Wrong way ring

For the past few days I’ve been feeling a weird twinge in the neighborhood of my PA. Nothing horrible and nothing I couldn’t deal with, but every once in a while it would just feel..odd. This morning, after my shower, I asked Belle Fille for the key so I could check on things.

What I found surprised me. In my write-up on the Steelheart from not too long after I got it, I showed it being used with a 4 ga ring, but I’ve since moved to a different ring that’s about 8 or 10 gauge since it’s easier to get on and off, takes up less room in the tube, and doesn’t clank around as much (and is actually just as secure). But, of course, the hole is still at 4 ga (and maybe even a little bigger). So anyway, what I found was the thinner ring had rotated so that the ball had gone up my urethra and was trying to get back out the other side through the piercing. Four gauge is a lot bigger than 8, but not nearly as big as the ball in the 8 ga ring. Regardless, it had gone so far I couldn’t at first tell which direction it had taken to get there (through the end of the cock or through the piercing). Basically, it was stuck. And that feels weird.

No big deal. I pushed it back down through the end of the cock and removed both the ring and the PA fixing to let things settle down a bit. The cool part of this little adventure is how possessive Belle was of the key. When I asked for it, she had a slightly suspicious and maybe even skeptical look on her face and, as soon as I came out of the bathroom (maybe 5 minutes later, if that), her hand was out immediately and the key was back in it’s little blue satin bag and safely ensconced somewhere in the inner reaches of her purse. There was a time when she left the key sitting in the same place every time and I always knew where it was. Now, it’s very much her key. Not mine, hers.

Along with that, she’s been dropping little comments here and there that go a long way towards making me feel all warm and squirmy inside (not unlike some of WendyWicke’s tips). So when I said yesterday that things are going pretty OK, it’s this kind of behavior from Belle that goes a long way toward making that the case. I know she’s thinking about me in the device, I know she likes things the way they are, and I know she’s appreciative of what I’ve given to her. And I’m so appreciative that she’s accepted it and even embraced it to such an extent.

I know it doesn’t make for very entertaining reading, but the lack of drama and angst is appreciated on all sides.

11 thoughts on “Wrong way ring

  1. It’s pretty strange, what one person perceives as a seemingly boring post, is often read totally differently by those in the audience (or at least me).

    “I know it doesn’t make for very entertaining reading, but the lack of drama and angst is appreciated on all sides.”

    My wife and I are newbies in all senses of the chastity arena, except for age. Many of the postings you do are nothing else, if not inspiring to those like myself. Two years… again congrats for bringing the spark back into both your lives. My wife and I will hit that benchmark one day, were already relaxing and easing off the stress that a non-chastity lifestyle had us in.
    Thanks for the posting.

  2. Mr. Denying Thumper (Not sure how to address you),

    Thank you a hundred times over for this blog. It has been been a refreshing and sobering place to visit from time to time. I have been checking in with you for probably a year now. I also recently discovered the Cricketed one through your blog somehow and he blew me away. You two and Tom Allen offer tremendous social utility. My wife and I are 36, but we have been at this lifestyle in fits and starts for over probably 7 or so years. Every time we go back to it we are a bit more committed. You three men are role models to me (You, Cricketed and Tom). I’m writing you today on a whim…I started to imagine what the beautiful Belle, and J and Mrs. Allen must look like. I have been reading about Belle for some time now and I have developed this image in my head. It is a funny thing. I am sure every regular male visitor to this site has developed some estimation of what Belle looks like. In my imagination she looks like some facsimile of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Cheers to you and thank you for inviting us all along for the journey!

    1. In my imagination she looks like some facsimile of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

      Really? Interesting. She’s actually of Irish decent and has reddish hair, so nothing at all like Julia. But it is funny. I have mental pictures of all the bloggers I read, too.

  3. Thanks for reminding me – yet again – why I don’t really want a PA.

    And I guess I’m going to have to make the effort to write a little more, or my social utility will diminish.

    1. You don’t want a PA, and that’s fine, but I can’t believe this is a very good reason not to get one. There was no damage, no pain, and it’s only happened once in 18 months or so of having it.

      There *are* reasons one might decide not to get one, but this? No biggie.

    2. Tom – your social utility will inevitably diminish as you age…but I know of some great herbal supplements that can help 🙂

      Working for a large financial institution social utility is something I guess I’ve been thinking too much about…none the less – thanks for your advice over the years.

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