I ran

During the month out of chastity, I took up running. I have an old knee injury (which we’ll say was incurred playing varsity football but actually happened when I tripped on a pothole in an ice cream parlor’s parking lot) and I always assumed that since exercise would often make it hurt (and I can still hear it click when I move the joint) it would keep me from being able to run, but the strength I’ve gained from the personal training seems to have made it possible for me to do more than just the elliptical machine. Even though I’m stronger than I used to be, my cardio isn’t what I’d like it to be and that’s what led me to running.

Yeah, so anyway, waaaay back in last month when I started this new routine I didn’t have a bunch of steel hanging off the tender vittles. If you’re familiar with running shorts, you’ll know that they’re kinda like a swimsuit in that they have an inner liner that offers a modicum of support so your nuts aren’t bungying off your vas deferens as you jog along, but it isn’t designed to support metal or to deal with the greater inertial forces generated by a steel tube getting punched hither and yon by the nut sack pushed up behind it. What would it be like? Would it hurt? Would I even be able to do it?

As a matter of fact, I could. I ran for two miles yesterday in my Nike shorts and my German steel and am no more worse for wear. I was aware of the steel flopping back and forth but it never caused me any discomfort (some of the hills pretty well kicked my ass, though). I could sometimes hear the clinking of the PA ring inside the tube, but it was’t too apparent (and besides, who’s going to hear it besides me?). Pretty sure the tube was fairly visible through the thin fabric of the shorts, especially as the breeze pressed the material to my body, but from what I could tell, it only appeared to be a fat cock bouncing around, not a kinky sex toy (which, by the way, is how it almost always appears through clothing). I could feel the sweat running down into the tube mostly because it seemed to be cooled by the steel so a slightly air-conditioned willy is a by product of running in a Steelheart. In the end, there doesn’t appear to have been any excessive chafing or other damage done. I did lube up pretty good before I left, though. Seemed the prudent thing to do.

So there you go. One more thing you can do in a chastity device.

7 thoughts on “I ran

  1. Who knew? I’d like to be using our exer-bike more, but I really haven’t figured out a good way while wearing my device. I think I’m just going to have to settle for “it is very difficult to think about wanking while on a bike” as my security.

  2. I regularly run 3-5 miles, twice a week with a MM Jailbird on. No PA, so I do have some flexibility to grow a bit, which happens during a run – who knew? I do wear some snug pouch/banana holders to keep everything from excessive flopping. And recommend a fair coating of shea butter on the nutsack to keep “sticky indentations” of the cage bars from grooving the nutsack (but I do that for daily use, too). It does change your gait, with a little more attention to run “on your heels”, but that’s good posture anyway for non-competitive, older running, and easier on the knees, too.

    1. The way the cage on the Jailbird sits lower, I’d imagine it would be somewhat more prone to irritating the scrotum. Shea butter? Is that some running thing I’m not familiar with or just your lubrication of choice?

      1. Lubrication of choice for long-lasting wear. Not as slippery as silicone. Not as funky as sugar-based lubes. Just kind of lasts, and lasts. It’s a northwoods thing for keeping skin from drying out in the winter. Works wonders for other parts that shouldn’t dry out. Not the cheapest option, but as long as you’re not eating/tasting it (blech!), it does a fine job.

  3. As long as you’re not doing the aggressive racing posture, the EZ Seat is a great split saddle that accommodates a CB. I have one on my mountain bike. The company has a sportier model, but it just doesn’t work on my roadie. However, I did run across the ISM Adamo series. I haven’t decided if I’m going to buy one because dropping $150 is a bit steep just to test something out.

    Bicycling, BTW, once you get the saddle worked out, is a lot less stressful on those old bones and joints. Oh, and you get to wear some tight spandex shorts. The ladies love spandex shorts on the guys.

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