Clinically punching the little fucker

I’m home from my trip, but still technically on vacation so, in combination with needing to wait around for a guy to fix our washer (hoping, of course, he’d be hot, though I was sorely disappointed) I decided to stay home yesterday. After the non-hot appliance repairman had gone, my thoughts turned to my predicament. Of course, the desire to get off was strong but my ability to do so was nonexistent, so I made due. Perusing my options, my eyes landed on the njoy Pure wand. I love both my njoy toys, the Pure Plug 2.0 and this wand.

It’s been a little while since I got the Pure wand wet so I had forgotten how gobsmackingly good it is at tickling a prostrate. And by “tickling” I mean “punching the little fucker out”. I got warned up with this nifty little inflatable butt plug I got a while back. Not sure I’ve ever mentioned it here, but it’s exactly the thing you want for that filled up feeling. Totally deflated, its circumference is 4.6″. At three pumps of its bulb, that stretches to 6.25″. Six pumps is 7.75″. I only measured it to eight pumps (8.75″) so I can’t tell you how big it was after 12 pumps, but that’s how many times I pumped it. I pumped it up, thought, “Oh my fucking god,” then let all the air up only to pump it up once or twice more the next time around. Unsurprisingly, that pressure against my prostrate squeezed out a fair slug of goo.

Once I had my fill of that (literally), I got the wand. I decided to well and truly try to milk myself. For the uninformed, “milking” is what it’s called when one massages one’s prostrate sufficiently to cause seminal fluid to express without ejaculation. Some people (like Belle) worry about that fluid staying in the body for too long (though the science on this is sketchy) so prostate massage is a good way to get it out absent the spasms of orgasm. I’ve been somewhat successful with it in the past, but I’ve read accounts of the stuff just pouring out and I want to experience that myself. After riding the wand for a bit, I decided to get clinical (what I won’t do for my readers). I grabbed a small bowl for catching goo and set a timer on my iPhone for 10 minutes. I decided I’d use the wand to stimulate my prostrate constantly until the timer went off and see how productive that was.

For the first five minutes or so, it was just precum. Quite a bit, to be fair, but it was just the clear salty stuff. After that, though, I felt the most amazing sensation. Almost like needing to pee, but not exactly like that. I had to close my eyes and my breath came quickly and caught in my throat at the intensity of it all. The feeling built and then crested causing me to push down as if I was trying to urinate an then flexed the penis. A long, thick slug of creamy semen leaked out of the end of the tube. That’s milking.

These intense waves of sensation came and went, always depositing a new slug of seed into the bowl. After the timer went off, I decided I wasn’t half done and reset it back to ten minutes. The productive period of milking started about five minutes in and lasted for about ten minutes. After that, it felt good (if too good can still be called good), but there didn’t seem to be much left in me. All told, I’d guess there was about two tablespoons of fluid in the bowl, about half creamy and half clear (of course, it didn’t go to waste). I read somewhere once that in some men, the milked fluid expresses internally into the urinary tract and not down the urethra. I peed when finished and noticed that it ran thickly at first, so some of it did apparently go the other direction.

After that, I put the Pure Plug 2.0 in and left it as I showered and left to run some errands. It’s a fantastically comfortable plug with its only downside being the oval handle with has some severe edges. Even so, it can be in there for a long time, if you want it to be. Feeling its incredible heft shift and push against my abused prostrate as I walked and moved at first was amazing but eventually started to be too much for me to take. I got home a few hours later and removed it with a pop. No extra leakage, of course, since I was already well drained.

Today, I can feel the prostate sitting in there brooding over its abuse. Regardless, I am temped to see if I can coax any more juice out of it.

8 thoughts on “Clinically punching the little fucker

  1. Thanks for the milking lesson, Thumper. Our efforts to date haven’t yielded results, but then I have no idea how long Mrs. H. worked away at my prostate on each of the two occasions we’ve tried it. It wasn’t ten minutes, for sure. We’ll have to give it another try, this time with some tracking of the time she spends poking around in my ass.

    1. I’m not sure anyone else could milk me. For it to be productive, I had to stay right on the gland for one to several minutes. I don’t know how someone else who couldn’t feel it could be that consistent. But yeah, it’s not a quick procedure. Not something that can be done in just a couple of minutes.

  2. Thumper. That was HOT! You are too funny about the repair man. I do the same thing whenever I have a service call or the UPS man delivers a package I fantasize that he asks to use the bathroom (which they are not allowed to do). When he comes in to use the toilet, I way lay him on the way out….well in my fantasy I do….Okay…so enough of that….

    I have a stupid question, about semen flow vs. ejaculation /orgasm. When people write about “ruined orgasms” they talk about someone who is right on the edge of orgasm, whose semen does flow but no ejaculation. I have also experienced that feeling of a need to pee when edging and if I hold real still, a milky flow of semen dribbles out all by itself. There is no tightening of the nuts, no contractions in the prostate (well maybe slight ones), but most of all there is no rush of dopamine that always happens with what I call ejaculation /orgasm. Is a ruined orgasm the same physical feeling (need to pee) as milking?

    I have been keeping track of how I get off and the results of getting off for almost a year now. My nerdy spread sheet counts the following categories: Male Orgasm only. Female Orgasm Only. Both Orgasm. Edging w/Fluid. Edging w/o Fluid. No Edging. Ruined Orgasm. Prostate Play. Locked and Loading (chastity device being worn). I was looking for a trend to determine if my wife and I had a cycle of sex that was better then sex randomly. (Although sometimes it is just random)…July 1 will be a full year and it appears that 14 days is my cycle and 6 days seems to be hers…with lots of teasing in between…After orgasm, I go absolutely nuts for release in about 3 days after orgasm, then I settle in by the 6th or 7th day, which ironically is when my wife is up for another go….I often find that I try not to orgasm during that 6-7 session, but it does seem to result in either a ruined orgasm or milking depending on the definition of these things….

    So here’s my final question: Does Milking have to involve direct prostate stimulation? Can’t the prostate just express semen by being stimulated through other means (nipple torture, my personal favorite etc.) What do you think? JP

    1. Ruined orgasms, the way I’ve experienced them, are orgasms in every way except the feeling of having had one. Typically, I either jack myself or am jacked by Belle up until I feel the scrotum contract and all the gears of orgasm engage, then all stimulation is withdrawn. Sometimes, the penis just sits there and throbs and bobs but other times, when it’s done right, it spews forth (or meekly dribbles) as if it were enjoying an orgasm. However, the sale is never made in the brain which requires continued stimulation during ejaculation to released its joy juice into the bloodstream. So there *is* ejaculation. Sometimes quite a bit. But no orgasmic feelings. In fact, the aftermath of a ruined orgasm often leaves you even more frustrated than you were before.

      It is a great way to relive fluid build up due to orgasm denial, but it’s not milking IMO. Milking to me means what I described in this post. Coaxing the fluid out though prostate massage since penile stimulation is either impossible (as it was with me) or not desired.

      Regarding your last question, I’ve never heard of anyone being milked except through the prostate. It’s a combination of the intense feelings as well as manual manipulation of part of the ejaculatory system that makes it work. I doubt you could be milked via your nipples. It might cause you to generate a lot of precum, but that’s not the same thing as being milked.

      1. Thanks. I see your point about milking…and more so about ejaculation without orgasm…I agree it is sooo frustrating….I can’t understand why I love it…it’s f*ck*d up…. that reminds me of the Chalk board talk that Soupy Sales got busted for on his kiddie show…He was talking to white fang and he would write the letter F on the chalk board, then ask what letter that was..White fang would answer K. He would write it again and ask with the same response. Finally he said, White Fang, how come every time I write F you see K. Then the censors threw him off the air…ha!

  3. Ever put any thought into making a cast of your cock (a la clone-a-willy) so that you can strap it on to provide penetrative sex without being unlocked?

    Having it molded off the locked-up thumpiecock seems like the nth degree of meanness.

    Depends what floats your relationship boat.

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