Micro chastity: A review


I’ve been wearing chastity devices for almost exactly nine years. I’ve worn plastic ones and metal ones, those with and without rings, some wrought from cold metal and another 3D printed. I’ve kind of lost count, to be honest. It’s well over a dozen different devices. Perhaps even over sixteen.

I don’t say all that to boast. There are men out there who’ve been in a greater variety of devices for longer than me, for sure. My point is, I thought I kind of knew some things about the mechanics of being locked up. Like how to measure for a device and how to size it. How to wear it every day and live in it. But the other day, a crazy little thing landed on my desk from far away. And after nine years, more or less everything I knew got turned on its head.

Usually, I review a specific device from a specific manufacturer. This time, I’m reviewing a concept. A device that’s (nearly) freely available on eBay from apparently a dozen different manufacturers. And while I recently railed against buying knock-offs from China, I did bend my rules a bit just to see what wearing something like this was like.

IMG_7127The first time I saw what I’m calling a “micro” chastity device locked onto someone, it was Caged Jock (though he seems to have moved on to a very small Steelworxx Looker 02). The concept of such a small device was very hot to me for a variety of reasons, but my assumption was one would need to have a very small penis to pull it off (like Caged Jock whose is only 3.5″ hard). But then Andy of Ruffled Sheets and I were chatting about his use of one. Andy does not have a small penis. His is…uh…perfectly fine. And he reported he was able to wear it comfortably. So I had to find out for myself.

Luckily, the Micro…erm, cage was only about US$11 shipped. That’s crazy cheap and, it turns out, I got what I paid for. I rationalized the purchase from a source I don’t recommend for others as an experiment and decided, if I ended up liking it and Belle was accommodating, I’d get something like it remade by a chastity craftsman. But before I get into the gearhead portion of the program, I need to talk about how being in such a small device made me feel. Not physically. Emotionally.

Most men are pretty fucking invested in their penis. But some men, like me, who are locked up all or close to all the time become somewhat disconnected from them. They become less obsessed with their penises as the embodiment of their sexuality. They start to associate other parts of their body and other activities with sex, even to the point that they feel more comfortable when their penis isn’t on the menu. This doesn’t mean the urge to be let out and fuck or jack off goes away. I’ve always had that and probably always will. But it’s transitory and usually surfaces in a moment of intense arousal before quickly being subsumed by the more intellectual aspects of chastity and denial and submission.

I found that once the penis stopped being so central to my sexuality and how I gained pleasure from sex (in fact, that my pleasure was the point of sex), it became less important to me. For some time now, it’s not bothered me at all that it’s below average in length and girth. Except for the fact that Belle enjoys being fucked, I don’t wish I had a larger penis at all. In fact, even the opposite.

I remember when we got the second, shorter Steelheart and someone on the blog asked wouldn’t I rather be swinging the longer one since it was so much more impressive. Besides the smaller one being more comfortable, no. One of the things I like about the Halfshell is it’s even smaller than the short Steelheart. Minimizing the penis’ presence is something I’ve been very into. And that’s why the micro device was so alluring to me.

But…it’s funny. Most devices encase a penis yet still visually represent one. The micro eliminates the penis. It pushes it into my body and replaces it with a small metal button that nestles into my balls. Reaching into my pants, I don’t feel the familiar unyielding steel tube, I find only a lock and then nothing at all. The pouch on my underwear doesn’t get filled out and there’s an almost conspicuous lack of a visible package while wearing pants. It is penis minimization at its extreme. I’m not going to say I didn’t like it. In a different setting and relationship, it might be perfect for me. But I found myself self-conscious about what Belle would think in a way I haven’t since we first started using devices. For a while near the start, I didn’t like to show myself locked in front of her even though she was holding the key. But now, being that way is perfectly normal. Now I’m more self-conscious when the penis is free. But being in the Micro was different. I was hesitant to have her see it and she didn’t even get a look at it until the morning I took it off.

So perhaps I have more invested in the penis or what represents it than I previously thought. That surprised me. I think it’s because I’m a man in a relationship with a woman who likes being fucked and wants me to have a penis with which to do that. If I were in a relationship with someone who didn’t mind or even preferred the look of penisless me, I’d probably embrace the Micro. Such is the variety of sub I am, I guess. Since it’s important to her, its absence, even if it turns me on, turns me off.

If I were getting a new, custom device today, I’d still likely make it smaller than the Halfshell, but not so minimizing as the micro. That’s not about aesthetics or comfort or anything else except I want to look like there’s a penis there, even if it’s shiny and small, and not like it’s been swapped out with a very small man hole cover. Because I think that’s what she prefers.

With all that said, I review devices based on six factors: Cost, aesthetic, fit/comfort, security, hygiene, and stealth.


By far, the cheapest device I’ve ever worn. I paid $10.69 shipped for this little thing. It is also, by far, the crappiest made device I’ve worn. Ill fitting pieces and a balky lock that only sometimes turns (which adds a kind of Russian roulette aspect to taking it off)  and smells of brass. It was worth every penny.


IMG_7128As usual, very subjective. I still think micro devices are hot and absent the fact it made me self-conscious in front of Belle, I don’t dislike the look of them at all. This particular device is made of a lower quality stainless (304) and not well polished. It has the appearance of part of a chain link fence more than a sex toy. It feels very industrial rather than sexy like the Halfshell or Steelheart. Very utilitarian. Like the kind of device you’d be issued upon checking into a prison for men run by dominant women or something (great, now I’m thinking about that).

Bottom line, this particular specimen is somewhat homely and not the quality to which I’m accustomed. I would have been much happier with something far shinier and more skillfully and carefully made.

I wondered what my Twitter followers thought of how the Micro looked and asked. Here’s how that poll ended…

IMG_7178Belle, for the record, was probably in the “meh” camp.

Fit & Comfort

You probably think having your penis smooshed down to less than an inch long would be uncomfortable. You’d be wrong. In practice, I found the micro to be incredibly comfortable, even during early morning erections. The A-ring on mine is only 40mm in diameter, just like the Steelheart, but on the Steelheart that feels too small now while the Micro does not. My speculation as to why that is is that the erection itself doesn’t protrude through the A-ring. Only the head of it does. The rest is behind the A-ring. About half inside my body, the rest pushing at the ring on the outside.

Bottom line, “smaller devices are better” is once again proven. In fact, the absolute smallest device possible is incredibly comfortable. Far more attention should be paid to the size of one’s A-ring and, if the penis extends through it, the width of the tube rather than its length. It should absolutely not be longer than your flaccid size. Probably far smaller.


IMG_7130Since all this device does is cover the head of the penis, my assumption was that it wouldn’t feel very secure. In fact, that’s not the case. It keeps everything packed and tidy so there simply isn’t any play in the fit. There’s no tube to rattle around in. It’s a cap on your manhood and only the cap extends past your body (when flaccid).

This particular unit also has a ridge inside and around the entire cap that formed something like a little bowl that the head of the penis fit into making the fit even more snug. There was, of course, nothing keeping me from withdrawing out the back, but it felt more secure than the Steelheart even though the Steelheart is totally secure. The ridge made reaching in from behind also difficult. It just felt more secure than any unfixed device I’ve ever worn. Some of this is how well it sells the idea that there just isn’t a penis there. It’s gone, so thinking about getting out kind of goes with it.


IMG_7126The Micro is a hot mess. It’s hard to align the tip of the penis to the main hole and, I found, doing so was sometimes pretty uncomfortable since a little nubbin of flesh poked through the entire time I was wearing it (not as often as it would be in a tube or cage though because it wasn’t always in contact with the inside of my underwear). That tissue around the urethra is some of the most delicate and sensitive on a guy’s body so I found trying to angle things (which is very tricky) so that the tissue above the urethra was exposed instead was a lot more comfortable.

However it gets arranged, I found peeing resulted in anywhere from two to five separate streams all shooting out at different angles in a totally uncontrollable fashion. In addition, the whole cap would fill with urine before draining out (perhaps due to my PA) and the ridge inside the cap held urine no matter how much I tried to get it out. Also, it stays inside the folds and crevices of the compressed penis trapping even more. Every morning required thorough cleaning and I found it difficult to clean effectively without taking the penis out.

For a lot of men who are turned off by the idea of the Steelheart and its closed-tube design, this alone will torpedo the Micro forever (the Micro’s hygiene issues are ten times those of the Steelheart). A lot of keyholders hearing their men need to get out daily for cleaning will be turned off, too.


On one hand, the Micro is easily the most stealthy device I’ve worn. Perfectly silent and leaves absolutely zero outward indication its there. On the other hand, it also leaves absolutely zero indication you have a penis whatsoever. I found that to be almost as much an issue as having a strange hard bulge. So I will say it’s incredibly stealthy, but it also gives those dick-checking individuals around you the not incorrect impression there’s a crater between your legs.


I found the Micro-style device, even as small as it is, to be surprisingly comfortable. The physiological aspects of such a small device may be an issue for some, as will be the hygiene issues. Also, I’d implore you to take your business to someone who takes pride in their craft and cares about making a quality product over throwing a few bucks to an anonymous eBay seller. But for some willing to deal with the extra maintentnance and who are OK with the sensation of being de-penised, it’s a really good design.

30 thoughts on “Micro chastity: A review

  1. First, it’s funny how some of us perceive these things. Mrs, Edge happens to like how a cage will approximate a penis; the CB3000 is still her favorite because of the shape and the see-through. The Fort – same shape as the CB3000 – was only the 2nd choice, although she has come to appreciate the current tube thingie that I’m wearing.

    That said, I’ve been seeing these micro-cages showing up on Tumblr posts, and it makes me wonder if you’ve run across this one:

    I ordered one because I wanted the cuff ring to experiment with, but I did try it on first. I felt uncomfortable being so squished inside it, but admittedly, an hour probably wasn’t much of a trial. However, the open cage style is probably better for hygiene.

  2. I think both of those would be incredibly uncomfortable as the squished penis would push though the bars and get beat up by the insides of pants, etc. They would definitely be better for hygiene, but there are times I can’t stand to wear the Jailbird for that same reason.

    And yeah, all of a sudden all the kids are into their little tiny nubbin cages.

      1. I actually found that it is possible – I have a PA and usually wear a curved barbell with a large enough ball on the end that it won’t pull back into my urethra. If I position things right, the ball fits perfectly in the hole in the center of the “cap”, but does not poke through.

        Doesn’t make it very comfortable though, with that it tends to be prone to pinching.

  3. You could also get the micro with a catheter. If you can insert an 8mm rubber tube easily (I can’t, but I’ve used a micro with just the piece of the catheter that screws into the cage), that would resolve the hygiene issue, but it would also give you a strange little nubbin that’s somehow more noticeable under clothing than the hard lump produced by other chastity cages.

  4. I ordered one of these from Ebay. It is more secure than my Looker 02. I can get away with a bigger base ring because of the narrow gap. The locking mechanism is sticky and finicky. The key is rusting after a couple of weeks. I just ordered a steelworxx version and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks again.

  5. I purchased the “New Lock Design 25mm Stainless Steel Super Small Cock Cage” from Jmproductsoutlet, via dhgate.com and I found it was of very good quality. Unlike the sample Thumber got and wore, the stainless steel on the device I received was very smooth and shiny. I find it’s very comfortable to wear. I like wearing it at night to help reduce the “flopping around” and eliminate self-arousal issues. I’d highly recommend this device. True, the penis disappears, but then again it puts your balls out front which is some compensation. https://www.dhgate.com/product/2016-new-lock-design-25mm-cage-length-stainless/388228732.html

  6. What do you think of this one?


    Small, with a steel urethral catheter that is low profile.

    I was also looking at this device:

    Comes with either plastic or rigid steel urethral tube, not sure what would be better/safer/more hygienic though if you want to wear a device for a longer time.

  7. What do you think of this one?


    Small, with a steel urethral catheter that is low profile.

    I was also looking at this device:

    Comes with either plastic or rigid steel urethral tube, not sure what would be better/safer/more hygienic though if you want to wear a device for a longer time.

    1. As I posted on July 15, 2018, I purchased the JMproducts Micro-Chastity Device, model number NBJDS027, from DHgate.com. I found it to be of very good quality and the 40 mm ring fits me just right. It does not have a urethral plug or catheter. I did obtain two stainless steel straight urethral plugs (catheters) by purchasing two other micro-type chastity devices, and both catheters fit the Micro described above.

      The model W045 “New Super Small Male Chastity Device 35MM Adult Cock Cage With Urethral Catheter BDSM Sex Toys Stainless Steel Chastity Belt,” https://www.dhgate.com/product/new-super-small-male-chastity-device-35mm/388332402.html, has a straight stainless catheter with shaft diameter of 4mm and a 6mm bulb on the interior end. It is removable and it fits the NBJDS027 Micro mentioned above. Similarly, I purchased the “K XINGKYUNB” model S055-1, https://www.dhgate.com/product/stainless-steel-stealth-lock-male-chastity/397507102.html because it came with a longer stainless catheter of (I think) 6mm. With this catheter there is no bulb at the end. It too fits the NBJDS027 Micro that I like so well.

      So, in other words, you can mix and match.

      I never wore either of these catheters with the Micro, although I wore a silicon catheter for a long time with a plastic chastity device. It was very comfortable, and it made peeing much easier. Before I could try the stainless steel catheter on the Micro I got a UTI and I haven’t inserted a catheter since. I will try again in the near future, and then I will determine whether either rigid stainless steel catheter is comfortable for use with the Micro.

      FYI, I’ve used a longer style stainless catheter as a penile plug which is very similar to the catheter that comes with the K XINGKYUNB model S055-1. I’ve found that this style’s length and diameter to be comfortable when used as a plug. But the plug has no through-hole – so you will be disciplined about urinating!

      Eventually I did get a urinary tract infection (UTI) while using the silicone catheter, but the infection was limited to the urethra. This is always the risk when using a catheter. You must be scrupulous about hygiene. Use a sterile water-based lube, and swab the head of your penis with an alcohol wipe before inserting anything. Of course, the catheter must be as sterile as possible. Even observing all these precautions, I did get a UTI. The doc gave me an antibiotic which he changed after the culture test came back saying it was a staphylococcus infection. It’s important to get a culture. Often UTIs are caused by E.coli (probably more so in women), but staph responds better to an antibiotic different from that used with E.coli. Staph is present on the skin, so that’s why the wipe is important.

      I don’t have any ‘hard’ data on this, but my hunch is that a stainless steel catheter will be less likely to harbor bacteria than a catheter made from plastic. The catheter you describe appears to be a composite of plastic tube and steel ends. Somehow that seems likely to create spaces for bacteria to grow.

      Whichever you choose, I’d be interested in your experience using these catheters with the Micro.

  8. I wear it myself. Hygiene isn’t a problem. Take a syringe with warm water and a blunt needle (those with a round tip) and inject as many syringes ( I recommend 25 millilitres) as required/wanted through the holes. Dry carefully with a hair dryer an that’s it. If you prefer a catheter inserted into the urethra (not at full length into the bladder), peeing is a pleasure. This arrangement should be cleaned and inspected at least every third day. Permanent catheters may remain longer in situ.
    I do have fun with it. I hope you will, too.

  9. My view on wearing chastity:

    I felt very exciting about chastity devices as they are used to control your orgasms & since masturbation is a big problem nowadays so I felt that if I could get a chastity device then I can control my masturbation addiction, but I was totally wrong.

    Firstly, I would say that when I wore the device it was a huge task to stay in that device as it felt like something is just stuck in my penis & everytime someone comes in my room a very heavy guilt feeling came in my mind of what I was doing. Secondly, after trying to wear it with some adjustment, still it distracted me the entire day & I was not able to concentrate on a single thing till the time I was wearing that chastity. The whole day was just wasted in just adjusting that chastity.

    The only benifit that I thought while wearing that chastity was the it could stop me from jerking off but there also I was totally wrong, as when I started shaking my dick in my chastity some sensation started coming and lots of precum used to leak from my penis, & I was able to jerk off after shaking 2-3 times more than I used to shake without chastity. So, finally I came to know that it is not worth to wear a chastity at all for stopping myself from jerking off.

    Finally speaking about the trade off, I jerked my penis both the days when I was testing my chastity so it increased my addiction, also the cum that ejaculated while wearing chastity was 2-3 times more than a normal masturbation session but still you will get no reilef from jerking & will be totally frustrated & you will try to jerk off again in very short time, as you are not getting any relief from jerking off, so this cycle will continue & would lead to heavy loss of sperms but no satisfaction at all, plus all the distraction & guilt from wearing the chastity is additional. So, it is totally a vary negative trade off to wear a chastity thinking that it can stop you from masturbation.

    You should purchase chastity only if you are interested in some bondage roleplays and wanna spice up your sex life with some new male toys & imo you should keep the thing only till roleplay & should not bring this thing to real life.

  10. Thanks for all of the information here. I have used many MCDs over the years. The most comfortable and effective for long term wear (for me) have been the Jailbird and the Holy Trainer 3. The Jailbird shows more if I’m not wearing really loose trousers, though not so much as to be obvious except to someone really looking. The only real problem with both of these is that I need to frequently lubricate the head of my penis to prevent pinching (by my clothing, not either device).

    I’ve seen many inexpensive devices and have been reluctant to try one, assuming poor quality. After reading the posts here, I investigated the devices all of you have purchased and some others. I settled on this 1.57 inch / 40mm micro with catheter (unknown diameter) from Ternence, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FQ57FY6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&th=1, a little over a month ago. I immediately wore it almost continuously for 2 weeks, including driving over 4000 miles. Since then I’ve worn it 3-4 times a week for 8-36 hours at a time.

    Overall, I am surprised and pleased with this micro device. It’s very lightweight; the catheter is a good diameter for me; it’s very easy to clean; it’s very smooth and seems well made with one exception. The locking system is difficult to use. The play in the connection between the ring and the cage makes it difficult to get the perfect alignment to insert and remove the lock. It is very difficult to get the lock inserted the last 1/32″-1/16″ to secure the device. For removal, the key turns easily, but it’s difficult to remove the lock.

    One element of the design also makes it difficult to line up the ring and the cage. There are two pins that fit from the cage into holes in the ring. Because the device is so small, it takes some patience and dexterity to keep from pinching scrotal skin between the pins and the holes.

    One other issue I have with this device that I don’t recall having with any other device: chafing where my scrotal sac joins my groin. I’ve unsuccessfully tried baby diaper cream, as suggested on another website. The only thing that seems to work is applying skin lotion every couple of hours. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?

    1. The lock is easier to insert and remove if the cap (cage) is pushed in while you insert or remove the lock. With the fingers of both hands gripping the ring, take your thumb and push in on the head of the cage. That always works for me.

      Yes, I also get my scrotum pinched between the cage pins and the ring when inserting the cage into the ring. Insertion of the cage pins into the ring does require attention and diligence! It helps to pull your scrotum down a bit, and/or push the scrotal tissue away from the pins, when attempting the mate the cage and ring – this can move some of the bunched up scrotal tissue out of harm’s way.

      Finally, I sometimes experience a bit of rubbing of my ball sack on the interior of my thighs. But it’s not a major annoyance, and I don’t need any powder or lube. Because the rim of the cage is so close to the ring, the MCD does splay your balls outward. It’s one of the charms of this kind of MCD and contributes to a nice visual display that compensates for the disappearance of your penis. If you are having major annoyance with your splayed balls it just may mean that you have large balls. Lucky you 😉

    2. There is a solution to your chaffing problem. You can avoid chaffing your balls against your inner thighs simply by wearing a well fitted jock strap. This solution works well for me, and I always wear a jock when I’m jogging or running in my MCD (which is similar or identical to your model). The jock cups my balls and prevents them from contacting the skin of my inner thighs. The best jock I’ve found is the Shock Doctor Core Supporter model 216. It cups your balls and has a smooth, almost slick, fabric that eliminates any friction. (Size up, because the waistbands are tight.) I always wear my MCD while jogging because it prevents the tackle from flopping around – everything is nicely secured. And if you wear a good jock, you won’t have any chaffing either.

  11. Thanks for your responses menlovingchastity. There is a problem with this lock; I’m familiar with this type – while the shape is different, the process of connecting the ring and the cap is pretty much the same as with the HT3. This has a little catch at the end (it’s passed easily through the first two ports and is mostly into the third). I’ll be curious to know if mine is defective or other have the same problem. It takes considerable movement of the key/lock, ring and cap,at the same time forcefully pushing the key/lock to achieve the last 1/8-1/16″.

    As for the Chaffing, I can see I wasn’t clear. It’s caused by the ring rubbing against my skin. On a couple of sites, others recommended petroleum jelly. I’m trying that now. However, they didn’t warn to put it on AFTER the device is on my body. You can probably imagine the MCD equivalent of catching a greased pig!

    1. Ah, well there goes another great fantasy about gigantic nuts rubbing against thunder thighs!

      I lubricate both the ring and the inside of the cage with Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream (yes, that’s the name of the product). It comes out of the tube as a thick cream, but it melts after being in contact with body warmth. It’s very convenient, easy to apply, and kind of disappears into a thin, non-greasy, lubricating film that lasts a fair amount of time.

      Ring lube is important, because the whole MCD can rotate when worn. Although I always put the lock at the top (12 o’clock) position, it rotates about 10 or 15 degrees as I wear it. It usually winds up between the 10 and 11 o’clock position as viewed from the front. I think this is due to the unequal size of my testicles (very few men have testicle of exactly the same size). Because there’s almost no space between the cage ring and the cock ring, the whole MCD must reposition to make the contact area between the rim of the cage and the top of the testicles about equal. Rotation accomplishes this. That’s another reason to have the cock ring well lubed. If it isn’t, then you’ll get chafing.

      Also, if the MCD rotates then it also important to lube the interior of the cage. I put a little Stroke 29 on my glans and also the inside of the cage. This way it can rotate freely without friction and irritation to the head. (I also lightly lube the shaft, just to make sure things don’t bind as the MCD rotates or as the penis changes size).

      I lube everything before putting it on. But at the least, I think you’d want to have the cock ring lubed before inserting the penis. You don’t want friction at this point.

      With my lubed fingers I also lightly rub the lock itself before inserting it into the MCD. To insert the lock with ease I find it helps to push the cage in and down while inserting the lubed lock. This works for me. Of course you may have a MCD whose parts don’t line up well. If the lock turns freely outside of the MCD, then maybe the cage isn’t lining up well with the ring. The ring has two welded holders (‘ports’) for the lock, and one for the cage. Perhaps they were not well positioned and don’t line up. That seems to be the case you are describing when you say that the lock won’t go the last short distance. In that case you just might need a new MCD.

      I hope this helps you enjoy many happy hours in snug confinement, content that everything’s in its proper place and all is well with the world.

  12. So I want to cut to the chase and just find the tiniest cage out there. Would like the entire thing from ring to top of cage to be under an inch. Can anyone recommend a brand or know someone that customizes?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I can’t recommend based on experience, (I havent got one yet), but I can tell you the smallest ones available are from Koalaswim.com
      and they have such cool names!
      IThey haven’t been out long, so i can’t find any reviews either, but hopefully this site will change that.

      Oh, and “under an inch” would be the larger varieties…

  13. I just ordered one like this from Ebay but with the urethral tube. Can’t wait to get it in and on!! I always wanted to try one with a urethral tube and for less than $12 dollars it was worth the chance to!!

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