Looker 02 review

I’ve written my Looker 02 review. It can be found here or on the Chastity Devices page.

I was going to wait until I had worn it a week, but it kinda sorta just wrote itself. I’ll make updates as necessary, but am pleased with how it turned out.

9 thoughts on “Looker 02 review

  1. Thanks for this information. Reading it makes me horny. I would love tot try the Looker, but that is unfortunately not possible

  2. Damn! That is the Lamborghini of chastity devices…grrrrrrrrr. That is too hot for words!

    Tell me when you say it “hurts” when you pee…Is it like “Ouch that burns” or F**K someone kicked me in the nuts…kind of pain? I was cool with the whole idea until that…not a fan of internal pain…external great, internal not so much. Can you give a hint? Thanks!

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