What they don’t tell you

For those of you keeping score at home, you’ll know I’ve been locked up for just over two weeks now. Sixteen days, to be exact. During that time, I think I’ve given Belle one orgasm. Maybe two. I can’t remember. Bottom line is, it hasn’t been all that eventful around here.

This is the stuff they don’t talk about in the hawt chastity porn. The week where she’s slammed at work and doesn’t touch you because she’s exhausted followed by the week she gets sick and isn’t in the mood followed by her period. Oh baby, do that to me one more time. And you know, as a normal guy, I’d take things into my own hand and deal, but I’m not a normal guy, am I? Not by any stretch of the imagination. She wants and expects I’ll be locked in the device all of the time, even when when she’s busy tired sick and menstruating. And so I wait. And I get kinda down. And I forget why I started doing this in the first place.

I suppose there are those of you out there who come here to fantasize over the sex stuff who might even think this is hot. A guy, totally unable to not only act on his sexual frustration but also beginning to lose it due to inactivity, locked in stainless steel…no end in sight…WHACK WHACK WHACK. Well, have a nice time. Don’t let me stop you.

I don’t blame Belle. How could I? Busy weeks happen. Sickness happens. Periods happen. Sometimes, they even happen all on top of each other. But that doesn’t make it any easier. All those “be careful what you wish for” bullshit stories out there talk about the exact opposite of my problem. Trust me, as a guy who’s been there, too, this is way harder.

I’m not saying I want to stop. I’m not saying I want out. All I’m saying is, I want this time to be over so I can go back to enjoying Belle and the condition in which she keeps me.

10 thoughts on “What they don’t tell you

  1. Hang tough…patience is a virtue or something. She’ll want to play again, how could she not with such a shiny, locked up man?


  2. I know that place, and as frustrating as it is to be there it passes. I know you know this but things will look up and be back to the hawt chastity pron it is in between these valleys!

  3. And before you were locked up you might have masturbated often, but your underlying frustration would have been different. You would have been wondering where her attention and desire had gone and dealing with a host of other hurts. Now you know that the lack of action is exterior to your relationship, so you get to feel horny and a bit ignored, but without the same kind of pain.
    All in all a big gain.

  4. I’m sharing the very same, always locked, left alone boat….It really makes you wonder if it’s worth it. We could feel “neglected” due to the circumstances and then just go and jerk-off, but no….

    1. I think that “well, if she’s just going to *abandon* me, I have the right to” mentality is a trap. I view my chastity as a commitment I’ve made – good or bad – to Belle and to make a change to that arrangement without consulting her would be wrong. I gave her my orgasm, really and truly. It’s not just a game anymore.

      I’m not saying I haven’t had the thought. I have. Several times. But when it comes, I need to take a deep breath and consider what it all means. The consequences would be too great.

  5. Sounds like you’re talking about cheating. And I guess, in a way, you are.

    Sometimes it’s hard to keep remembering, what it’s all about. In the silent times, it’s just easier not to think. Before, that lead to a lot of trouble and hurt, for me. Now it’s somehow different, maybe in some way similar to your situation.

    What Pastrychef said made perfect sense. You have a certain certainty, that’s pretty impossible to gain in any other way. It’s funny, that’s what love is said to be about anyway – taking the satisfaction through the other, being unselfish – but then your point of view reveals, that the conventional way is pretty far from what it set out to be.

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