A wee bit o’ nerdery

A couple of chastity nerdery items…

First, I’ve switched to a higher gauge PA ring. Not sure what gauge it is (maybe 8), but it’s way thinner than my 4ga ring. I’ve found that the lighter, thinner ring is significantly quieter in the tube than the heavier one. I primarily went to 4 ga for the looks, but I can’t see it in the tube anyway, right? The only slight downside to the higher gauge ring is that I can remove and replace the ball without tools, however that’s really a moot point since I can’t get the ring into a position where the ball is accessible anyway. I figure for those few and far between times I’m not locked up, I can always put the bigger ring back in.

Second, I have a new method for carrying around an emergency key. We’ve tried a couple of different methods in the past that usually involved the key being taped in a tamper-resistent way and carried around in my wallet, but I’ve worried about the key (a rather long and spindly thing) breaking. Also, whenever we’ve needed to use mine (since she’s lost hers a few times), it’s involved a bit of effort getting it back into tamper-resistant mode.

Yesterday, I picked up a little combination key safe. It’s light and made of plastic and uses a custom combination only Belle knows (the wire loop is for attaching it to a doorknob or something – totally useless for me so I might cut it off at some point). She wrote the combination on a piece of paper that was then wrapped in tape and stickers, etc., so that I couldn’t get into it without her knowing. The safe goes in my computer bag (which is nearly always with me) and the number goes in my wallet (and she gets to see it on demand). On the plus side, I can store the keys to both her locks in it so I know I always have the right one with me. On the minus side, in my bag isn’t quite so close as in my wallet, so there’s a better (though slight) chance I may need it one day and not have access.

In other news, we’re thinking of getting a second device. Well, fourth device actually since the Steelheart is the third after the two CB6Ks, but I don’t count the plastic anymore since Belle far prefers the look and feel of the steel and will likely never make use of the others again. In any event, this time we’re considering the Steelworxx Looker 01 (who came up with that name?). It’s an open cage style which will help with hygiene, but it’s most notable feature is an integrated hollow urethral tube. This would obviously make urinating way easier, and I presume is also a security feature since it extends past the A-ring, but I’m not sure of the practicality of wearing something like that over the long haul. It’s more expensive than the Steelheart, but I think I may be able to get it cheaper as I wouldn’t need an A-ring or lock since it uses the same types as the other Steelworxx devices. Also, with the euro trading so closely to the dollar now, there’s never been a better time.

The image from the Steelworxx site shows an incredibly short cage. They say the tube should measure the same size as the flaccid penis it’s meant to secure, but that would make it quite a bit smaller than the Steelheart tube I wear now. While the “flaccid length” of a given penis is highly variable, a reasonable measurement of mine is about 34 mm in diameter and 85 mm long. The Steelheart is 35 mm across and 105 mm long. Twenty extra millimeters in length seems like a huge difference. That’s about 6 mm narrower than the cock when erect and about 65 or so millimeters shorter. I’ve never worn any device that small with a hard-on. I’m not even sure it’s possible.

Another new thing I hope to be experimenting with soon is a solid penis plug. The idea being that one way to ruin an orgasm is to keep the ejaculate from escaping the body either by pressing a thumb down with force over the slit (which, by the way, is called the meatus – who knew?) or by pinching the shaft closed just under the head (apparently, the ejaculate gets redirected into the bladder). I’m wondering if this is a way for Belle to enjoy her cock while not having to worry if I come as a result. I’ve never tried to have an orgasm in this way so I don’t know what it’ll feel like nor have I ever used a penis plug so I’m not even sure I can get it in there. Either way, it wasn’t that expensive. As soon as we get a chance to use it, I’ll let you know.

I thought I’d mention those last two things to get the perspective of any readers who have experienced anything similar or just want to spout off with their point of view. So, you know, feel free.

UPDATE: In poking around the Steelworxx site, I noticed they now offer a Thumper-style PA fixing (though that’s not what it’s called). Cool!

8 thoughts on “A wee bit o’ nerdery

  1. I’ve never seen the advantage of the spikes for long-term wearers. I’ve suffered enough with abrasions and other maladies just from normal wear and tear. Spikes seem like true implements of torture (and not the hotnsexy kind).

    “Inplastic”? You mean this thing?


    Also, good to see another literate chastity blog. The average lifespan of them seems to be about 64 days. Hope this one sticks around.

  2. thumper, i have a PA and just got the steelheart from dietmar.i basically directed him to your xtube video to explain the PA fixing as it wasnt on his site at the time 🙂 its a shame he didnt name it after u lol

  3. The use of a penis plug seems intriguing for fixing something that has always irritated me about wearing a chastity device: getting everything lined up properly for mess-free urination.

    For long-term wear, though, doesn’t a plug create the risk of a urethral infection? I found mention of a CDC study that found 10 urinary-tract infections for every 1,000 days of urinary catheter use. That’s a lot of potential infections for a chastity wearer! Silver coatings are meant to reduce the rate of infection, but the Steelworxx plugs look like straight titanium.

    Do you have any thoughts on whether it’s safe to use a penis plug for an extended period of time?

    1. It doesn’t sound any more or less safe than many of the things happening in that general neighborhood of my body. Thanks for the link, though. I’m going to add it to the post…

      1. IANAD, so I couldn’t give you a medically-sanctioned opinion, but I am generally concerned that repeated forceful interference, as opposed to simply abstention, from orgasm would easily be physiologically unhealthy. I mean, if only due to the power of the fluid pressure, rather than other potentially harmful effects of “plugging” an ejaculation, coupled with our lack of knowledge on the issue, I’d urge caution rather than eagerness.

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