Two days, zero problems

I’ve had a titanium alloy rod shoved up the penis for over two days now and have had little issue with it.

The first day, I could feel each and every little shift of the hollow plug as the penis moved around it. Truly, a long slow fuck of the meat shaft. That night, though, I wasn’t woken up by the morning wood at all. The ring for the Looker is the same slightly larger size as the ring I got for the JB2 and is also the Steelworxx “anatomical” ring (which means the bottom 30% or so is bent back away from the cage leaving more room for the testicles to hang, but not nearly enough for them to escape). I will definitely be sending the Steelheart Short back for this modification.

The next day, I was with the trainer and that was the true test of my ability to wear the Looker long-term. Everything was fine, if not occasionally distracting. For example, he has me do about 30 squats (15 with weight and 15 without). As you can see from the diagram I stole from the internet, this means keeping your back straight while squatting down enough to allow your butt to drop below your knees. No problem. But, it tends to pull your junk back so that one’s penis actually retracts a bit. I can’t say I knew this before yesterday but I do now since each squat caused the penis to slide about half way back on the plug and then forward again as I forcefully raised myself back to a standing position. Thirty all-out penis fucks.

Second night, I was awaked by the nocturnal tumescence, but not due to the ring or the shaft being too tight. Having an erection in the Looker 02 is more intense since it no only presses against the cage and isn’t allowed to grow, but it also clamps onto the plug as the meat hardens. I can feel the added and unyielding stiffness of the plug pushing back from within and the bulb end creates an intense area of pressure just behind the A-ring. It’s not painful, as such, but it’s really there. That’s what woke me up.

This morning, Belle let me take it off so we could switch to our regular lock and I could perform a quick inspection and take some pictures for my review. I had been tending the porn farm beforehand, so when I removed the cage, the plug pulled out a long strand of creamy precum. I poked and prodded myself, but found no sore or tender spots, so felt OK putting it all back into place. I intend to leave it there for as long as Belle wants me in this device (or my body starts to bitch).

I have to say, I’m surprised at how “natural” the plug feels now. It’s just another aspect of being locked in a device. A more intense and hotter aspect, to be sure, but I don’t feel “invaded” and there’s no real discomfort as I thought there might be. I’m once again blown away by how resilient our bodies (and especially their most tender parts) can be.

After the jump, I’ve included another shot of the Looker in action.


20 thoughts on “Two days, zero problems

  1. Thumper, you are just so very brave, I congratulate you to your achievement, and envy your situation of experiencing all this within a relationship!
    Good luck, and best regards, Roland

  2. I have a urethral insert for the steelheart. It is 10mm with no ball on the end. Wore it for about 2 months with no problems. It only came off a couple times for complete cleaning. The problem I had with the insert (penis plug), there was no where for the urine to drain, except leak very slowly around the drain hole that it was attached thru. Most everyone assumes it will all come out the plug, but it doesn’t. Some comes around the outside of the plug. Which I think is a good thing, because the urine lubricates and cleans the urethra then. So when I ordered my second steelheart, I had him add a secondary drain hole beneath the main one. That worked fine. And like you have found out, it’s not painful, just more frustrating.

    1. Yes, I can imagine how bad it would be if the little extra drainage holes weren’t there. I had assumed all the urine would go through the tube, but as you say, that’s not the case. Most does, but not all. I wonder if Dietmar thought the bulb end of the plug would stop it from leaking? Anyway, I think you’re right that it’s better for some to get around than not.

  3. I could only hope to get my partner involved into ureathral play eventually. Right now just trying to decide how to talk him into bringing me into chastity.

    Any advice/sites for inexpensive/inexperienced chastity devices? Do-it-yourself devices or something fairly universal/or not custom (I’m small, so I know size does matter) would be appreciated. Price is a key point since I’m not sure he/I will be in for the long haul.

    Really love the blog and portfolio; hence the need to be restrained. Thanks for your thoughts!

      1. No offense, but looking for something more economical… We’re young and without the cash to play on my perversions… Something under seventy-five/hundred at all available/recommended?


    1. Thanks for all your help!

      I really appreciate the blog and your thoughts on my situation. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    1. I’ve never said anything to him about it, though it’s possible he’s seen an unusual bulge from time to time. It’s a don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing.

      Yes, I’ve had a little leak out. Haven’t really been in a super leaky situation yet,

    1. Not at all. I still use it in the Steelheart and fix it with a PA ring and wear jewelry in it during my brief times out of devices. The hole stays open all on its own (and may never close up).

  4. So after all that stimulation was there any Pre-cum leakage? Seems like there should have been some. I was surprised to read about the urine issue. I too assumed that it would be easier or better than devices like my Mistress!

  5. So epic Thumper. So epic. The way your shaft bulges out between the bars and the steely form tapers to a hole resembles a loaded gun. Safety on of course. Savour that for a while.

  6. Can I ask what the sizes of your cage are? Looks pretty small like mine. Mine is only1 3/8″ ID by 1 3/4″ long and I wear a 1 3/4″ ring. Just curious.

    1. I ordered the cage 35mm in diameter (1.378″) and the A-ring 42mm (1.65″). The total length ordered was 65mm (2.56″). Maybe could have been a bit shorter. I find the penis will sometimes shrink back from the end of the cage.

  7. I’m surprised, it doesn’t look that big! But then again it’s only 3/4″ longer than my Mistress and about the same length as my previous device the CB6000s. I tried using an A ring that size with the 6000s but couldn’t tolerate after a few hours.

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