The end (and the beginning)

The other night, in the middle of the night, I was seriously fucking horny. Like, the kind of horny that wakes you up. I kept finding my hands on Belle and putting them under her bed clothes and generally getting all worked up by feeling the hot, smooth skin up and down her ass and up her back and all that. I’d fall asleep for a bit, wake up and do it again, the tube would get all full, then I’d fall back asleep.

Next day (yesterday, actually) I asked her if I was bugging her when I did that. I didn’t want to bug her but honestly couldn’t stop myself in that half asleep horned up state without her coming out and telling me to stop. No, I wasn’t bugging her, she said. She kind of liked it.

Not sure what we talked about then, but I mentioned something to the effect that if I ever did bug her too much, she could always just let me come and I’d be manageable for a little while. She scoffed at that saying I’d also get all moody and pissy and grumpy and she preferred the hot and horny version of me over that. She keeps saying that I was a pill after she made me come over July 4th, but I still think I was pretty OK with it. Whatever.

That led me to asking something about when my next orgasm was going to be because if there’s one thing a guy in denial likes to talk about it’s his denial. We’re all over that shit. A few other things were bandied back and forth before she just came out and told me something she’d already decided.

I wasn’t going to come again.

She won’t go so far as to say “never” because that’s a long time. Suffice it to say she has no plans whatsoever to let me come and is inclined to leave me in my current state indefinitely. As far as thinking about orgasms or wondering when they might happen or whatever, I might as well stop because they’re not on the table. They’re not next to the table or under the table. They’re not in the room with the table or in the house with the room with the table in it.

Of course (OF COURSE) as soon as that sunk in (while I was hugging her and kissing her neck and generally feeling very submissive and lucky, etc.) a little part of me suggested I remember what an orgasm felt like. I tend not to think about that, but now, for some reason, it seemed OK. So I did. I thought about the mental fireworks and the wave of release and the euphoric afterglow and…how I would not be feeling that again. At least not intentionally. At least not for a really long time.

I remember back when we first started at this and my denial periods could be easily counted in hours and reading about guys who were permanently denied orgasms and how I thought, OH JESUS FUCK WHO WANTS THAT!? It was both scary but, I should have known, terribly stimulative. But here we are. I have no problem admitting I’ve wanted this. I think it’s the next logical extension of the path we’ve been on.

Some might wonder what the point is of living a permanently denied life. Some might think that taking the orgasm out of the equation might somehow alter the outcome such that its no longer appealing. Basically, some guys, even denied and locked-up ones, might still like the idea of occasionally coming (or, at least, the promise of it). I get that. That’s not me.

I’ve changed a lot. I’ve stopped directing my desire for sex at Belle as if its something she owes me. I still want it, yeah, I and still feel OK making her know I do, but I don’t feel compelled to push her on it and don’t feel in any way slighted if she doesn’t produce. Not like I used to. I’ve written on this recently so I don’t need to dwell, but at some point, I feel like I passed the “me” phase of sex. Now it’s minimally “us” and, more often, “her.” And to me, that’s what’s natural and right. Orgasms change how I feel about that. They short circuit it. I don’t want to come because when I do it fucks with how I like my brain chemistry to be.

I guess what I’m saying is I’ve willingly traded in my ability to orgasm so that I’m left in this constant state of needing and wanting and totally subsuming my needs to her will. For some people, that might sound scary or even unhealthy. It is, for me, the most total and comforting and satisfying submission I can imagine. We have sex when she wants. Period, end of story. How she wants. Period, end of story. The only release and climax I get is whatever I can sap off of her when she comes. I don’t come because doing so upsets the balance we both prefer.

I’m not concerned about the health implications. I ejaculate plenty. At least if “plenty” can be defined as “every week or two when she lets me inside her and the penis leaks semen right after I get close to coming.” It’s kind of like milking, really. Or ruined orgasms. I get myself up to the edge and then stop and it comes out. Lots of it. Prostate problem solved.

Now that we’re here, I’m going to try and change my behavior a bit.

  1. I will never ever ask Belle if I can come. Not once. This is the bed I wanted and I’ll have to lie in it.
  2. I will never ever tell her I want to come, even if I do. She already knows me well enough to know when I’m feeling that way. She can assume that if I’m fucking her, I will be feeling an intense desire to come in her.

I don’t know why I feel it’s important to do these things. Maybe it’s because she’s made this decision and I need to show that I respect it and will live by it. Maybe it’s because in the past I may have sent mixed messages and I don’t want her to feel even a microscopic iota of guilt or doubt. Maybe it’s to show that I’m ready to live like this, fully and completely. It almost feels like a new commitment between us. A new level of marriage or something. As marriage is an outcome of dating, this new commitment is an outcome of our several year experiment with denial. The next stage of the journey is starting.

So, you know, NO, I’m not going to say this is the route everyone should take. But I’m very happy she’s decided this is our route. I’ll follow her right along it until she decides to take us in another direction.

7 thoughts on “The end (and the beginning)

  1. My DG made the same decision back in 2011, and so far there have been two slip ups, but other than that, i have been a good and submissive subby. I feel ya, bud. But it’s exactly what i asked for and exactly what i need.

  2. I totally don’t get it, but you are happy and fulfilled and that’s what matters.
    Always interesting to read other’s paths in life and perspectives.

  3. I cannot explain why reading about your story and others like you really then my screws, but it does. That said, I could never understand why anyone would want to be permentantly denied. Honestly, its the tales that you recounted early on in your adventure that were most entertaining but this evolution of your relationship with Belle has come full circle and I can see how you would arrive at this point. That said, all of you entertaining tales aside, from a wife/practical standpoint, after a 5 day ‘experiment’ that ended 7 days ago, I can certainly understand why Belle would make such a decision to make your situation permanent. My experiment proved her point.

    But I do miss those ‘HOLY-FUCK THAT’S HOT STORIES.’. You are quite the writer.

    1. The only thing I’m being denied, really, is the orgasm. We’re still going to have hot sex whenever she wants (or not hot if all she wants is for me to get her off). You make it sound like my sex life is over. Far from it!

  4. That’s great. I am, vicariously, happy for you. Good for Belle, too, for being able to own her desire to keep you in this state, without guilt or doubt.

    I am, as you do, imagining myself in your situation. That’s scary. And tantalizing, all at once. Luckily for me, one orgasm doesn’t “reset” me. I am horny again about 4 hours later, and I make a point to behave just as devoted to Bear during that period as I did before the orgasm. I do feel the change, but it’s more that the urgency is gone for a little while. I feel lucky that I don’t get grumpy. Brain chemicals work differently for every person, sometimes radically so, it seems.
    For now, Bear let’s me come about once every 3 weeks, and I am perfectly content with that cadence. Being a guy, I can obsess about numbers and “records” with the best, but really, records are overrated. As long as I am the horny and affectionate and ever-so-slightly desperate mate that Bear likes, we’re golden.

  5. “The only thing being denied, really, is the orgasm.”
    How is the financialdomination thing going btw? How absolute, final, kinky, horny is this for you and your Queen? Does it feel analog to orgasm denial? Just wondering: Are you allowed to (earn and) play with money, but never allowed to spend it? Thx for an update.

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