An admission

Belle has instructed me to come here and admit to you all that, while she has given me permission to milk myself when I feel the need, my little solo session with the dildo wasn’t about that. Yes, I did end up expressing seminal fluid, but my motivations had nothing to do with prostate maintenance and everything to do with my being a horny little slut who wanted his hole fucked out. I have a special dildo for prostate massage that’s to be used in what Belle describes as  “clinical” milking which is very different from the penis dildo with balls and throbbing veins I wore myself out with the other day. From now on, if I feel the need to be fucked, I am to ask Belle for permission before doing so.

Also, before she let me give her a very nice orgasm last night using her vibrator, she said she may leave me in the device until our anniversary in mid-October. I’m not entirely sure if she was serious (I doubt she can live without her cock that long). I think the longest I’ve been locked up was 4-5 weeks (and that was in the CB6K). So, assuming no physical damage forces me out and assuming she’s serious and assuming she can stand not fucking her cock for three months, that would be something over 100 days in lock-up and even more without orgasm (assuming, when she lets me out, I get to come). That’s a lot of assuming.

Regardless, I’m terribly lucky to have Belle Fille in my life. Lucky and grateful. She makes me very happy and I love her so much.

7 thoughts on “An admission

  1. You may well have the answer to how she could possibly live without her cock for 3 months. Or 6 or…. You forgot about Mr Darcy! She can have cock 24:7 and he NEVER goes flacid at the wrong time. Never climaxes and gets moody, tired or turns surly.

    Chastity… “You got what you wanted, tiger. How does that taste? “Charlton Heston” – Planet of the Apes……

  2. My respect for Belle continues to soar.

    I hope Thumper takes the weeks leading up to their anniversary to truly accept his submission and live it as a lifestyle honoring Belle.

  3. It looks like you and Belle have done a lot of growing together of the years, particularly upon your recent return. I apologize for my judgmental comments earlier. My own experience led me to view infidelity as black and white, but maybe, for some people, it can represent a catalyst for change.

  4. I’m so glad Belle made you admit you true motives. It’s good for you, and I bet it actually turns you on to say/type those words for her.

    Reminds me of scene with my fucktoy. He loves having his ass fucked as well. We put his suction cup dong on a door and attached his balls and nipples to a bungee pulling the other way.
    Each time he sank his hungry ass onto the dildo, his balls and nipples paid for it, and I got to sit and watch him do all this to himself and just enjoy the show.
    Mmmm, good times.

    Hope Belle finds lots of ways to entertain herself with you!

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