On this date nine years ago I began writing Denying Thumper. It’s equal parts hard to fathom it’s been that long, but also a wonder so many things have happened and evolved in what seems like so little time.

Looking back, I’m not entirely sure why I started the blog when I did. It was, even then, a blog about orgasm denial and chastity, but I had barely been denied any orgasms (the day after I started the blog was three whole days without an orgasm!) and we didn’t have a chastity device, though I ordered a CB6K after a few days. Clearly, right after being introduced to the concepts, the need and desire to live that way blossomed fully and with an alarming suddenness.

For me, the real beginning was on the 21st of October when I wore a chastity device for the first time. It’s pretty funny reading that now, to be honest. I’ve changed so much but so many things are the same.

I rarely go back and read the early days of the blog because a lot of that time was spent by both of us figuring things out and my attitude wasn’t always very good. I’m often embarrassed by myself. I was petulant and expectant and filled with a sort of penis-centric privilege that betrayed what I purported to want out of submitting to Belle. It took years to really find the path I think chastity and denial should follow (more or less, there is no One True Way). It took a long time for me to get my head on straight.

Belle grew into her role, gaining confidence. I settled down into mine, shedding selfishness.

And here we. Still ticking. Locked up more than ever. Just three orgasms on the year. In some ways, things have only become more of what they were even back then. But it’s also no longer new. It’s no longer novel. It’s what things are. It’s how we live. And it’s pretty darned good.

12 thoughts on “Nine

  1. Nine years is an accomplishment no matter what we’re talking about. Selfishly, I’m glad you started the blog, that I stumbled upon it years later, and that we’ve become friends. You bring a good perspective to my life–kinky and muggle. Unselfishly, I’m happy that you and Belle have found what works for both of you. Wishing many more happy, denied years to you.

  2. Thanks! Nice thoughts on ‘How it all began!’ And thanks for letting us know that we aren’t, I don’t know, we want/like/HATE/LOVE, chastity,and can’t really talk about it. Or are put down. Or,or,or,etc. Thanks Thumper! Ray

  3. Congrats! It also marks how long I have been fascinated, frustrated, and looking inward. I found your blog shortly after you started it. I had bought a few crappy cages but had never showed them to my then wife. The more you went through the more I knew, I couldn’t trust her with the keys, so never brought it up. Years later when I met another, I decided to give it a go.

    Your trials and emotional ebb and flows taught me a lot, how to handle them, what I should expect from her, how to keep doing this when I want to bitch, cry, and rip the thing off of me.

    There is no way I could have done this without reading your trials, and certainly no way she would have fallen so in love with keeping me locked.

    Now I have a blog here myself, and an account on chastity mansion where I end up giving advice and encouragement…although 9times out of ten its about what size or why their crappy device hurts lol.

    Just wanted to say thankyou

    1. Ps.
      On chastity Mansion I did a little shout out to Thumper thread, since your blog helped so many. There was a lot of responses and respect your way.

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