HNThumper XXXVIII: Blur

Trying out my new phone’s brilliant camera, as applied to HNT, and simultaneously celebrating the third anniversary of the first time I was locked into a chastity device. I was such a pup back then.

Shot with an iPhone 4S and manipulated in a variety of applications. And yeah, I know, I could use a trim down there.

Click for a ridiculously large version suitable for framing, wrapping fish, or making into your desktop background. The runner-up to the version of this picture I went with can be viewed here.

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4 thoughts on “HNThumper XXXVIII: Blur

  1. Cool picture, I wish I was brave enough to post one of myself.

    Were you locked in this picture?

    It doesn’t look like the locking tab (on the lock cylinder) is in place. It is interesting how the design of the integrated lock has changed, mine is a bit different, shorter on the end with the lock tab.

    If it is unlocked the cylinder must be different too because the key won’t come out on mine unless it is locked.


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