Hot flash

As I said, Belle’s away on a short business trip. This means, as usual, I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to consume a fair amount of porn. Since she left me in the clutches of the CB6K, this has led to a corresponding increase in the amount of unexpended hormones coursing through me. Also, as usual, it means last night was very nearly sleepless. I did sleep, for about two or three hours, but not until I popped a Tylenol PM and even then not for at least an hour or so after I took it. Today, I found myself dealing with some interesting and heretofore unknown side-effects of my denied, locked, and hormone drenched condition.

In my job, I often find myself in rooms full of women where I am either the only man or only one of two. Today, I was in about four meetings stretching over five hours where I was outnumbered at least 4-1 by the double-x set. After the third hour or so, I started to feel the electric resonance of carnivorous butterflies bouncing around in my chest. These hormonal surges start to kick in after a couple of weeks of orgasmless existence, but I had never experienced one in that setting. I felt like getting up and running as fast as I could through the endless rows of cubicles of my client’s office. It was hard to sit still. When asleep, these surges will wake me up. When already awake, they apparently make me want to do jumping jacks on the conference room table.

In any event, while all this was going on, I happened to glance across the table at one of the more attractive women I was meeting with. Suddenly, I was presented the most intense and palpable, well, vision, I guess. Hallucination? I don’t know what to call it, but I felt my mouth on a woman’s hard, erect nipple and my hands on a soft, female form. Not exactly the woman I was looking at, but looking at her had triggered it. There was no face, not even Belle’s, it was just a nipple and a body and me. Instantly, I felt the CB6K fully pressurize. I was fairly useless for the next five to ten minutes as my mind processed the experience and the surge of testosterone (or whatever) was absorbed by my body.

I wonder if I blushed.

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