HNThumper XL: Flushed

Sometimes, a boy likes to have that superclean feeling.

An excellent way to irrigate one’s chastity device is to remove the shower head from its flexible hose and stick it right down in there. Be careful not to have the water turned up too high or you might flush out more than you want.

You can also reverse the flow by holding the end of the hose against the opening in the tube, but that takes too hands and is more difficult to photograph while showering alone. Obviously.

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4 thoughts on “HNThumper XL: Flushed

  1. The pic brings to mind a question I have always had. I wear a CB3000 and have always fought with the annoying task of peeing because the urethra doesn’t always line up with the opening. Does your device, or any devices you’ve used, have that same problem? It seems unusual to me that I haven’t heard much more about this issue.

    1. I’ve never worn a CB3K, but I have spent some serious time in a CB6K and their tubes are somewhat similar when it comes to taking a leak. To be sure, it’s a tricky business getting things aligned so as to avoid errant streams. For me, it required taking a few post-zip seconds moving the tube around to get the meat to drop and/or roughly line up with the slot and then using my pinky to finish the job as best as possible. Then, peeing as slowly as possible until I was sure things were simpatico.

      In the Steelheart, it’s all moot. The opening is a little hole and the urine pours out at about the same rate it exits my body. Plus, the hole helps keep the stream coherent. I can confidently walk up to a urinal and whip it out with the best of them. It’s no more problematic than peeing in the usual way. To anyone else in the bathroom with me, the only difference they might perceive is that my stream doesn’t sound the same as theirs. It doesn’t have any force when it hits the porcelain since gravity is doing all the work.

      1. “To anyone else in the bathroom with me, the only difference they might perceive is that my stream doesn’t sound the same as theirs.”

        Yep. I tend to use stalls, and when there is someone in the next stall they must wonder why it sounds like a chick is peeing next door!

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