Hot spot

I’m enjoying a temporary reprieve from isolated confinement thanks to a small hot spot that popped up under my scrotum. It’s in a weird location (as in, I don’t normally have problems there) and is reminiscent of the issues I used to have with the plastic CB6K. I suspect it’s from going to bed one night sans lube. In any event, I got out this morning and will probably be OK to go back in tomorrow.

Later in the week, Belle goes out of town again, so at a minimum, I’ll be secured for that. I mentioned in an off-handed kind of way that could leave me out for the duration of her trip, but the idea was not met with much enthusiasm. One tricky bit will be on Thursday when I need to go though airport security. I’m not flying, but my kid is, so I need to escort him through to the gate and wait with him. This’ll mean I have to go though the deal of breaking my emergency key out the day of and then resecuring both the penis and the spare key when I get home. I’ll be posting those images here along with a clear view of the number of the plastic tab holding the key in its housing. Trust but verify, as a former president used to say.

2 thoughts on “Hot spot

  1. Yea, well I’m really not so sure how healthy those trapped ball devices are, which is one reason I moved to PA-5000. I have a cyst on my Epididymus (great word) which I’m waiting for a op to remove (all non benign, but if it gets any bigger it will really be inconvenient). This appeared after a period of CB-6000 wear, no idea if there’s a cause and effect here, but I’m not comfortable continuing with those. Also, wife wants to look after her property!

    Consider: unlike a drug, these devices haven’t been through any safety/qualification protocols (that I know of)

    Anyway, I hope you’re better soon and its all OK for you as this is clearly a positive part of your lives!

  2. Well, I’ve worn one for probably 18 months out of the last 2.5 years with only the occasional abrasion to report, so I’m not that worried. In fact, devices that hang on my PA are far, far less comfortable, at least for me. Obviously, *everything* we do represents some kind of risk.

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