Holy Trainer Nano v5 review

Our friends at Holy Trainer are back with a newly revised fifth version of their eponymous device. Click past the jump for all the deets.

I’ve reviewed the Holy Trainers all the way back to their first device which I checked out in 2014. If you want to follow the entire saga, here are my reviews of version 2, 3 Nano and Nub, and 4 Nano. There is exactly one functional difference between the 4 and 5 (that I can tell) and it’s the use of a new and (as far as I know) unique lock mechanism. Otherwise, as you can see from these images, the two devices are essentially identical. If the 4 worked for you (in whatever size), then the 5 will too.

Nothing has changed in the device that would make me stop recommending it as one of a handful of obvious choices for anyone looking to dip their…er, toe into male chastity. I think it’s still one the best designed, best made, most thoughtfully-produced product of its kind on the market.


When I first saw it, the benefit of the new lock wasn’t obvious to me. I thought maybe it was an attempt to make knocking Holy Trainers off harder, and it probably will give the fraudsters a bit of a speed bump as they source the mechanism and update their molds, but beyond that, there is a real-world benefit to those who use them. With this design, one can present a sub with a device that they can lock onto themselves without supervision and without a key. This is huge, especially in a long-distance scenario. There’s no need to find a way for the sub to secure the key in a way that keeps it from the sub’s reach.

Of course, before anyone locks a device onto themselves (or asks someone to lock it on themselves) with no key present, please ensure you know and trust your partner(s). I have been locked long enough to not think “emergency” keys are all that necessary, but there will always come times when one needs to get out for some reason and not having access to a key would be a massive bummer.

So yeah, like I said, it’s still a Holy Trainer and it’s still great. I have heard some people say the downward projection of the tube relative to the base ring makes the device hard for them to wear. I’ve never had any issue with it, but there’s no reason to think this version will fit differently than the older ones. If they worked for you before, version 5 will too. If they didn’t, version 5 won’t either. That said, I think the self-locking option is a bit of a game-changer and something I think a lot of people will be excited about.

The Holy Trainer v5 can be purchased from their website for $165. It comes in clear, black, and pink but can be ordered in 46(!!) custom colors for a $20 upcharge. The tube and base ring both come in five sizes to fit all kinds of anatomy. The unit I reviewed was provided to me by Holy Trainer at no charge.

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  1. Thank you, Mr Thumper. I wondered about the spring-loaded lock and whether it is a potential fail point. At least with the barrel locks you can switch them out for a reputable make whereas you’re in the hands of whoever makes these ones. I’m not sure how you get out of a HT with a failed lock so I’m hoping they still offer the v4 to those of a nervous disposition. Yours ever, an admirer.

  2. After reading your review a few months ago I actually bought the v.5 nub and whilst it’s the comfiest cage I’ve worn and one I’ve been using almost daily, I’m having issues with my head pushing through the pee hole when I’m asleep with my cage on.

    Has anyone else has this issue with the cage or know of a solution to stop it occurring outside of taking it off when sleeping?

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