Tops of 2011

What the fuck does “top” mean? Most popular? Best written? Hottest? No, it’s more mundane than that, but it’s what I got. These are the posts/pages most viewed last year.

1. Liked links – The most popular thing on my blog is a list of other blogs.

2. CB-6000 tips & tricks – Thank you, Google.

3. Chastity devices – A post of posts.

4. About the bunny – I really should get around to updating that.

5. Steelheart vs. CB6K – There’s Google again.

6. Thumper’s CB-6000 tips and tricks – Curse you, Google. This is the post that was later revised and extended as the number two most popular page on the site.

7. Gone virtual – Finally! An actual post from 2011!

8. HNThumper XXVIII: Caged – A picture of me wearing the Jail Bird. I’m surprised it wasn’t an HNThumper that was the most viewed post. They usually do pretty good in the page view department.

9. HNThumper XXVII: Clean as a whistle – In which I show you how I clean the Steelheart whilst wearing it.

10. Steelheart Short – Shorty’s coming out party.

A few other 2011 tidbits…

  • Denying Thumper started its fourth year on October 12.
  • The post with the most comments was “The year of the rabbit”, but I don’t want to talk about it. I wish it was something else.
  • The sites I sent the most clicks to (besides The Portfolio) were Chastity Forums and Keyheld. The blog most clicked-to was cricketed’s.
  • The top search terms people used to get here (besides variations on the name of the blog) were cb6000 (in various flavors), male chastity blog, steelworxx, birdlock, and jailbird chastity. Shocking, I know.
  • The number of spam comments I received was 14,161, of which 708 were not automatically caught and destroyed. Twenty-four were missed and six non-spam comments were identified as spam anyway. That’s an accuracy rate of 99.8%. Nothing to complain about there.
  • Top commenters were Rougue Bambi, Tom, Dev (no, not that one), Mykey, and Celtic Queen. My peeps.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled orgasm denial…

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