In a comment to my previous post where I discussed the possibility that Belle would require me to stay locked in the device while I drove across country in a 10-day camping and hiking trip, reader Chasten_slave said:

I have gone canoeing and hiking in my device before without any issues. I have done yard work and even moved to another state while locked in. So the only thing stopping you is you.

Actually, the only thing stopping me is Belle Fille, in theory. It’s her decision. In fact, she’s already decided that that’s what’s going to happen (a decision made easier, in no small part, by another reader called Chaste’s claim that’s he’s fought fires while packing). As I laid next to her in bed this morning, full tube and biting ring both fully engaged, I thought how lovely it would have been to be able to jack off for a week and a half had she decided the other way. But, somehow, also knowing that I wasn’t going to – that she wasn’t going to allow me to – was differently, yet still just as powerfully, exciting to me.

I preparation, I’ve filled three 32 oz. Nalgene bottles with water and blue antibacterial shower gel. I can measure six fillings of my hygiene bottle from each allowing 18 cleanings – not quite two per day. I’ll also take a fourth empty bottle to accept the used liquid (to be emptied at strategic opportunities). In addition to all that, I’ll have a plastic tray, about 8 by 14 inches in size and 2 inches deep that will catch both the soapy water and clear rinse. I’m counting on the tinted windows of my truck’s shell and some strategic out-of-the-way parking to make sure my daily ablution can be performed discretely.

Seems like a lot, but my experience with the Steelheart is that it tends not to drain well and gets dirty easily. That accumulated cruft can actually irritate its contents and drive me to remove it. Now that Belle’s put the expectation on me that I’ll come home as I left, I want to make sure to remove any excuses – valid or otherwise – to make sure I don’t fail.

2 thoughts on “Soapy

  1. Please i meant no offence. All I meant was that the only barriers we face are the ones we place and decide not to overcome.
    I am fully aware that Belle is in control. This is no different than with me. Miss Cindy is in control of my cock.

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