Close your eyes and don’t think of England

Today, Belle didn’t want to come. She already has the past few days and has a refractory period more like a man in that she hardly ever comes more than once in a day and two or three days in a row wipe her out for a while. So yeah, she didn’t want to come even though it’s the last time we’ll be together for two weeks since I’m flying for work today and she’s leaving for Asia tomorrow morning. When I get home, she’ll be gone.

Even so, she did want to feel the hard penis inside her so that meant taking the Steelheart off. As I unlocked it and took all the bits and pieces off, she told me to stay out until after I went through security at the airport which was, like, a whole six hours off. I haven’t been out of chastity for more than two hours since the beginning of October.

Anyway, it didn’t take the penis long to achieve the proper configurataion and she didn’t waste any time telling me to get at it. Naturally, I didn’t last long, but not for the typical reason.

See, TOG is back again. For newbies, it starts here and is continued if you search for “TOG.” Stands for “the other guy” and, short story, he was this guy who came on strong, ghosted her, came back, went away again, blah blah, then sort of dissipated. But he’s back again. And now I’ve decided to call him “England” because I never liked “TOG.” Guess where he’s from.

So anyway, yeah, he’s back and Belle knows he’s a flight risk and honestly doesn’t have any expectations as to what will happen in the future, but she’s going to Paris in February for work (yeah, tough life she’s got — Asia, Europe, NYC, etc.) and he’s right across the Channel and they’re supposedly going to see one another while she’s there. Have I mentioned he’s a flake? So who knows. He’ll either not show up, show up and chicken out, or show up and fuck her.

This time, though, he’s sent her a dick pic. That didn’t happen before. So at least she knows he’s not lying when he claims to have what she calls a “proper cock” — thick, 7.5″, etc. I don’t know if the picture had anything for scale in it (say, a packet of jammie dodgers  for example) mostly because she hasn’t shown me the picture. Yes, I do want to see it. Very much. And she knows I do. But I won’t ask because that seems a line I don’t want to cross verbally. And she is hesitant to show me, partly because she thinks if she does it’ll jinx things.

So when I was going at it this morning and trying to find a place to put myself so I could keep it up for a little bit, the giant mystery cock fluttered into my mind. Or, perhaps I should say it thudded heavily into my mind. Next thing I know, I’m thinking of being inside her and how England has said he wants to be there, too, with his giant dick to give her the fuck of her life, better than I could, etc. (yes, he said this), and that was that. It’s just too potent an image for me to be able to keep things together.

At first, I slowed and the nice noises she was making took a slight turn to disappointment. But somehow, that only made things worse. He wouldn’t need to slow down. He’d be able to keep going.

So I had to slam on the breaks. Squirt, squirt. Squirt. Squirrrrrt. Sqrt.

All done. No orgasm, but an ample ejaculation followed by the now-normal loss of the erection.

I’m sitting at E11 in MSP and waiting and thinking about how I won’t see her again for 14 days. I decided to wear the Halfshell on the trip mostly because it’s easier to deal with, but when I get back I’ll go into the Steelheart until she returns.

And now my work peeps are here. Time to go be an adult.


2 thoughts on “Close your eyes and don’t think of England

  1. Can you go through security with a chastity device on? On the way back? I’d have thought that was a big no-no, but I saw one guy on Reddit recently claim he just said he was wearing ‘intimate jewellery’. They gave him a pat-down but let him through, iirc.

    1. I wore the Holy Trainer through the backscatter scanner once. It looks for hard objects, not metal, and they didn’t stop me. I often wonder if pants already create a spot the scanner picks up on and anything else they see down there is ignored.

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