Further Looker 02 observations

I’ve been in the Looker 02 for two weeks now and am about to come out for our trip to NYC. Belle’s told me I’ll be free n’ floppy whilst visiting Gotham. Still kinda unclear if I’m out of the orgasm warning window or not, but maybe that’s by design.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to make some observations about the L02 since it’s been a while since I spent this much time in it.

Running: A while back, I went into the L02 for a day and had to get out because I went to the gym right after putting it on and ran three miles on the treadmill. A few hours later, it felt like someone had shoved broken glass up my urethra. Yeah, just like that. It seems as though for the first 24 hours or so things can be a little tender and susceptible to irritation and during that period an activity like running isn’t something I’d advise. However, once the penis gets used to being impaled, things tend to settle down and running isn’t a problem. In fact, I just ran four miles yesterday (about 14 in the last two weeks) and I felt nary a twinge. I find that the longer I wear the Looker and its insert the more comfortable it becomes.

Gym: I have already learned this lesson, but the L02 can only be worn to the gym with dark colored pants/shorts and highly supportive (read: tight) underwear. When I wore it with my gray shorts the other day, I was on my eighth or ninth inclined sit-up before I noticed the contours of the Looker’s cage were quite visible through that light-colored material. The Steelheart (which I assume I’ll be wearing when we get back from New York) tends not to be so visible in those kinds of positions because it’s heavier and drops lower between my legs. All this continues to beg the question in my mind as to what my trainer thinks of all these odd bulges and what it will take for him to finally come out and ask me about it.

Risk: My description of putting the L02 back on after sex the other day prompted reader Thom to comment:

Hmm. Sterilization of anything that goes up the urethra has always worried me enough to not try out a plug (even if I got my hands on some surgical lube). Granted, I haven’t done much reading on sounding. Did you address that issue in another post I’m forgetting about? Because, I mean, sliding the bulb of the plug in with the help of all those body fluids is hot, but it sounds iffy to my ears…

Sterilization and surgical lube sounds very sensible. But really, there isn’t much about long term chastity and denial that is sensible. I’ve opined on this before. There is risk inherent in everything worth doing and, for me, shoving a titanium rod up the penis for weeks at a time is, oddly enough, worth doing. But regardless. I just don’t think there’s much to worry about re: inserting body fluids up there.

The lovely thing about a penis is its flushed out with large quantities of sterile fluid several times a day. In addition, the insert only goes about 3″ up and that seems to be far enough away from my bladder to avoid any kind of infection. I am, of course, no doctor and am totally unqualified to dispense medical advice, but my experience in wearing the Looker 02 for weeks at a time suggests it’s minimally not easy to get something like a UTI from using it.

Pole action: Lastly, my experience with the Looker 02 demonstrates that if Belle ever lets us invest in something like the Steelwerks Extreme PA Classic it’s tube will have to be shorter than the L02. Or even the Holy Trainer which is the shortest tube I’ve worn. The penis still tends to occasionally shrink up and not fill the L02’s cage (especially when working out) leaving a bit of the insert exposed. If I was wearing a device where the insert was secured through my PA, it’d end up being painful when the penis shrank and pulled on the PA fixing. This is what happened when I experimented with a PA cable back in the CB6K days. The only difference was, back then, the tube was so much longer than what I wear today. Still, I suspect that any pulling on the piercing will prove uncomfortable.

In any event, if you told me back when I started this that some day I’d be pondering living day in and day out in a tube about one third the length of the penis when it’s hard, I’d be very surprised.

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  1. I am presently on day 5 of being locked in a CB6Ks. I have been wanting to try the looker with the urethral insert but haven’t found anyone with one that I can try. I am a bit hesitant to spend almost 400 bucks on a device that I am not sure is right for me. I have been documenting my chastity progress on my tumblr (http://mainerbrboy.tumblr.com/) I enjoy trying new devices and giving a review on them. If you ever lend out the looker let me know I would love to give it a try. Thanks and great site.

    1. I appreciate the reluctance to shell out several hundred non-refundable dollars on custom steel, but I don’t think we’ll be lending out any devices. Have you ever tried sounding? If that gets you off, the L02 is a kind of a simple choice. It sounds really scary and intense, but it’s not. Still pretty hot, though.

  2. Once again you have me thinking about the Looker… I’ve played with sounding a bit, and love it, so have been drooling over the device in question since you first wrote about it. The thought of having that titanium tube embedded in my urethra on a full time basis is hot as hell… Please continue to update us on it as often as you feel necessary.

    1. Honestly, I can’t recommend it more. Even with the insert, the L02 is pretty much my most consistently comfortable device. I love waking up in the morning with the feeling of it squeezing me inside and out. Fucking *delicious*.

      The only change I’d make is ordering it with an insert about 50% bigger to help with urine drainage. I really really really love the Looker 02.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I have been wearing the Looker 02 for a year now and other than it being removed once or twice a week for cleaning / hygeine and whenever I am let out for play, I have been locked up. It is totally comfortable for long term wear and other than when a few air bubbles get trapped in the urethral tube (higher up) and cause some vibrations in the tube, it is totally comfortable. I did elect to have the titanium urethral tube made larger both in diameter and length with the diameter being 8mm with a 10 mm bulb on the end and the length of the tube being 115 mm (about 4.5 inches). Since mine has a removable tube (option) I still got the standard tube of 6mm diameter and length about 100 mm, but I NEVER use the smaller tube as I have found much less urine dribbling / drainage issues with the larger tube. I agree with Thumper that I have never had one symptom of a urinary tract infection, any trauma or bleeding (I do not run anymore because of a bad back, but I do use the eliptical trainer and walk on the treadmill). Other than keeping things clean (I never boil or sterilize the Looker 02) I have never had to take any precautions with the device. I do like having the removable tube just for ease of cleaning. I also agree that for those who might be warry of trying the Looker 02, you might consider trying a penis plug or sounding to see if you like the sensation (It’s really hot). I have been sounding when out of the Looker and find that a 10-12 mm sound is now comfortable for me.

    I am considering ordering Dietmar’s (Steelworxx) “PAIN” device which looks really interesting to me but I am going to customize it with a 10 mm urethral tube and probably 140-150 mm in length. I have measured how far this would extend into the urethra for me and it is still well below the prosate (before the bend) and I think it would be safe as well as comfortable. Still thinking through things.

    Has anyone else had any experience with Steelworxx’s “PAIN” device??
    Would love to hear any comments.

  4. When my Looker arrived in mid January, the removable plug end was 9mm in diameter (not 8mm as requested) which I simply cannot insert. So I sent it back to be fixed.

    Being keen to experiment with the device, I turned up four alternative plugs in various lengths from 316 stainless bar, to try them out. They are the longest hollow plugs I have made so far; the longest being 104mm. Things went OK, so I plan to make and try others. It made me appreciate the fabrication issues Dietmar has worked out for this design.

    Getting the curvature of the plug shaft just right without a specific bending jig was tricky, but that allows for a more tailored shape. I am quite careful about profiling and polishing the tip of the plug for insertion and withdrawal; so far no problems with either. I also developed tools to properly clean the hollow curved pipe VERY carefully after polishing (which is essential); then I sterilised them. The looker is indeed quite a comfortable device. You soon forget about the plug, which surprised me.

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