Waiting patiently

According to the dates I pulled out of a hat last fall, I was supposed to get an orgasm back on the 2nd of January. If you remember, Belle decided to postpone my release for a week because she got her period and apparently prefers I come inside her. So this past weekend came along and my son had a sleep-over with friends at our house and there were family outings and such and, before you knew it, it was Monday and I still hadn’t come. Of course, I thought about it all weekend and wondered when she was going to let me do it, but she wanted it to be “good” and put it off again. The plan now is to let me come this weekend.

According to the BunnyTrack 2000 release tracker, Saturday will be my 28th orgasmless day (and my 25th in the Steelheart). I’ve gone longer, but I have to say I am really fucking horny. Like, really, really, significantly, profoundly, quite tragically horny. And Belle knows it. And she doesn’t really care. Well, she cares, but she’s not moved by my predicament. Last night, I was kinda all over her (being outside my 72 hours no-fly zone), but she wasn’t much interested.

She rolled over and I spooned into her, moaning quiet piteous moans, and she said, “I love how smooth it is.”

She had her hand down her side and was fingering the Steelheart. “I can’t even feel when you do that,” I said, “I really wish I could feel that.” Moan.

Tap, tap, tap. “Can you feel that?” Moan.

Every random little thought causes a stirring in the tube. Every little casual caress or throw-away verbal tease from Belle makes me weak in the knees. I reach down and grasp the steel and its sensory-deprived contents and stroke it and touch it and wish it would respond. With the CB6K, I’d get the urge to rip it off, but I don’t feel exactly the same way with the Steelheart. It’s less “on” me and more “part” of me. I don’t necessarily think, “God, I wish this thing was off of me.” It’s more, “God, I wish I could jack this off and spray all over myself.”

Which brings me back to Belle’s thinking that the only good orgasm is one that happens inside her. Of course, it’s entirely her decision when and how I come, but I’m not going to split hairs over the mechanism. What’s really important to me is that I do it at her direction and that she’s with me when it happens. Where the goo flies afterward isn’t all that important to me.

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  1. Didn’t you come up with a fixed number of orgasms for the year, or something? As I recall, 1 month is on the low side of the average you were expecting, if you’re still on that plan.

    Buck up, little bunny! 😉

  2. Jos and I have a running joke about “erotic disappointment” (as in, disappointment that is erotic, not disappointment in erotic matters). So…enjoy your erotic disappointment!

  3. anticipation…it makes a a good little bunny ;). Interesting perceptual shift, from having the device be something “on” you to a part of you. Do you think it’s an overall time in chastity thing or specific to the SH?

  4. I think it’s a combination of both. I used to feel sorta like this in the chrome CB6K because I couldn’t see the contents very well. It’s stronger this time because I can’t see *anything* inside the tube and it’s essentially a part of me until she unlocks it. I know I keep going on about it, but the difference between wearing something that stays on through self-control and one that stays on despite what I want is significant.

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