Two words: Not plastics

I was not wrong when I said the CB-6000 was “airport friendly (at least until the backscatter scanners arrive at MSP),” but my information was out of date. Apparently, back in August, MSP took delivery of the devices and expected to have them up and running “in a few weeks.”

I was still willing to wear the plastic through and take my chances, but Belle decided to go with plan 1 from the other day. I packed the Steelheart in a big woolen sock and put it on after I arrived. I decided not to bring the PA fixing and mess with all that since the idea of “total security” seems kinda silly when the key’s in my pocket.

Over on Chastity Forums, Dev said:

Thumper, are you truly so undisciplined that you can’t be unlocked for the duration of a plane ride and then when you get to your destination and lock yourself back up, you can’t be trusted, knowing that the key is in your possession?

I don’t think it’s so much a question of what I’m of capable of or whether or not Belle can trust me to do what she asks, it’s more a question of control. Belle seemed to prefer the option that maintained at much control over me as possible. And I preferred that option, too.

In fact, I actually prefer wearing it rather than not as long as I’m not allowed to play with myself. This morning, I woke up with a fat tube and knew, had the device not been there, I’d have found my hand around the cock before I even knew what was happening. Sure, I could have just rolled over and grabbed the key, but I’m just as invested in Belle’s control over me as she is. So, instead of “cheating”, I did the usual pathetic tube groping, simultaneously wishing I could get to the contents and really happy I can’t.

So anyway, the whole kerfuffle is moot since, as I went though security, not only were there no operating backscatter scanners, there were no backscatter scanners visible. Like, they weren’t there. Typical. Also, I found once I got here that I left the silicone lube at home. I’m left using that little tube of hotel lotion to keep the sack slippery. It doesn’t work as well, but it’s passible. Belle told me that if things got to be too uncomfortable, I could take the device off.

She’s so thoughtful, isn’t she?

8 thoughts on “Two words: Not plastics

  1. I understand control and I certainly like to maintain control, too, so I appreciate what you are saying. At the same time, a big part of this game is what is in your brain as well as what as locked on your cock. As you said, the key is in your pocket but you’re not going to use it. That’s the trust part, right?

    Ab is device-free today because he was having some pinching and soreness. I am trusting him to keep his hands off “the meat,” as you would say. Of course, I just realized I sent him a link to a very sexy video to give him some ideas of something he could do to me. Just wait, he’ll get home and tell me he jacked off at lunch…LOL…prior to tying me up in a particularly creative way. 😉 We’ll see how good the trust system really is!


  2. Thumper;
    As a professional traveler, I also have to give my experiences
    with air security.Years ago I traveled to and from Europe wearing a CB-3000, I had no trouble at the time going, but on my return flight, went through the standard metal detector
    ok, but at the gate all were subject to a second search through the metal detector a second time and also a “pat down”.I knew as soon as I was hand searched that I would be stopped. I was taken into a small room and asked to drop my pants, they saw the CB-3000, and I explained my wife thought it best to travel with. I remained cool and
    they were so surprised and it was clear,they could see through it , I was hiding nothing, they excused me.
    I think if it had happened here at a local airport I would have made the papers.”man stopped at local airport wearing chastity belt”
    My wife and both agree, lets not create any problems for security or our personal lives at the airport.
    I do what you do now, and carry it in my checked luggage
    and send pictures of # security tags by phone.

  3. I just wanted to let you know I am reading this in the Vegas airport and had no problem going thru the full body scanner. My partner does not hold the key so its up to me. I put on my cb6000 as soon as I got here Tuesday and kept it locked. I decided to keep it on till I get home, maybe even tomorrow. (I am already past my personal longest time) I switched the lock for the plastic thing at the hotel instead of taking off the device. Needless to say, I have never travelled with it before.

    To my surprise, I found myself in the line with the new scanner. I just held my breath as I stood there with my legs spread and arms in the air. No one even seemed to notice. In fact, I was a little disappointed I didn’t see any evidence that the operator saw it. I guess I secretly hoped I would at least see a little grin on his face.

  4. Funny I just went through MSP last week and they had them up and running. Must just be at certain checkpoints for the time being. Glad you have your perfected device with though.

    1. That’s interesting. The security gate I went through didn’t have them (at least I didn’t see them). If they’re only in certain gates, I can’t imagine they’re going to be super effective.

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