HNThumper LVI: Own recognizance

Yeah, I know, it’s Friday not Thursday…

I’m leaving for five nights to go to SXSW and Belle’s agreed to give me a test. While I’m taking the Looker 02 with me on my travels, I’m allowed to stay out of it as long as I’m a good bunny and follow her no touching rule. I’ll only touch the penis to clean and groom it or relieve myself. No pleasurable contact. If I break her rule or think I’m about to, she wants me in the L02. This is, obviously, an arrangement that relies quite a bit on my own ability to be good, but I think (hope) I’m up to it.

I’ll have more to say on this new application of my denial, bit for now I’ll just leave you with an extreme close-up of the thing I’m trying to ignore as we prepare for our big test. The image is to scale (at least based on how much of my attention it seems to take up).

preparing for travel


The Portfolio gets an alternate shot where you can see the near-permanent groove the steel ring of Belle’s chastity devices have put in my scrotum.

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6 thoughts on “HNThumper LVI: Own recognizance

  1. I remain impressed at how good you are at obeying that rule; I have a *really difficult* time following a no-touching rule and as a result vastly prefer to be locked up.

  2. How do you like your PA? How does Belle like it? I was about to get one when my wife/keyholder told me she didn’t want me to follow through with the appointment I had made.

    1. I like it fine. Belle does, too, and misses it when I’m not wearing it. Peeing a bit more complicated, but feeling the big ring move around inside your penis head is not a sensation you’ll forget.

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