The Looker 02 revisted

On Monday, I was sick. Sick enough to stay home from work in that “damn, I wish I wasn’t sick” way more than that “cool, I get to stay home today” way. Usually, when I’m that sick (which, to be fair, hasn’t been that often) I hate the feeling of being locked up. It goes from being a pleasant daily reminder to an unfair burden. And, as usual, I was locked up on Monday in the Looker 02.

Yeah, so I woke up feeling like shit and went to sleep feeling like shit but still managed to keep the device on all day. I was even still digging it that morning. But, at the very end of the day just before I went to sleep, I asked Belle to let me out of it. And she gave me some attitude about, which, in retrospect, is kinda funny but at the time pissed me off. But she let me out. It reminded me of a chastity blogger who was around when I started this site but who has since gone to the great blogger boneyard in the sky who was in a similar situation. He was sick and wanted out and his wife actually wouldn’t let him. At least Belle did give me the key.

Tuesday, I woke up feeling about 360% better. You know when you go to bed sick and, the moment you wake up the next day, you’re like “oh yeah, I’m better now.” So I reached over to the nightstand, pulled the device out of the drawer, and resecured the penis. I didn’t have to do that. I could have milked the situation (in more ways than one) and still been out now, but didn’t. I was only out because I was sick. It would be cheating if I stayed out when I wasn’t.

Not counting Monday night, then, I’ve been in the L02 for more than a week. With that time, plus the other time I’ve done in it, I think I can now state without reservation that it’s by far my favorite device to wear. There are at least four aspects any device should be evaluated against: comfort, quality, hygiene, security, and stealth. I mean five. There are at least five aspects. Here’s how the Looker 02 stacks up.

Even with the urethral insert, the L02 is easily the most comfortable device I wear. With the Steelheart, there’s occasional pinching inside the tube from the PA ring and internal fixing. There’s none of that with the L02. Also, the A-ring on the SH is just a titch too small (I’ll be sending it back for a larger one). The Jailbird’s open cage design means that occasionally bits of the end of the penis can get trapped between the cage bar and my underwear or pants seam and immediately and emphatically grab my attention. The L02’s cap at the end of the tube obviates that issue.

After all the time I’ve been in it, I can report that I’ve almost forgotten there’s a titanium shaft stuck up the penis at all. I still dig the idea so when I do feel it I like it, but I rarely feel it during everyday activities. Sometimes, when laying on my stomach, I’ll need to shift positions, but that’s it. I’m still getting up to speed following my foot injury so I’ve just started to run in the L02. The first time was unpleasant as the insert rubbed back and forth inside the penis repeatedly, but I’ve found a small dab of silicone lube applied to the insert with my pinky just before the run fixes that issue.

Steelworxx makes great stuff, period. I mentioned in my first review that the bend in the anatomical A-ring was off, but that’s the only issue I have with it from a build perspective. There are no burrs or seams to irritate and the design seems well-considered. The same goes with the Steelheart, of course. If Steelworxx gets 10/10 for quality, then Mature Metal gets at least an eight or nine, so in this regard, they’re all about even.

This is the trickiest category to score. On the one hand, the Jail Bird is the device that stays the cleanest over the course of the day, but it’s the fussiest to urinate in standing up. The Steelheart is the easiest to pee in, but inevitably traps a bit of urine inside the tube which, if not dealt with by day’s end, can be a problem. The L02 is nearly as easy to pee in as the SH and way easier than the JB. With regard to residual urine, it’s the worst of the lot. I find it’s impossible to get it all out of the insert after going. I can dab and shake and even roll the toilet paper up into a pointy spear and stick it right up there but there always seems to be more. So, each device has a point to win here. The L02 is probably the weakest, but not catastrophically so.

With regard to the concern often associate with this device (or others like it) you find online concerning urinary tract infections, I think the level of concern should be zero. If one urinates the typical number of times each day, that will keep things washed out well enough. As I said in the first review, urine can easily escape around the insert, not just through it, but it also does, obviously, go through it, too. I just can’t imagine how an infection would take hold. (Insert standard disclaimer here about my lack of medical knowledge and how long it’s been since I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.)

The Steelheart wins here hands-down because it actually is secure. When the PA ring and fixing is in place, there’s no way that meat’s getting out short of the key, a power tool, or a bloody mess. The L02 is slightly more secure than the JB since the insert makes it just that much trickier to pull out, but it’s still totally possible. In a perfect world, there’d be a way to integrate a security screw-type element to the L02 that would go into the PA piercing not unlike how a Prince’s wand works. If the L02 had something like that, it’s be almost as secure as the SH.

Of course, this brings up a downside to wearing the L02 for long periods: There’s nothing in my PA piercing. Eventually, that will cause the piercing to shrink and possibly even close, but I’ve found I can just get my heavier 4 ga jewelry back in there after two weeks, so assuming she’ll let me out at least that often for eight hours or so, I’ll be in good shape.

The L02 is dead quiet as there’s no moving parts to rattle or clank. It’s just like the JB in that regard (though the JB, when on, fits together more solidly due to the security screw and therefore might be just an infinitesimally bit quieter). The SH has multiple parts that sometimes rattle (especially during work outs). Also, the tube on the L02 is smaller than that on the SH and is therefore harder to see. Also also, since it has openings on the tube (again, like the JB) the profile of what is visible under pants isn’t as solid looking as the SH’s. After being in it for a bit, I think the L02’s tube could have been about .25 to .33 inches shorter which would have made it that much better from a visibility perspective.

I still appreciate having some variety in the devices Belle uses on me. All things considered, it’s the best device I’ve worn. It won’t stop me from suggesting to Belle we try new devices from time to time (I have, in particular, been thinking about this one lately), but perhaps the most telling factor in all this is, when she tells me to put anything but the Looker02 on, I’m disappointed.

28 thoughts on “The Looker 02 revisted

  1. I know what that’s like! I was sick for about 2 weeks around Thanksgiving and had my Mistress off. It’s all back on now and the “little guy” is safely locked back up. Reading your new review was nice. I wish my Mistress had an end cap instead of the “cross bars”. For me I like the more confining, less chance of stimulation aspect. Thanks again for the update!

  2. Oh, this is very helpful. I’m leaning toward a Looker 02, and you covered pretty much all of the questions I’d ask. I really want to ask Dietmar if it’d be possible to try the prince’s wand insert, but I have no clue how much that would add to the price. I was looking at the Looker 03, but my PA is a 6 gauge right now, and getting it up to the required 2 gauge would take a few months. :\

    1. I’ll be curious to know how that conversation goes if you have it. If you go that route, I’d suggest making sure the tube isn’t too long. If your penis is secured to the end of the insert by a screw, then it’ll be pulling on the PA as it tries to grow and shrink during the course of the day. I’d probably err on the short side in that case. I’d not do it with my current device, for example, since the penis does pull back noticeably at various points of the day. Over time, that would be excruciating.

      1. My ideal dream device is one from Steelwerks in Montreal that incorporates a hollow prince’s wand into the cage. Problem is, it runs around $2200 CAD, and that’s way the hell out of my price range. I’m hoping Dieter can do something similar. After reading your first review of the Looker 02, I want to also ask him if he can make a larger urethral insert, in order to prevent pee from going down the outside. I’d want it all coming out of the tube. I can handle an 8-9mm Hegar dilator with no stretching and could probably go up to 11 or 12mm with some effort. I’d just want to pick up a plug to cork the thing shut with.

    2. Something else I was thinking about regarding a Prince’s Wand kind of deal. I think it would be possible to urinate *around* the insert. I wonder if using a solid insert would make the job of integrating something that secures through the PA easier.

      I should try going while the hole at the end of the insert is plugged…

      1. That’s what worries me; I’d want something that would make it impossible to pee around the insert. I’m kind of a clean freak, so having pee go everywhere like that really bugs me. It’s bad enough wearing a CB3K with a 6 gauge large bead ring.

    3. No no no. You *want* the urine to go around a bit. It helps keep you cleaned out and presumably prevents infection, etc. If stray urine bothers you that much, you won’t be happy with the Looker02. The actual going part is OK, but as I said above, there’s unavoidable dribbling afterward.

      Sounds like you’d be happier with a Jail Bird. It can be tricky to pee through, but it easier to keep clean.

  3. It’s funny, but I was just thinking about the “being sick and wearing a device” thing the other day. I remember one point where Mrs. Edge was in one of her experimental moods, and was testing (herself, more than me) how long she could leave me locked up. This went on for several months, and I picked up one of those really nasty flus – the kind that kept me out of work for a week with stuff coming out of just about every orifice, aches, pains, whatever.

    She knew that on the rare occasion that I’m home sick, I have a nice, long wank in order to relax myself to get to sleep. She didn’t give up the key, and told me that I just needed to deal with it. I remember that as being one of the milestones.

    That said, she did remove the device last year when I needed to go to the ER for kidney stones. Obviously she’s getting soft in her old age.

    1. We haven’t really discussed it, but the vibe I got was very definitely that I should just suck it up. I suppose, yeah, that’s a milestone. Like so many things related to this subject, it looks better in the rearview mirror than it did at the time.

    2. What’s that old joke? Masochist says to the sadist, “Hurt me!” and the sadist replies, “No.” It’s that moment when it’s not fun anymore, but you’re being made to do it anyway specifically because it isn’t fun and it’s what they want, and you get off on that. That, to me, is what it’s about.

      Then again, that’s easy for me to say, the longest period I’ve ever been locked for was a month and that only ended because the cage split. I’ve yet to hit the point where I really, seriously, for true want the damned thing off and I’m being told no.

      (Wow, that was incoherent. I’m gonna go with blaming my lack of caffeination today. Yeah, that’s it.)

      1. It’s one thing to wear it when you’re feeling all good and aroused and comfortable. But even my old-school, plastic CB3k – light and comfortable as I’ve made it – sometimes feels like I’m lugging around a flipping vise-grip around my balls when I don’t feel well.

    3. Chastity is a form of D/s (for most of us, anyway) and that’s an overlay to the rest of your life. Yes, it’s magnificently hot *in theory* to have to wear the device even when you don’t want to. I get a fair share of that myself. The question is, when does the overlay have to give way to the thing over which it’s laying? Real Life is still down there. Like I said, I was OK with it most of the day, but by the end, I was over it. I needed it off. Not because I wanted to jack off, but because I felt like total shit and it was making me feel worse.

  4. I’m a curious kitty, Thumper.

    You say “I’ve almost forgotten there’s a titanium shaft stuck up the penis at all.”

    Question #1: Is the reverse true as well? Meaning: If you did NOT have the titanium shaft inserted, would you notice its absence?

    Question #2: If you noticed its absence in a ‘pleasepleaseplease give me the shaft’ kind of way (yes, yes…very punny), but Belle kept that piece of titanium purposely in absentia…


    Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Meh, no big.’ And maybe you’re right. But *I’m* thinking that maybe ~ just MAYBE ~ that would be a fun little carrot to dangle in front of the bunny.

    As I recall, the titanium shaft was added to your device; I assume it can also be subtracted. Maybe I’m wrong. But I’m curious, nonetheless.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Question 1: Yes, I’d notice it gone. In the other devices (especially the Steelheart) I can feel the penis bump around and move in the cage or tube. In the L02, the insert keeps it fixed in space. There’s no lateral movement at all. That may be one reason I like it as much as I do. The meat isn’t just trapped, it’s pinned.

      Question 2: Oh, I’m sure she’ll use this information against me in just the way you describe. The insert is permanently attached to the L02, so there’s no getting it out, but now that she knows I like it best of all, I’m positive there will be some teasing as a result.

    1. I would not recommend it, but not because there’s anything wrong with the device.

      When I was first put into a chastity device, it took several months for both my body and mind to get used to it. The fitting of the device actually changed over time before it settled in. At first, I could barely stand a 50mm (2″) ring. Then I adjusted down to a 45mm (~1.75″) ring. Then, once we jumped from plastic to steel, the fit changed again (steel devices fit smaller than plastic ones). I was down to a 40mm (1.57″) and stayed there for a long time. These differences don’t sound like a lot, but they’re huge. (Now I’m more comfortable in a 43mm ring, but don’t ask me why because I have no idea.)

      Then there’s the possibility that the newbie just isn’t cut out for enforced chastity. Some guys love the idea but hate the practice. Lot’s of reasons, I suppose, but the bottom line is it’s not for everyone.

      The thing is, there’s lots of ways a guy newly to the practice can make mistakes and a Looker02 costs like $500. I’d say there’s a remarkably good chance the device will be fit incorrectly out of the box if you don’t already have some experience and your body and mind haven’t already adjusted. The manufacturers of these devices (Steelworxx and Mature Metal are the only two I’ve had dealing with) will surely try and make it as best they can based on your measurements, etc., but knowing what I know, there will most likely need to be adjustments. Even I eventually replaced Belle’s original Steelheart completely with a smaller ring and shorter tube.

      My basic recommendation for newbies is to start with something inexpensive. A CB6K or even a silicone device, then move up to steel when the time’s right. Jumping right into steel is, IMO, likely to be a frustrating and expensive proposition.

  5. Sander, I would think it best to consider the advice given by Thumper as he certainly can speak from his experience, but I am a newby and purchased the Looker 2 as my initial device. I knew I was taking some risk from a financial perspective as it was an expense and I guess I felt I could justify it because : (1) I certainly read many reports of people who had spent a lot of money trying to find a comfortable device and going through several before finding it, so the money they spent up front on cheaper devices which didn’t fit well was wasted money that could have been put into a quality device first, (2) I could afford it, (3) I have seen very few Looker 1 or Looker 2 CB’s for sale on sites like the resale store @ Chastity Mansion, and others and those that were put up for sale sold almost immediately, so I thought worst case scenario I would just sell it, (4) I really liked the device, the whole package and concept, and kept coming back to it over and over again, and I thought I would really like the urethral tube so I wanted to start with such a device, but to hedge my bets I made the device with the urethral tube removable, just in case, and I purchased two additional tubes to allow for me to have some choices in the lenght and diameter of the tube.(I realize that this is an expense that some would choose to avoid and frankly if I had it to do over again now I might have waited on the extra tubes and just ordered a larger one later.)

    Any way, I know it’s early, but I am very happy with my decision to go with the Looker 2 as my first device. I have been wearing it for only about one week now and am still wearing it for less than 24 hours and then removing it for showering and some physical activities, but I have been very comfortable in it. I have actually found the urethral tube to be the best part of the device both in terms of keeping everything nicely secured and as Thumper said, no extra movement inside the cage (other than the penis movement on the tube as it contracts and expands throughout the day/night), and I have actually gone to using my largest tube almost exclusively (8mm with 10mm plug, 25mm beyond cockring) and have been able to pee through it with very little dribbling although there is still some small amount of leakage around the tube which I have been able to deal with quite nicely. No irritation or discomfort with the tube so far, but again, I have not got the experience of wearing it for very long periods of time as do others.

    In the end, I would say that it is a personal decision and while many persons (maybe even most) would be better served to start with a less expensive device/investment, there are some, like me who might want to go the other way. In the end it’s a personel decision and should be made after considering all the angles and options.

  6. Hi Al, that sounds good. As I understand, all the sizes are OK. How did you measure them? How is comfort during eg sporting, cycling etc?

  7. Hi Sander,

    I followed the instructions provided to me by Dietmar at Steelworxx and read other sites, like mature metal and others to get pointers on accurate measurement. When it comes to measuring the cockring that goes against the body (behind the scrotum/testicles/penis and which the cage attaches to) I think it is VERY important to use sizing rings rather than just using a string or thin wire which some recommend to size for the ultimate ring. Strings can stretch and I wanted to wear the sizing ring through the day to be sure that it was snug enough over time and not too tight or too loose throughout the course of a typical day (unfortunately there is no real way to attach a weight comparable to the weight of the cage to such a sizing ring). I felt much better about my accuracy using this method and I actually went to the hardware store and purchased some cheap metal rings that I could use for sizing so that the feel would be similar to the actual ring. You can then actually measure the diameter in millimeters of the sizing ring, rather than calculating the diameter from a circumference length with the string method. Keep in mind that you can always order a different cockring later if it’s not quite right as it is the cheapest part of the whole package purchase. From what Dietmar told me, 42 mm (which is what I got) is probably the most common size which he sells. In terms of the size of the penis ring (which is the diameter of the cage itself) I did use a small piece of wire to measure the cirmumference and then convert with the math to the diameter of the penis ring // cage. With regard to the total lenght of the whole package, Dietmar determines that from the length of the flacid penis measured from where the cockring would contact the body to the tip of the flacid penis. This can be a moving target (no pun intended) as the measurement of the flacid penis will change day to day so I made sure to measure 5 or 6 different days // times to get an accurate average. The Looker 2 is intended to be worn fairly tight, meaning that it should be pretty much filled with the contents. There is a 12 mm gap between the cockring and the penis ring (the cage) to allow space for the scrotum // balls to hang between the cockring and the cage. That 12 mm is a fixed size. Dietmar uses an “anatomically correct” cockring which is very comfortable. Dietmar also subtracts 10 mm from the final sum total. So a fair amount of math but if you are careful and work with Dietmar it is not too difficult. As I said, I chose to purchase a couple larger tubes but you can do this later and I would advise just starting with the standard urethral tube that is 6 mm diameter with a continuous 3 mm bore and has an 8 mm plug at the end. The urethral tube extends a standard 10 mm beyond the cockring. I elected to get the removable urethral tube option (no extra cost) rather than the permanently installed tube.

    With regard to your second question, I work out in the Gym several days a week and have elected to remove the device (except for the cockring which I have left on) when I workout. I think this is wise, especially in the beginning. Keep in mind that I am only a week into using the Looker 2, but at this point I am VERY happy with my choice.

    I would direct any questions to Dietmar at Steelworxx as he is very helpful and responsive.

    Good luck and hope this helps!!
    Please let us know what you decide to do.


  8. Hi Al,
    That is a good idee to buy cheap metal rings at a hardware store, for the size. You write about the weight of the cage. How much does it weight? What does the weight do with/in your underwear? What is your advise for that? Thanks for all your help.

    1. The removable urethral plug has a little knob-like thing at the end of the tube that makes the device longer and potentially easier to see through clothing. It’s trade-off. The whole device doesn’t weigh nearly as much as a Steelheart, but noticeably more than a CB6K. You will want underwear that’s supportive but not so tight it presses the device into you all day long.

  9. I have to admit, before I received my Looker 2 with the removable tube I had some concern about the asthetics and appearance of the device knowing that it would have a small retaining nut at the end of the threads of the tube where it comes through the end of the cage. My concern almost caused me to change my mind about the “tube removable” model. But I’m happy to say that my concern was not an issue once I received the device and examined the appearance. It is just a attractive as it’s counterpart with the permanently installed tube and the very small retaining nut fits perfectly on the threads with absolutely no extension of the threads extending past the nut. The nut is shiny polished stainless steel, just like the end-cap of the tube and blends in with it perfectly. As to Thumper’s comment above, I would have to say that it really has no effect whatsoever in the “stealth” factor and the tiny retaining nut does NOT cause the device to be more perceptable to the outside world. So if I had it to do over again I would still order the removable tube being a newby and not being sure about if I would always want to have the urethral tube in place or if I would like it. As it turns out for me, I doubt that I will ever wear the device without the urethral tube as I really like the way it secures things. The other point is for someone purchasing the Looker 2 as their first, and at this time, ONLY device, it does give the option of having a CB that can function two ways, with or without a urethral tube. I would agree with Thumper’s earlier two reviews of the device that it is great in the “stealth” department and is NOT perceptable under my clothing, even wearing jeans. I cannot comment on tighter garments. After a week one area where I have found a better level of performance of the Looker 2 than Thumper’s experience is in the “hygeine” department. I have been able to urinate very well through the tube (larger tube than standard) with only a small amount of leakage from the cap (flow around the outer part of the urethral wall– which is a good thing in small amounts as it probably keeps that channel effectively “cleaned out”). The residual in the cap, in my brief experience, can be shaken into a peice of toilet paper or paper towel before tucking things back into their place. So from a hygeine perspective for me it has really been a pleasant surprise. Again, the larger tube may have something to do with this experience. As Thumper said, I do have times when the stream of urine is straight and steady without vibration and other times when I get the vibrations and sputtering he speaks about. I think with practice I am getting better at controlling how the stream flows. It’s a journey isn’t it.?.

    I have found that wearing underware that cradles the device but not too tightly is helpful. I never wore boxers but would think that they would not be supportive. Briefs also, for me, have been less supportive than I would like. What has worked best for me has been bikini briefs or even better underware such as those sold by Andrew Christian (available on which have an anatomically designed pouch for the penis and scrotum that the whole package fits into nicely and which offers good support but still some movement up and down. I think you just have to experiment with what feels best for you.

    The cage is not as heavy as you might think. Very comfortable, as long as you size the cockring properly so that it is snug without being too tight. The cage is not long so it stays fairly close to the body and the cockring.

    Hope this helps.

  10. One more bit of info…. The Andrew Christian line with the penis pouch is called “almost naked” and is available on You can get bikini cut, brief cut, jock strap style and even boxers with the pouch. Not trying to promote any manufacturer here or amazon, just passing on information.

  11. Out if curiosity… Thumper (and the others with experience too of course), what is your longest uninterrupted period of wearing the locker 02 yet?

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