Badass Workroom BA-31P review

Badass Workroom (BAWR) is, as far as I can tell, a relatively new entrant in the male chastity device market. I first found out about them in the fall of 2021 and I ordered the device I’m reviewing today, the BA-31P, on December 1, 2021. Notably, it was a totally custom steel device that was ordered, manufactured, shipped and received all inside of a month. I am unaware of any maker in the space that can deliver that quickly.

I’m sticking the rest of this after a jump due to NSFW images…

First time wearing the BA-31P

But let me back up. Who is “Badass Workroom?” Here’s what I know about them (besides their continuing the tradition of chastity makers with silly names). The order was shipped from the Hong Kong International Airport (which is on an island, I kid you not, called Chep Lak Kok) which means the manufacturer is based there in Hong Kong and not China as I first thought. The name on the shipping label is “HONGKONG HSD NET TECHNOLOGY CO” which…yeah, I dunno. If it were made in neighboring Shenzhen (where you can buy just about anything under the sun), I doubt it would have been brought across Hong Kong’s “special administrative region” border for shipping, so I assume it’s actually from Hong Kong. They don’t mention on their site where they’re from, so this is all deduction on my part (and most people, I guess, wouldn’t see much distinction between Hong Kong and China but anyone who’s been to both knows they’re very different — and I hope they always are).

Male chastity is only part of their offerings, but just about all they sell is various BDSM implements and penis jewelry in steel or titanium. They have twenty-eight fully custom metal designs and thirty “semi-custom” devices, all but one (a Cobra knockoff) in metal. These semi-custom devices appear to be like the bulk of cheap Chinese stuff you can find on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc. They’re cheap ($40-$50), but not as cheap as you can find them elsewhere. Their site will allow you to enter custom size information to alter stock sizes, but I’m not sure what that does to the prices. I’m not that intersted in off the shelf stuff so I didn’t order any of those.

The one I did order, though, is my Great White Whale. The device I have always wanted. The one that looks like the unholy love child of the Steelworxx Steelheart and the Rigid Half Shell. And while a lot of the designs listed on the BAWR site are derivative of designs from other makers, this one is a true hybrid I’ve not seen elsewhere. They’ve iterated on existing designs to create something new.

Shiny trio: Steelheart, Half Shell, and BA-31P

The Steelheart is, of course, my jam and has been the most-worn device by me since it arrived because of how it looks (sleek and shiny and totally encompassing of the contents) and how it works (integrated PA fixing). The Half Shell has a better PA fixing design than the Steeheart, but never took its place as top dawg in my device drawer because it showed too much of the contents and, more importantly, allowed access to bits that could lead to me having a locked orgasm. What I really wanted was a device that was as enclosing as the Steelheart but with the Half Shell’s approach to securing the contents. And Badass has delivered exactly that.

In fact, since it arrived, I’ve worn it almost 90% of the time and the Steelheart for less than a day. It is, to be sure, not perfect (nothing is), but it’s the closest I’ve ever worn to my ideal male chastity device.

Bits and pieces

The BA-31P comes in five parts. The base ring, which can be ordered straight or “anatomically” curved (as shown), the PA fixing, the tube, the cylinder lock, and a pair of stamped keys. Like the Half Shell, the PA fixing has two small receiving holes that slide over the posts on the tube that which, in turn, fits into two holes on the base ring making a tidy, secure package. The cylinder lock is different than the brass kind used on the Steelheart (and Holy Trainer and, like, everywhere else) in that it’s steel and beefier. It makes the whole locking assembly on the BA-31P larger than the equivalent on the Steelheart, but the lock itself feels more substantial than the smaller brass kind. I’ve always felt the business end of a solid flat-end screwdriver could break the little locking tab off of the brass version (though I’ve never tried). The one on the BA-31P would never succumb to that kind of assault. That said, I wish BAWR used the “backward” design of the Half Shell where the lock’s mechanism faced inward. It makes cleaner look, IMO, and makes it inaccessible to prying hands.

The BA-31P’s chunkier lock
Steelworxx lock and key next to Badass Workroom lock and key

From a workmanship standpoint, the BA-31P is in line with the Half Shell. Maybe a bit better. Not as precisely fitted as the Steelheart, but better than all the other metal devices I’ve worn. I’d call it above average for sure.

That said, I did find the lock to not fit as tightly in the slot as I’d’ve liked and it rattles when I walk around (which is very noticeable in the standard issue pandemic casual pants or sweats). I placed some electrical tape on the flange to reduce its play and the noise when away. The tape lasts about a month before deteriorating and needing to be replaced.

I modified the standard BA-31P design to omit the ring of small holes around the opening at the end of the tube. I hoped doing so would make vertical peeing possible since the extra holes would, I assumed, act as a sprinkler head. I also like the cleaner look. Alas, I’ve found the stream to too often want to curve inward while peeing to make the kind of easy, stress-free urinal usage in the Steelheart impossible. It’s possible this is due to the way the PA fixing extrudes a bit through the opening of the tube. Or perhaps the hole should be a bit bigger. I notice now that the BAWR site offers an oval opening option they didn’t at the start of December. If I were ordering again, I’d try that rather than the round hole.

The other issue I had with the device was drainage. By omitting the encircling holes, I need to pay special attention to get excess urine from the tube. I found myself with a bit of a chastity rash after a few weeks which, with proper attention, has not reoccured. To be fair to the BA-31P, this was something that occasionally happened with the Steelheart, too, though not the Half Shell. Total enclosure is not without costs. Overall, hygiene in the BA-31P is in line with that of the Steelheart.

The BA-31P also has a couple pinchy spots that need to be watched out for when putting it on. There’s a small gap between the PA fixing and the edge of the tube opening where my skin can get caught but the most common place I get pinched is underneath. There’s a slot cut into the tube to reduce the space needed inside it to hold the fixing. The first time I put it on, I didn’t pay attention to that and some skin was trapped there that didn’t make its predicament known until 3:00 AM the following morning. But since then, I’ve found that making sure it’s free when locking up keeps it from pinching later.

I kind of assumed there’d be pinching at the end of the tube where the PA fixing sticks out a bit, but in practice I’ve never felt any pinching there. And even though a bit of the contents extrudes, I’ve never had any discomfort from it.

Another thing I thought might be an issue but hasn’t been is a little edge inside the tube. I thought it might be a place where rubbing would occur, especially when running, but I don’t even know it’s there when wearing it.

I tweaked the Steelheart’s sizing a bit when ordering the BA-31P. I made the base ring a bit larger but reduced the circumference and length of the tube a bit since the fixing was simpler and cleaner. The tube is now very similarly sized to the normal flaccid state of the contents and I rarely if ever feel any space between it and the inside of the tube.

If I could change just one thing about the BA-31P, it would be how much of the base of the shaft is visible. As I’ve made clear in the past, my preference is for as total a concealment as possible. I went with their standard 10mm gap but should have tried to make that smaller.

Badass Workroom’s BA-31P is, as I said above, the closest I’ve come to my ideal male chastity device. It fits great, is built well, has a clean, integrated PA fixing, and looks really good. Their value for money is in line with other custom steel makers (maybe a bit better) and their phenomenally fast shipping time sets them well above their peers in my experience.

I am toying with the idea of ordering a titanium BA-31P (which is $100 more) and, if I do, I will likely try and reduce the gap between the tube and the base ring and go for the oval tube opening. Also, they’ve added an option for a “proprietary security screw (most recommended)” that sounds interesting (though I can’t find any pictures of it on their site as I hit the publish button). But even if the BA-31P was the last device I ever wore, I’d be very happy with it.

6 thoughts on “Badass Workroom BA-31P review

    1. I was wondering if you had any issues with the prong height, length, and acute angle. Mine was as if someone had never been pierced had designed it. Way too tall practically lifting penis, angle too sharp almost 90 degrees, and the set back was way too far back. I managed to wear it for a day before deeming it unwearable. Loved the rest and arrived quickly.

      1. I ordered in October and got it three weeks later, remarkable turn around for custom steel. I even hear that if I would have added a drawing or picture of what I needed the dimensions to be they would do that. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet though

  1. I ordered from rigid chastity again knowing that their piercing set up fits very well for me. Wasn’t happy about the wait but knew it going in. This will be my third device from them.

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