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Reader Tim added this comment to a recent post:

I have been pretty much 24/7 for the last 18 months in a Jailbird. I unlock about every other weekend for a release, etc. Lately I have been extending periods of lockups so that now I am at every 6 weeks or so. It seems that my first hurdle is about day 18-20 when I will have a sleepless night, etc., and I know that a good j-o would solve the problem. As you have gone for longer periods locked up, are you find these hurdles as well, and if so how you do you think you might managed them?

I’ve been meaning to talk about the sleep thing as I’ve recently discovered a way around it. Other long-term denial hurdles…well, that’s what this whole blog is about!

In the past, I’ve been reluctant to take anything to help me sleep because by the time I realize I’m screwed (figuratively, of course) it’s too late and I’m worried about not being able to get up in the morning or feeling drugged and groggy. Lately, though, at the earliest sign of potential sleeplessness, I take one of these: A small tablet with 3 mg of melatonin that melts in my mouth. I find that the melatonin lets me fall asleep in a way that feels more natural. I don’t feel drugged. Also, while I do still feel the effects the next morning, they’re not as severe as a regular over the counter sleeping aid and seem to dissipate more quickly.

The trick is knowing when I’m about to have a sleepless night. That comes with experience. There’s a difference between having trouble falling asleep and staring down a hole of six or seven hours in bed with no relief. I can’t really describe it, but the sleeplessness is like a small burr between my brain and skull. Just enough to keep me on enough of an edge that sleep never manifests. But with the little minty pill, the edge goes away. I could probably get by with half a dose, but they’re already pretty tiny. They’d be tricky to halve.

Some people might have an issue with taking a sleep aid (or any drug), and I’m not crazy about having to do it. However, the alternative is truly terrible and the alternative to the alternative (jacking off to completion) is not an option. I am comforted by the notion that melatonin is one of the hormones the male brain produces following orgasm. In a way, I’m cutting to the chase and getting the sleepytime post-orgasmic effects without all the messy spewing about.

11 thoughts on “Sleepytime tip

  1. Thumper,

    Melatonin is natural, ameaning something your body naturally makes (or should) as it gets dark. It is metabolized quickly in the body which is why you don’t feel drugged… it’s not a drug! 🙂

    We’ve used melatonin with my daughter since she was 4 (she’s 8 now) because her body doesn’t do what it’s supposed to and its the only way she can feel tired.

    If you’re going to take anything to help you sleep that’s the best choice! 🙂

  2. I travel at times internationally,and I have found that 3mg of melatonin does work for me. I have encoutered other people who have said to me that it does nothing for them. I find that it helps with the jet lag, and in my experience often brings out the most intense and complex-theme dreams.

    When I am locked, I have found that I can deal with the morning wood episodes pretty well, if anything I am awakended in the morning and it gives me a motivation to head for the shower. The sleep loss can be a bear though, and while I use melatonin in travel I have a hestitation as a intervention to being locked. Is being locked supposed to be easy in that there is a solution to every challenge.

    It is an interesting trade off in one way. Melatonin as a result of orgasm gives me the reward of sleep. Hornyness as a result of denial makes me motivated to be a more focused on satisfying others…

    1. When I am locked, I have found that I can deal with the morning wood episodes pretty well, if anything I am awakended in the morning and it gives me a motivation to head for the shower.

      Yeah, I use it as a very reliable alarm clock.

      Is being locked supposed to be easy in that there is a solution to every challenge.

      Not sure what you’re saying here. Living locked isn’t *hard* but it does present several challenges. Regarding sleep, it’s just too important. I find I take the melatonin about three or four times a month. Not very often, really.

  3. I find it interesting that you have sleepless nights, and others do too. That has to be related to the device somehow, not the period without orgasm.
    I haven’t had any sleepless nights around the 3 week mark, nor later around the 6 week mark. I have had “lightly sleeping” nights, where I will wake up frequently because I am so incredibly horny. All I wear at night is a cock ring, though, no constricting device. I wonder whether the sleeplessness comes about because nightly erections are largely prevented by the device you wear.

    1. I’m sure it’s different for different people, but I don’t think the device is to blame. I can barely tell it’s there most of the time. It does wake me up in the morning, but it’s not doing anything to keep me from sleeping. Like I said, it feels like a hormonal edge. Something in my head.

  4. I take 5 mg of Ambien + Melatonin and have for a couple of years. That was after 10+ bad years of sleep, insomnia, and a non-REM sleep disorder. I don’t find that I have any (additional) problem(s) getting up in the AM and have never been a morning person. My fear of being groggy was same reason I never took it. Not sleeping in worse than any side affect of Ambien.

  5. I’m new to chastity and have been in a Holy Trainer V2 for over a month now. I am still waking up multiple times a night with really bad pain due to nighttime erections. It varies from 3 – 7 times a night and is consistent.

    Is this normal? Maybe the ring is too small? I don’t want to spend money on another ring just to find out that isn’t the problem.

    1. Seven sounds like more than I’d expect after a month. Three, no. Seven, yes.

      WRT to the ring size, it’s all about what your balls look like. Are they blue and cold? Then the ring’s too tight. If just dark but still warm, then it might still be from a personal preference standpoint, but not from a “your balls are going to literally die” standpoint. If you’re still suffering too much after a few more weeks, you might want to consider that larger ring.

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