Unencumbered penises are so overrated

Belle gave me the key yesterday morning just as she was leaving for the day. I admit I asked for it, but she gave it freely. She left me there in bed (I had the day off and was supposedly sleeping in) so I rolled over to her nightstand drawer and took the Steelheart out of the flowery little drawstring bag she put it in when I left two weeks ago.

Getting the ring on was difficult. For one, I was doing it all by touch under the sheets, but my nuts (which have never popped through the 40mm ring with ease) seemed a bit larger than usual. The wince when the right one went through (the larger of the two) was intense. Then there was the penis. Frankly, it just wouldn’t cooperate. Once I had the nuts though, it was sporting a pretty healthy semi and getting it to follow was a challenge. Once that was accomplished, the hydraulics had simply progressed too far to imagine the tube going on.

I thought this was funny. I’ve put the damned thing on maybe a hundred times now and haven’t found it to be so maddeningly arousing in a long while. Tired of waiting for it to relax (and aware that the ring itself was working against me), I got up and filled a baggy with ice cubes. Getting to the freezer from the bedroom and then back to the bathroom was tricky since by that point the penis was tenting out my pajama bottoms pretty well. I had to hook the head of the thing into the waistband so it wouldn’t flop all over. I thought that by walking around, getting the baggy, getting the ice, etc, it’d go down on its own, but no dice. It and I knew what was going on and about to happen. In the bathroom I left the ice on it so long it got numb, but didn’t really go down all that much. It took a really long time, but finally it was soft enough to push the tube on and squish the recalcitrant penis meat down into it. Once the lock was in place, it tried to get hard, but of course couldn’t. Neener, neener! Gotcha!

I’ve said before how wearing a device all the time stretches out your nutsack. Well, it’s apparently the case that the stretching is not permanent because for the rest of the day it burned at the base of the ring. I lubed it several times but could always feel it pulling on the skin. Today, it seems as though my scrotum is broken back in.

Unsurprisingly, the 4:00 AM wake-up call from down below felt exquisite. I got up to relieve myself as usual (takes the worst of the edge off the compression), but absolutely reveled in the feeling of being confined when I got back to bed. I reached out to her sleeping form and laid my hand on her arm. Everything had returned to normal.

Yeah, I got it bad.

2 thoughts on “Unencumbered penises are so overrated

  1. Although I have not been able to wear my new device at length (ring size), I do well recall how it felt, nearly 3 years ago, when I spent almost all of my time locked away. That feeling, for me, was addictive, initially. I loved the feeling of being caged.
    Eventually, the excitement of it wore off. It was replaced, however, with something even more lasting…a sense of normalcy. It felt right and proper, to be locked away. When I did not feel the weight, however slight, and physical pressure of my confinement, it threw me off. Something wasn’t right. And all I wanted was to be back in it.

    I am glad to hear that you have had your return to mormalcy.

  2. When I think about it, there are five things I feel weird leaving the house without:

    1. My watch
    2. My wedding ring
    3. My wallet
    4. My iPhone
    5. My chastity device

    The watch and wedding ring are driven by the omnipresent physical presence on my. When they’re gone, I feel it. The wallet and phone are driven by how they make me feel unprepared or somewhat disconcerted. I need those things to operate. The chastity device is both. The heft of the unyielding steel encircling the penis and my scrotum is like a ring on my finger or the watch on my wrist. The security of it being there leave me feeling, as you say, ‘right and proper’ like my wallet.

    I suppose it is rather like my wedding ring in that is has both physical and emotional attributes. In either event, when I don’t have it, I feel different and wrong.

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