociated himself from his desire for orgasm and told Belle she was in charge because it was the only way to get her to actually consider his libido as important. (early posts giving the impression that she was sexually disengaged from the relationship)
    Plenty of people in that situation have gone on to find other sexual outlets, either through divorce or in clandestine relationships or in expanded marriages.
    Of course, this is armchair psychology and neither my impression of Thumper’s marriage nor an accurate description of all chastity based relationships, or even some of them. If it’s making you happy and your marriage successful, that’s all it needs to do.

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