Familiar ground

Saturday, Belle told me to take a bath and jack off. I was allowed to come. Knowing that it was probably my last time for a while, I drew it out and spewed copiously. Would have been better has she been with me, though. I have clearly been conditioned to feel that a solo shot is inferior to an accompanied one.

Yesterday, I was told to stay out of the device until today since she might want to have use of the penis one more time. That didn’t happen as it turns out, so I went to bed feeling a little hornier than usual (but not too horny considering I had just come the day before).

This morning, the day had arrived. I woke up with a boner pressing into Belle’s ass, cognizant that it would likely be the last for several months. She told me I was going to stay locked up until our Spring vacation at the end of March. We got to drowsily laze in bed since she has the day off. The boner didn’t subside, partly because I was naked and next to her warm body, partly because I knew the luxury of waking with a fully realized erection was about to end.

In the bathroom, I took the Steelheart Short out of its fuzzy sack for the first time in weeks. I had neglected to give it a proper cleaning before storing it away, so while I showered, it soaked in vinegar (which eliminates the scale that develops with weeks of wear, either from my urine or our relatively hard water or some combination thereof). After soaping myself up, I indulged in some final stroking. I took the big PA ring out since it’s not the one I use inside the device so I was jacking like the old days, all the way over the head and back. I felt the thin, pliable skin of the shaft stretch and flex over the firm meat, the thrill of electricity as my fingers grazed the coronal rim, the sympathetic sway of the scrotum keeping time with my pumping fist. Sensations at once so familiar but also so out of place.

Now, the penis is back in its home, swelling against the confinement even as I write this. In our bedroom, Belle turned the key through my parted bathrobe. Then we kissed. I do love her so much.

8 thoughts on “Familiar ground

  1. The steel heart looks nice, is there much movement between ring and tube ?
    I find with many of the metal devices that ther move quite a bit
    I have seen a metal version of the cb3000 which looks nice too

    1. If by movement you mean rotation, no, there isn’t much. I have worn the Mature Metal Jail Bird and it rotates quite a bit. The SH stays pretty true, though. I think this is due to how each device’s cages are mounted to their rings.

  2. I find your post so interesting and educational. Thank you for continuing to write your thoughts and for the photos/clips as well. What does Thumper/your cock look like without the restraints? I guess I am interested in a before and after sort of thing?! Thanks.

    1. No problem.

      While the title of the blog might be somewhat misleading in this regard, I should point out that *I* am Thumper. The penis doesn’t have a name other than “hers”. 😉

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