Once Belle let me out the other morning, after having been in for so long, I fell into a familiar pattern. It started with me being nearly unable to contain my desire for her with my grabby hands and moaning and gyrating the super-hard penis into her. She had to tell me to take it down a notch since, when I’m like this, it’s pretty obvious I’ve forgotten that sex is hers, not mine.

So yeah, familiar pattern. I got her off in the way she likes the whole time thinking what her hot, wet snatch was going to feel like enveloping the penis. Then she came and nearly immediately I felt the hydraulics start to release. By the time she told me I could go into her, the penis was already at about 70%. Fucking got it back up to the mid-eighties at least, but then after only a few seconds I was really close to coming so I stopped and then the bottom fell out of the thing. Totally limp.

“That’s too bad. I was going to let you come.”

Then it turned into a head thing, big time. Since the penis was already wet and I was so turned on, coming sounded pretty good to me, but the fucking stupid thing wouldn’t turn over and the more I thought about it and fretted over it, of course, the less inclined it was to cooperate.

Eventually, I was able to stroke it to an acceptable erection and she told me I could come that way and, with the heavy PA jewelry flopping to and fro and the unusual sound of fapping filling our room, I did and it felt like the world folded up backward and exited out the top of my head as I shot my load. Unbelievably intense and only marginally enjoyable as a result.

The next morning, we were back at it. I had been out all night so the urgency was reduced and had just come so the stakes were lower. I rarely come more than once in a few days anymore. But, after getting her off and getting inside her, I got close again in just a few seconds and she told me to come. So I did. Apparently she wanted to feel that and was cheated out of it the day before. A bit more enjoyable this time around, but still felt like a hot marble shooting out of me.

So man. Twice in two days. I would normally expect that to knock the wind right out of our dynamic and leave me feeling the low ebb of denial energy. That was the case, but only for that day. The next, we were on the road for our week’s adventure together and I unexpectedly found myself really horny. I was still free of the Steelheart and as the miles rolled under us, I’d feel waves of arousal wash over me making my pants fill up, my chest surge with fluttery energy, and my hand tighten around hers.

We stopped at a dusty gas station just south of nowhere and, while paying for the gas, an absolute specimen of a man walked in to get some lunch. Belle spotted him first and pointed him out. Always fun when you and your wife can appreciate an especially well-formed piece of man meat together. This guy was wearing faded jeans and an old t-shirt and ball cap. We went out and sat in the car as he walked across the station’s tarmac carrying his sandwich into a stiff wind. The old shirt was pressed against his fantastic chest and abs and his jeans were molded around his thighs and, if I may say, magnificent ass. Belle said something about his eyes and I was like, he has eyes? He was so pretty it made my teeth hurt. People this perfect should not be allowed. But yeah. Unf.

So the next morning, I woke up before Belle with a still free penis and it was doing its usual morning thing and I was still turned on in a pretty significant way and images of that Adonis walking into the wind wouldn’t leave my mind and she was right there and I was fucking horny. Insistently so.

“I’m not having sex in this hotel room,” she told me flatly. Hard to blame her as it wasn’t very nice, but I thought as I laid there that I’d had sex in plenty worse in my day. After a while of me being annoyingly horny, she told me it was time to put the Steelheart back on. We had to wait for the stupid boner to go down and, even then, it wasn’t totally gone. I pushed and shoved and squeezed an unhappy penis into its pen before she put the lock in and turned the key.

“OK, now you can give me an orgasm.”

AAARGH! That minx. Such a tease. I moaned and groaned and the steel bit down on its victim.

“This is what you need, Thumpie. Later today, you’ll tell me so. You’ll thank me.”

So, yeah, I got her off. As I was doing my thing, she said, “I love feeling the hard steel press into my leg while you do that.”

AAARGH, again.

Yesterday’s driving was not unlike the previous days in that I’d have these attacks of arousal only this time the Steelheart kept things in check and the feeling of that happening only made me hornier and that only made the Steelheart bite harder. Rinse, repeat.

But she was right. We stopped at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and hiked around. After a couple miles, we stopped to admire the geology and, standing there, I did thank her for locking me up.

“It’s how you’re supposed to be,” she said. And she’s right.

2 thoughts on “Roadtripping

  1. Enjoy Big Wonderful Wyoming, “where men are men and sheep are nervous.” Wasn’t June the month when you and Drew were going to show us pics of your newly fit bods?
    I know I’m late on this point, but sorry that your Doggers weren’t playing very well when you went out to see them play. If they could ever get their act together, they’d be unbeatable.

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